3 more underground sites busted near san antonio

Hello relatives,

Today Bearcat and I went out to gift 3 underground sites at a small town just northwest of San Antonio. This brings the total number of underground sites that we’ve gifted in and around our area to 27.

As always we put 1 EP in the soft soil near a river or creek for each site and augmented those with 1-2 TP rollers at street level.

Before heading out we threw a few TB’s downtown at such places as city hall, city council chambers, the police station, etc. We also threw several EPB’s in Medina river and a few creeks.

I had previously gifted a major vortex in that town that has a 4 tower array on it with 1 big pyramid HHG and about 1/2 dozen TB’s.

As the afternoon rolled on into evening we noticed that there was less smog in the air.

All told 3 EP’s, 6 TP rollers, 8 EPB’s, 2 HHG’s and 28 TB’s were gifted.

health, help, happiness