8/1 - ready - "Scallops" from "Positive Changes That Are Occurring, the Statistics, July 2013 to July 2017", by Jeff Miller

The biggest breakthrough in this article was my catching the animal-killing operations teams poisoning three of four scallop survey areas in Florida in two different years.

They know that if they pushed it too far, and poisoned all four, someone might come looking. Whereas “three of the four areas surveyed are dying!” props up the “Poor Mother Gaia is Dying” ruse, down through the years.

All of the larger articles, that have a significant amount of material (like the breaking of the great artificial drought, specifically in California, and Coffee in Uganda), turn up incredibly-damning things, which the propagandists I’m sure thought no one would ever check on, down through time.

Quickly enough, this will lead to a “Propaganda Greatest Hits” article, where the reader can see repeated examples of the excuses shifting, down through time.

Seeing the same tactics used in different subject will awaken a different subset of readers, and so it will go.


Scallops are booming and burgeoning to a level not seen in my lifetime.

In August 2012, Science Daily said “New survey of ocean floor finds juvenile scallops are ‘abundant ’ in Mid-Atlantic”.

The subhead reads “Researchers are getting a comprehensive view of the ocean floor using a new instrument, and have confirmed that there are ‘ high ’ numbers of young sea scallops off of Delaware Bay.”

The author used the general hedges “ abundant ” and “ ‘ high ’ numbers” to avoid saying the far more impactful “record numbers”. To avoid you grasping that it is the most scallops ever, in all history.

“The largest numbers of juvenile scallops ever recorded in the NEFSC scallop survey were observed in this area during the 2002 and 2003 surveys; the value of these scallops when they were harvested between 2007 and 2011 was around $500 million at the dock. According to Hart, the 2012 observations ‘ appear similar ’ to those from 2002, which bodes well for the ‘ future ’.”

Wow. They wave the doll of the 2002 and 2003 surveys as the highest ever recorded. Then they say “the 2012 observations ‘appear similar ’ to those from 2002. No figures are provided. And, remember, they’re not similar, they only ‘ appear ’ similar.

What they’ve done is obscure the fact that the 2012/2013 scallop numbers are the highest ever recorded. The author throws “bodes well for the ‘future ’ “ to hedge against the spectacular, unprecedented positive change taking place at that very moment.

It’s careful, it’s devious. The people who do it for a living proudly call it “tradecraft”.

In July 2015, phys.org said “HabCamV4 sees ‘ large ’ numbers of young scallops off Delaware Bay”:


The HabCamV4 scallop photo is immediately above. Poor Mother Gaia not dying, so much, I see.

“NOAA researchers and colleagues from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) have reported what ‘ appears to be ’ a banner year for young sea scallops off the Delmarva Peninsula in mid-Atlantic waters of the U.S.”

Remember how, in the previous article we just discussed, they said 2012/13’s scallop numbers “ appeared similar ” to those from 2002/2003? Here, this author said “what ’ appears to be ’ a banner year for young sea scallops” because they’re also a State-sponsored propagandist. They are, yes, fellow conspirators , using the same play, the same technique, down through the years.

No one has printed the numbers of scallops, 2003 to 2013.

The words “mystery”, “baffled” and “puzzled” are memes, used, among numerous similar variants, whenever anyone in the wholly-controlled-and-coopted Political, Academic, Scientific and Media establishments wants to lie about, well, basically anything. One of those variants is “ amazed ”.

That’s why Deborah Hart, a mathematical biologist at the Woods Hole Laboratory of NOAA’s Northeast Fisheries Science Center (NEFSC) who also leads the agency’s sea scallop stock assessment effort, said ”The images are ‘ amazing ’, and we have not seen densities ‘ like this ’ since 2003," said “One scallop per image is considered high density, so seeing hundreds in an image is really exciting, and ‘potentially ’ very good news for ‘ future ’ harvests.”

Deborah is a generational Satanist talking head quoted in a mainstream news article, so it’s no surprise that she withheld numbers from 2002/2003, saying only “densities ‘ like this ’ “ It’s simply forbidden to say “the 2020 scallop survey is the highest in history.” To Deborah, it’s only “ potentially ” very good news, and then only for “ future ” harvests. That’s two layers of hedging back from the plainspoken statement “That’s very good news for this year’s scallop harvests.”

