Massive amount of Cloud busters needed!

Since ‘they’ are launching more space weapons under the guise of better cell phone reception,I set up 10 chembuster’s on my land! I can feel the air becoming light,fresher,and the dark clouds seem to run for cover! It’s a number game. The more mini cells, space weapons, the more we have to gift! We can win this battle and if we make it our life’s purpose,that will sure help.

Good on you @Carl, thats a substantial number of CBs! Do you have any photos?

Not yet, But i will get some photos today!

Here are some pics. I have a few more in the marsh that would be tough to get to. I like that they are grounded in a large water surface!

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some more pics.

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These look amazing. Do you know if any birds nest in the nesting box next to the CB? This area is typically very active with orgone movement.

Thanks! I can see the difference 10 cb’s has vs 1 or 2. Much stronger field. Sylphs feast here often. Yes, on blue birds nesting next to cb. Tree frogs,salamanders,bee’s butterflies also abundant this summer.