3rd thai rice farm Gifted

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Experimental deployment of 18st orgonit “Shooter” on rice paddies in khon kaen in Thailand. This is to increase the harvest of rice. Gare Clement in chiang mai have succeeded with the outstanding achievement in two years in a row get 40 % vs 50 % increase in risskörd in one box compared what it normally produces field With the same quantity of seed. He has also with modest 6ST Pucks / ha in a field in Canada where it is grown (admittedly genetically modified) “Canola Oil” managed to get a close to 100 % increase in the amount of oil after pressing, with the same quantity of seed. We tripled the number of orgonites, to see if it gives any difference against gare’S 6St / ha. Come back with results. :)

Quite synchronistic that Tomas chose to use 18 tbs per hectare because that works out to very close to 6 tbs per acre like We have done in thai and CANADA!

Congrats, Tomas! It’s quite thrilling to see that you’re getting involved this way in Thailand. Gare has been creating a foundation there and has made good progress. It took the Africans about five years to get the attention of the public. Gare’s been spreading orgonite in Thailand for longer than that and I think that when the rice farmer got interested it may have signaled the beginning of a similar jump in public orgonite awareness, there.

So far, the only other significant farm efforts with orgonite, outside of Africa (where it’s now done on a grand scale, internationally) have been a single farmer in Canada for one season, one in Spain for two seasons and the Thai effort may have a lot more momentum, so I expect it to expand as it’s done in Africa. Asians are also more likely than westerners to recognize the dynamics of orgonite since they’re well aware of subtle energy. Institutionalized scientists in the West are probably the most resistant to this empowering new information, not unlike how the deadly Inquisition was opposing science Wink.

There are no solid reports from China but we at least know that farmers are using orgonite, there, and that the gov’t is confiscating orgonite cloudbusters when they can find them. I gather that some of our Japanese associates were responsible for successfully introducing orgonite in China. The police in Kenya and Tanzania have confiscated orgonite towerbusters for many years but only occasionally and it hasn’t seriously interrupted the Africans’ progress, thankfully. Persecution by governments mainly encourages the growth of this unorganized movement, which is probably why it happens so rarely Cool

Thx for mentioning africa Don, sure it was You that told Me that 6 tbs per acre is what the african Groups have been using as well to achieve Their phenomenal results and I meant to mention that above to show the synocronicity of this global effort being directed only by the Operators!

As far as CHINA goes We have made a half a dozen trips through there leaving Orgonite each time except sept just passed We were escorted off the jet in SHAINGHAI DU PONG and basically kidnapped for 6 hours iow We were all put into a holding area of the airport along with 6 other thai People. A seniorish OFFICER, that seemed to be in charge, told Me that CHINA was involved in a dispute with the thai GVT but of course thats just what HE was told to say. All Us Orgonite flingers know the real reason for strange things like this ;-) All Our bags were sent to KUNMING and We didn’t see them again till the day after We arrived in thailand. As THEY boarded Us onto a different Jet that flew Us directly home to chiang mai. Just as We were walking up the ramp I pointed out to Orgone and Na 2 SPEWERS making an attempt to close the blue directly overtop the weather ball. It was 2 years prior to that We stayed overnight at the airport hotel and instead of sleeping I went out for a long nighttime stroll ;-) Was holding off on mentioning this till another CHINA report planned from a future landing but obviously it won’t be by air for obvious reasons!

Tomas will be up at the factory in a couple days even though its more of a construction zone for a couple more months as Our house is getting completed. We will do a joint Gifting, not many more TOWERS need flipping but I haven’t done any PIZZA PARLOURS yet, the MONKS always like Gifts. When Farmers start to realise en masse that Orgonite will increase yields 50% how can They not all want to take advantage of that. Setting up booths at agriculture shows is whats needed I think?

Thanks, Gare! It’s been pretty apparent that the Chinese gov’t is very, very nervous about orgonite. I stopped hearing from the Japanese orgonite flingers not long after the completion of their massive and successful project to put thousands of earthpipes and a couple hundred orgonite cloudbusters along all of Japan’s major faultlines (just before the Fukushima demolition). Several of the participants suicided when the project was finished so it’s obvious that the sewer rats really came down on that team, psychologically. I did learn that Tetsuzi in Hiroshima, who oversaw that effort, later got sick and I managed to send him a T-Rx zapper.

Not long before, one of them told me that they’d sold several orgonite cloudbusters to someone in Northern China but that they were confiscated in customs. I rarely hear from anyone in China and I assume it’s because surveillance on the internet is a real problem, involving physical risk. Over here, surveillance is just as pervasive but the sewer rats are afraid to do anything very overt to people who are improving the world Cool

Last year, I was told by an American who had been working in China for many years that people he was in touch with in China told him that the government had been confiscating orgonite cloudbusters when they were able to find them and that was the first indication that Chinese people are finally making and distributing orgonite, in spite of the ban on this information on the Chinese web. Maybe they’re using Twitter, as Ai Wei Wei and other activists have been doing.

