In the U.S., trust in the Centers for Disease Control decreased almost forty percent from 2020 to 2022

“I don’t believe the polls anymore.”

Donald Trump, 2016

“I don’t believe the polls.”

Joe Biden, 2022

Here in 2022, everyone, even the NPR-addicted, readily admits the reality of “the One Percent”…the one percent of humanity that controls 98% of the wealth. Well, I’m here to tell you that “the One Percent” is a limited hangout…it’s disinformation, which contains a nugget of truth, but misleads.

My research is showing that roughly a third of the populace is comprised of bloodline-linked generational Satanists. They’re the relatively few who control the many by subterfuge. Here in the U.S., Their rotten ilk is riddled through the Democratic Party, and the the Republican Party, and every other last Party. They’re the inexplicable assholes you remember from your sixth grade class, and, later, from your PTA meetings. They’re the inexplicable assholes pushing back when everyone else on the jury agrees.

They’ve been working their great Confidence game upon humanity down through history, in every nation, pitting one group against another.

In my country, the scam they are working is known to the lucid few as “Sham Democracy”.

And I believe that, at long last, the public is dimly but inexorably awakening to the truth that I’m laying down.

In October 2016, CNN said “Once a fan, Trump declares: ‘I don’t believe the polls anymore’ “

In January 2022, the Hill said “Biden: ‘I don’t believe the polls

In January 2022, U.S. News widened its eyes to simulate honesty and questioned “Why Is Joe Biden So Unpopular***?***”

The article went on to say “President Biden told reporters on Wednesday that he doesn’t believe the public opinion polls indicating his waning approval rating among moderates and independents”.

In February 2022, the Daily Caller said “CDC Openly Admits That It Doesn’t Want The Public Drawing Conclusions From The Data”.

Now, I don’t know about you, but, where I come from, data is used to draw conclusions.

The words “mystery”, “baffled and “puzzled” are memes, used, among numerous similar variants, whenever anyone in the wholly-controlled-and-coopted Political, Academic, Scientific and Media establishments wants to lie about, well, basically anything. That’s why the article goes on to say “The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said that certain coronavirus vaccine data has not been published yet because it could potentially lead to misinformation.

The CDC published new data on the effectiveness of boosters in adults earlier in February, but left out data for 18- to 49-year-olds, according to a story published Sunday by The New York Times. The CDC believes the data is not yet ready to be released because of potential misinterpretation, The New York Times reported.

“Basically, at the end of the day, it’s not yet ready for prime time,” CDC spokeswoman Kristen Nordlund said, according to The New York Times. The agency’s “priority when gathering any data is to ensure that it’s accurate and actionable.”

That’s because the first rule of Politics is “Deny, deny, deny”.

In February 2022, the U.K.’s Guardian widened its eyes to simulate honesty and questioned “Why is trust in media plummeting? Just look at what’s happening at CNN”.

Where the author, a Ms. Arwa Mahdawi, used “plummeting” as a thinly-veiled reference to her Lord, Lucifer.

In March 2022, the New York Times took a pinch of snuff, threw itself on a fainting couch and wailed “Can Public Health Be Saved***?***”

The author, Yale University’s James Hamblin, goes on to say “At the end of February, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued a consequential turn in its mask guidance. The new recommendations meant that most of the country could stop requiring masks indoors — largely passing the decision on to local authorities, many of whom had already decided to roll back mask mandates. This was greeted with a mix of contempt and indifference. Depending on whom you ask, it was either too late (Masks? What masks? Fire Fauci.) or too soon and too cavalier. A unifying thread was that the C.D.C. is wrong, its rules are politically motivated and it needs to do … better.”

Can you see how he’s playing like everyone distrusts the CDC, including the folks who’ve bought the line of crap the CDC has, to this moment, been selling? He’s blowing smoke, prior to admitting:

“As of this January, trust in the C.D.C. had plummeted. At the beginning of the pandemic, 69 percent of Americans believed what they heard from the agency, according to an NBC News poll. Now that has fallen to 44 percent. The numbers for Dr. Anthony Fauci have also substantially declined, despite his decades of government service under seven presidents and attempts to remove himself from political rhetoric.”

Where Yale University’s James Hamblin used the word “plummeted” as a thinly-veiled reference to his Lord, Lucifer.

The paragraph, itself, is a cloud of masterful doublespeak, where he avoided plainly stating “In the U.S., trust in the Centers for Disease Control decreased almost forty percent from 2020 to 2022”.

Mr. Hamblin works at Yale University, you know, the place where the folks in charge have their most important Fraternity house? It’s where the, er, Fraternal organization “Skull and Bones” meets in a windowless building called “the Tomb”. Skull and bones is a reference to the skull and femur bones robbed from an unfortunate’s grave and used to entrap and enthrall their very soul. It’s why the “pirate flag” has a skull and crossed bones on it.


(“The Tomb”, Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut”)

In 2004, “Bonesman” John Kerry embarrassingly ran for President of the United States against fellow, er, Bonesman George W. Bush, which shone a rare bright light upon the Sham Democracy I’m describing in this article.

Bush, Kerry, and every other last one of them are all bloodline-linked generational Satanists, hiding in plain sight in every city, town and village on Earth. They comprise roughly a third of the populace (here in the West, anyway). Although they are, most certainly, the nattily-dressed, two-faced scum up at the top of the control pyramids of every organization, regardless of culture or national boundary.

Two years ago, when the Chinese bat virus with four amino acids added for increased transmissibility to humans was first released simultaneously upon the populace of all the nations, a 69% supermajority of the American public bought the line of bullshit that the CDC was putting forward. Now, two tortuous years later, a 56% majority of the American populace does not, in fact, buy the line of bullshit the CDC is putting forward.

Confidence games, or “con’s”, for short, can succeed only when a two-faced, self-described con “artist” first gains the trust of a wholly-credulous rube, or rubes, whom they will then go on to take advantage of, or “fleece”, using that falsely-gained trust as a lever.

This catastrophic, see-the-needle-moving decrease in trust in the CDC signals the end of their great ages-long confidence game, which is collapsing at freefall speed into its own footprint like a house of cards.