In February 2017, Florida’s “Daily Ridge” said “WC approves shortened 2017 scallop season for St. Joe Bay”. With the bald-faced ruse being that they’re going to harvest fewer scallops to “ save the dwindling scallop population ”. When it’s actually market-rigging to pump up scallop prices.

That’s why a “spendmatters.com” article from just four months later says “Scallop Prices Have Dived ‘ due to ‘ Large’ Catches ’ - total scallop catches within this season are forecast to ‘ rise15% year-over-year, to around 48 million pounds.”

I don’t know if those of you in the back row are listening, but a 15% increase in one year is a gigantic, see-the-needle-moving increase. Oh, and they’re talking about U.S. scallop prices, by the way. You can’t tell from reading the headline, because the author deliberately made it as vague as they could, so it would be as uninteresting and unsearchable as possible.

And so, thus, the false guise of “save the scallops!” is used to execute generational Satanist scallop market rigging. I can’t wait to compile the meta data article on seafood market rigging under the false guise of environmental concern.

The next month, in March 2017, AP News said “Regulators close federal scallop fishing grounds in Gulf of Maine”.

Since we’re studying scallops like it’s our job, we know that U.S. scallop landings were up 15% across the board in 2017. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration feigned concern for a scallop population that was in actuality booming and burgeoning to levels not seen in Mainers lifetimes, and closed the fishery to pump up prices, which had been collapsed by drastically increased scallop volume.

NOAA is telling a Big Lie, with the firmness of purpose that goes with complete honesty, and the NPR crowd eat it right up, like a plate of delicious scallops.

In December 2017, Maine’s Ellsworth American said “Prices ‘ look’ low as scallop season opens”. Prices are, or are not low. The generational Satanist writing the hit-piece for the Ellsworth American averred that they only “ ‘ looked ’ low” to do what little they could to hedge. Scallop prices were, indeed, low, because prices drop when supply increases, demand decreases or both.

A story from August 2017 has been scrubbed from the web since I initially researched it, so I don’t know the publisher. It’s from Martha’s Vineyard, and is headlined “First scallop spawn of the season!”

Where the author has omitted any mention of location, or why we should care in any way about the first scallop spawn of the season. They’ve placed an exclamation point at the end so that you follow along, oblivious but excited, like the small child you are. That is, if you even read the article. 60-70% of readers only read the headlines. “Eh, what? First scallop spawn of the season? Nothing to see, here!” (turns page)

It’s what propagandists do. Now just 30% of readers, or less, are reading on with us.

The words “mystery”, “baffled” and “puzzled” are memes, used, among numerous similar variants, whenever anyone in the wholly-controlled-and-coopted Political, Academic, Scientific and Media establishments wants to lie about, well, basically anything. Three of those many variants are “something”, “couldn’t say” and the question mark.

That’s why the article continues “The first scallop spawn of the season was another spectacular success. ‘ Something ’ is happening this season. ‘ Is ’ it the rainy spring and ‘cool’ temperatures’ ? ’ We ‘ couldn’t say ’ but the the egg numbers during spawns have been through the roof! Once again a record spawn with 99 million eggs collected.”

And so we see that the devious Mouthpiece of the state imitate a nine year old by saying “First scallop spawn of the season!” as a blatant hedge against “Back to back record scallop spawning seasons on Martha’s Vineyard!”

Remember, just three months previously to the writing of the article we’re currently discussing, it was announced that the Gulf of Maine would be closed to scallop fishing to “save the scallops”. It’s the Big Lie, tirelessly employed, with the firmness of purpose that goes with complete honesty.

The Martha’s Vineyard author wonders if “ cool ” temperatures might have anything to do with it. They used the word “cool” because the international news blackout on the subject strictly forbids the use of the word “cold”. It’s hard enough to explain when 2017 was purportedly the third hottest year since they started keeping records.

In July 2015, wgcu.org said “Pine Island Scallop Count Gives ‘ Mixed ’ Results”.

“After about 20 minutes, the group swam back empty-handed .

“No scallops?” Kilmartin asked the group.

“One deaddead scallop half-shell," said Nikhil Mehta, a local biologist.

He and the others only found one white scallop half-shell. Mehta said it was bleached, indicating it had been dead for a while.

The volunteers only found 32 scallops, compared with 44 last year. But Hazell said snorkelers found scallops in ‘more’ areas this year than ever before.”