Hong Kong John and a couple other Westerners, that I’m aware of, have distributed orgonite in China during day trips, unmolested, and maybe that’s had the same effect as Carol’s trip to Kenya in 2001 apparently had (Africa’s first orgonite).

A Canadian fellow flew to Peking in 2002 with a whole lot of towerbusters and did extensive vortex gifting, I think even including a bit in Tibet. He was closely watched and followed, of course, and might not have been careful to only do his tosses when nobody was peeking. I assume he took a Succor Punch to block tech surveillance but I don’t remember. We had met the guy before that and Carol had marked some vortices on a map for him.

There’s no doubt that Thai farmers talk to each other but on the other hand, when a farmer has an advantage he may be reluctant to share that info, so your idea to have a booth at a trade fair may be inspired Cool

Thank you Don and Gare! It is a pleasure to be able to do this kind of experiment. We plan on doing some other experiments when we get back to Sweden on a oat field at a farm where they grow 100% organic.

Im adding the original post rewritten in English here.

We are doing a experiment with placing 18 TBs per 100mx100m in a rice field in Khon Kaen in Thailand. This is done to be able to evalutate the amount of yield increase. Gare here on EW as you know managed to get an impressive 40% and 50% harvest increase on two different rice fields compared to when the field was not gifted with orgonite. Also Gare’s friend Houghston in Canada managed to get 100% yield increase (pressed oil) from the Canola crop. I mixed up the units acre/hectare so it went out that we put the same amount of TBs in the field as Gare and Houghston did. We also gifted all water ponds nearby the rice fields with one TB each. So this will be a quite interesting experiment for us to see, if the results are consistent. We have also gifted the closest towers to the field, approximatley 8-12 towers. I don’t think we will be able to bust all towers in a 50km radius this year but it will be done next year I hope.

This years harvest from the ungifted field yielded approximatley 1200 kg of dry rice. They got 53 bags of rice with 20-25kgs in every bag. We hope for improvements =)



This small propeller aircraft like to fly around in the area after gifting.


Shortly after gifting some towers.


Quick update: We just got back after some more tower gifting.

With a modest amount of orgonites some extra 8 towers and some water streams were gifted. This apparently was enough for the development of healthy cumulus clouds. This effect is very easy to get here in Thailand compared to my home country Sweden, I think it is due to the much higher relative humidity here. The towers make the air able to hold a lot more moisture than normal and after gifting the water “drops out” of the air to form natural clouds and later falls down as precipitation.

The first picture was taken before today’s gifting run, but shows a gifted cell tower in the background. Notice the hazy sky near the horizon (not yet gifted) and the sylphs cleaning the sky over the gifted area.


The second picture was taken 1,5h after the gifting run, and the healthy cumulus clouds can be clearly seen. This four “cellphone” masts is clearly involved in manipulation of the weather.

The third and fourth picture was taken 2,5h and 3h after we come back. Massive cumulus cloud forming and sky getting deep blue with no haze other than at the border of the gifted area. The sylphs has gone away after the sky got cleaned.


My girlfriend and I have been out with Gare and family to gift some mountaintop arrays and towers today.

Here is the pics.

This little critter has been flying over our hostel every single morning up until today.

Today the sky looked like this and it told me something has to be done.

We went up the highest peak in Thailand for re-gifting the towers up there, and it was successful.

There was a large tower, a weather ball, and also some observatories involved in nasty works. Some orgonite applied and it was back to normal again.

Sylphs showed up of course.

See you again for more gifting adventures.


Some towers that been busted two weeks ago now apparently had some problems, due to orgonite I suppose. There were a whole service team there and they were inside the tower’s fence making some maintenance yesterday. This night I had a dream about one of the guys at the towers, and he had a devil-looking demonic face I have seen many times before at various places.

This HUGE sylph appeared after our latest gifting trip in Khon Kaen city center. Thanks Gare for providing the orgonite for this mission.

Now the sky is blue again over Khon Kaen. Notice the dinosaur symbolism, they picture them praying to really let the dinosaur-programming sink in.

I forgot to mention in the last post that on the trip to the mountain, there were obvious, but subtle, surveillance aimed at us. Several military guys looked away suspiciously upon eye contact, one guy sneeked around Gare’s truck looking at the single pipe cloudbuster in the back. Another military guy walked past us looking at us and pointed his green smartphone with camera towards us as we walked past, pretended talking.

This was apparently a military installation that were semi-open for the public. We saw several walking tourists with cameras and mini-buses with tourists could freely pass in and out of the gate. But when we were about to walk inside, we were told in a friendly manner that we “can not go”, despite our tourist outlook. Cool