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New Members

Welcome to Orgones Forums! Please create a topic here to introduce yourself, and ask any questions you have about orgone and orgonite.

Etheric Warriors Archive

This is a preservation and archive of the old Etheric Warriors forum. All posts here were originally made at Etheric Warriors before the forum there went offline.

Positive Changes That Are Occurring

This section of the forum is dedicated to @JeffMiller’s continuing work uncovering positive changes that are often distorted or otherwise covered-up by those responsible for reporting it.

General Conspiracy and Paranormal Forum

For discussing conspiracy theories or paranormal activity, whether related to orgone or not.

Maintaining online privacy and security

All discussions involving VPNs, TOR browser, and any other topic related to maintaining security and privacy online.

Off Topic

An area where forum members can discuss anything non-orgone related, such as hobbies, current events, politics, etc.

Vendors Forums

A dedicated forum for approved orgonite vendors to showcase and promote their products. Each vendor has one topic, and updates it with any developments.

Forum Tips and Feedback

Advice and tips for navigating, posting and generally getting the most out of the forums. Suggest ideas for improving the forums, and report any issues with the forums here.

International Orgonite Forum

A section for discussing orgone and orgonite in non-English languages. Please see the sub-categories for specific languages.