1st run for my son

Hello everyone,

Yesterday my son and I went on a gifting run. It was the first
gifting run for Nathan, who is 15.

On the way to Austin we
gifted two EPB’s to the Comal river river in New Braunfels,
then did a quick mop up operation in San Marcos that included
gifting a TP roller and a EPB at the Aquamarina Center, the
site that used to house Aquamarina Springs whose one major
claim to fame included an underwater amphitheater that hosted
shows that featured a swimming pig named Arnold and mermaids.
They also used to have glass bottom boat trips that were
pretty cool.

When we got to Austin we ate an early lunch then got busy
gridding downtown. Nathan did an excellent job and says that
gifting is fun. The run was totally free of interference with
the slight exception of being confronted by someone right
after tossing the first towerbuster on a roof. “What did you
throw on that roof, man?” he asked me. A lifeforce generator I
told him. “A lifeforce generator?” “Yes” I said and got in the
car and drove off leaving him with a puzzled look on his face.

We beefed up the orgone field around the state capital taking
care not to arouse the suspicion of the state troopers. We
then busted a few towers to the east and to the north.

There were some spew planes doing their dirty duty to be observed,
but Jimo confirmed that downtown had a clear blue sky after the run. [Image Can Not Be Found]

While driving back through downtown while passing by a small
park we spied what looked to be an oversized chess set. We
parked and sure enough it was, the kings and queens being about
2 1/2 feet tall. We got to play two games against each other,
one quick, one drawn out. Then we played a good way into a 2
man team game before the set was packed up and taken.

We went by my Aunt and Uncles house and were treated to a
fabulous chinese food dinner before going by to see Jimo. We
played around with Jimo’s music setup and threw down a few
tracks before heading out and back home. I gave Jimo 2 HHG
cones and sold him 2 dozen TB’s with another HHG.

After almost 3 years of making orgonite and gifting I’m now
set to provide orgonite to those that don’t have the time to
make their own. Visit Orgonite4U
https://www.starseedtv.com/orgone/ for details. I hope to
provide the resources to continue my own gifting through this

On the homefront a few weeks ago there was a period of 5-6
weeks when I didn’t see any CT’s being sprayed. I was hoping
that they had just given up on us. Unfortunately that wasn’t
the case, but thanks to the towers here being gifted and our
CB, CT’s are still not sticking.

65 TB’s, 3 EPB’s and 1 TP roller was gifted.

health, help, happiness


(If Nathan will type up his own report I will post it.)