Kilmartin and Nikhil are both generational Satanists. Kilmartin’s running the scallop count, and Nikhil is the “shill”, pretending not to be working behind the scenes with Kilmartin. Widening their eyes to simulate honesty, they describe a dying environment where that environment has in fact transformed.

The author supports them both by closing the article with the general “ more ” areas. They withheld the specific statistic to do what they could to blunt and defray.

There’s no speculation as to why one area has historically unprecedented bounty, and others have wasted scallop populations.

Given the wider trend of scallop abundance that I’ve documented here, we can see that barely-covert scallop-killing operations are the drivers of the “poor scallop health” that’s postulated in this Pine Island hit-piece.

It’s grudgingly admitted that scallop range is generally increasing at Pine Island. So the dropping densities in three of the four areas means that the agents only put toxins in place in three of the four areas that it was known would be analyzed and reported on in the media.

That way “three of four areas sucked” would be the “Poor Mother Gaia is Dying” headline, a pencil sketch of a collapsing environment. They only poisoned three, because they knew that if they went for all four, someone might look into it more deeply. And, so, in the one area they were forced to keep their hands off, at risk of pushing their hellish gambit just that little bit too far, we see a near-tripling of scallops. Which of course maps to the wider abundance of scallops documented in my Scallops article that we’re discussing today.

I’m going to advise any lingering Coincidence Theorists in the readership to stop reading now, to preserve current programming levels.

In that a University of South Florida article from June 2017 said “Scallop abundance ‘ declined ’ in ‘ three of the four ’ open-harvest areas”.

In 2015, and again in 2017, the “poison three of the four test areas” program was carried forward. The literally-blood-drinking generational Satanists working the con know that, if they pushed it too far, and poisoned all four, someone might come looking. Whereas “three of the four” props up the “Poor Mother Gaia is Dying” ruse, down through the years.

Even if you don’t know about the ongoing animal-killing operations, the headline is still plenty depressing, right? You’re going to turn the page after reading it.

Since 60-70% of readers just read the headlines, the propagandists work is done, here.

But, since “ declined ” is general, and we’re in a class on the subject, we’re going to have to read on:

“In St. Joseph Bay scallop density Increased (2 scallops per survey station in 2016 to 7 in 2017). The percentage of stations with scallops present ‘ increased’ . This area will be open for a limited season .”

Where the author provided the numbers from last year and this year, but wildly hedged by omitting the far more impactful percentage increase between them. So, I had to do the math. Scallop density in St. Joseph’s Bay increased 250% from 2016 to 2017, and the percentage of stations with scallops there also ‘increased’, albeit to an unspecified degree.

In response to the historically unprecedented increase in scallop density in St. Joseph Bay, the folks in charge there shortened the season, ostensibly to save the dwindling scallop population. Ah, how they must laugh. Shortening the season on scallops which have close to tripled in density and expanded in range to a carefully-hidden degree. The University of South Florida’s generational Satanist author having completely omitted any information on the station percentage increase.

It’s the Big Lie, told by a “trusted authority figure” with the firmness of purpose that goes with complete honesty. They’re all related to one another by bloodline, and have ruled things in all the nations, well, all the way back to Babylon, and before.

The article continues: “In Franklin/Wakulla area, density decreased (28 in 2016 to 20 in 2017) but the percentage of stations with scallops present ‘ increased ’.”

The decrease is documented with numbers, whereas, in the case of the increase, the numbers are omitted. They’re doing what little to blunt and defray awareness into the great positive change that I’m documenting here.

“In Taylor/Dixie scallop density decreased (189 in 2016 to 62 in 2017) ‘ but all survey stations had scallops present ’. This area opened to harvest early and will also close early in 2017.”

Where “all survey stations had scallops present” withholds what that actually means. Did all the stations have scallops in 2016? Have all the stations ever all had scallops? The ensheepled reader is simply not allowed to know.

In this preceding paragraph, the ruse of “poor reporting” was used to block the data on the positive change.

“In Citrus/Hernando County (open to harvest) density decreased (55 in 2016 to 34 in 2017) but the percentage of stations with scallops present ‘ increased ’.”

Once again, because it’s a formula, the decrease is documented with numbers, whereas, in the case of the increase, the numbers are omitted.

In June 2017, spendmatter.com said “Scallop Prices Have Dived due to Large ‘ Catches ”.

Where the author has done what little they could to hedge by saying large “ catches ” to infer the “more assiduous scallop raking” ruse. They said it was “More athletic scallop-collection to defray against “Scallop Prices Have Dived Due to Unprecedented Scallop Numbers”, which would go way, way off-message re: Poor Mother Gaia dying, and all, you see.

Well, let’s “dive right in” to the article!

“Prices peak seasonally at the start of the year ‘ due to declining stocks ’ in line with the end of the fishing season, with prices rising 13% from December to January. U.S. sea scallop prices have, however, fallen 34% since March, due to not only the number of scallops caught by fishing vessels but also the size of the individual scallops.”

Wow, that first sentence is a masterpiece of Black magic. Prices rise either when supply increases, demand decreases, or both. Here, the author has Satanically inverted it, by saying, with the firmness of purpose that goes with complete honesty, “ Prices increase due to declining stocks ”.

So the truth of the matter is that the scallop prices are collapsing because more scallops are being caught than ever in history, and, to protect any who would grasp the straw of “ but that’s because they’re strip-mining the sea!” , the scallops are also significantly bigger than ever in history.

The article continues: “The larg’ er ’ scallops are mainly caught along the Eastern seaboard in New Jersey, Virginia and Massachusetts, and the price fall has been led by catches of these large scallops. Scallops are sold by their count per pound, with U10 being the largest, and within the U.S., the larger sizes are by far the most popular with consumers.

Since the new season started in March, U.S. catches have been made up mainly of U10s, U20s and U30s, an exciting prospect for fishermen and seafood lovers alike. Scallop prices for U10s dropped 19% to $13.70 per pound, while 20s and 30s dropped 20% to $7.47 per pound during April. Total scallop catches within this season ‘ are forecast to ‘ rise ’ 15% year-over-year , to around 48 million pounds’.”

They said “ ‘rise’ 15%” instead of “increase” because it’s softer, and also as a thinly-veiled reference to the Atonist Black-Sun cult that’s run things in all the nations, well, all the way back to Babylon, and before.

In November 2017, Maine’s Mount Desert Islander said “Massachusetts - Scallop season ‘ opens ’ on a high ‘ note ’ ”.

Here’s the whole article, we’ll review it at the end:

“By the afternoon of opening day of commercial scalloping season yesterday, a ‘ few ’ things were certain. The fleet was ‘ small ’, with 25 boats in town and between 12 and 15 in Madaket. Most fishermen were back at the dock by 10 a.m. The scallops were ‘ decent ’-sized. And the opening price to fishermen was $13 a pound.

Asked if a ‘ good ’ opening day means a good season, ‘ one ’ fisherman shrugged and said, “You won’t see any plumbers giving up their day job.”

Sarcasm aside, fishermen also said the harbor ‘ seems ’ healthier than it did last year.

“It’s nice to see ‘ lots of scallops ’,” said Rick Kotalac, who scallops in the town harbor. “It’s good to see ‘ some’ green eel grass and some healthi erlooking ’ scallops.”

The headline and first paragraph are a symphony of hedging. It’s only a high ‘ note ’. It only ‘ opened ’ on a high note. Only a ‘ few ’ things were certain. The fleet was generally described as “ small ”. Smaller than what? It’s just thrown in as another negative hedge in the larger cloud of negative hedges, all put forward to blunt and defray a transforming environment, and the most scallops anyone has ever seen.

The scallops were only “decent” sized. There was only “some” green eel grass, and the scallops weren’t healthy, but rather only healthy-er. And they weren’t healthier, they were only healthier “looking”.

Buried in the middle of this poisonous soup is “ ‘ lots of ’ scallops”. Which, while informative, is still general.

Did you notice how an unidentified “ one ” fisherman said things were terrible? He’s made up, not an actual person. It’s just a poisonous fake quote, thrown into the hit piece.

We know that because they used Rick Kotalac’s name just afterward. He’s a generational Satanist. We know that because everyone who gets quoted in a mainstream news article is a generational Satanist. And because of his keeping carefully to the party line with his fiesta of hedging and defraying, and his tone.

He and the author work the grift, and then pretend that they don’t know each other from Black Mass. The first rule of Fight Club is you don’t talk about Fight Club. The second rule of Fight Club is you don’t talk about Fight Club.

Jeff Miller, Brooklyn, New York, August 1, 2020

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