4 Brown Supporters Arrested

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As reported in a radio interview,

Newsreporter Terry Melton for We the People Radio Network was detained and threatened with SODOMY by US Marshalls for talking about his detention and the arrest of Ed Brown Supporter Danny Riley on Wed, September 12, 2007
That’s right folks, the police are now threatening the use of SODOMY to keep the press from reporting the news of the ongoing Ed and Elaine Brown’s demand to be shown the law regarding the paying of federal income taxes.

Terry was interogated in Albany at a Federal Detention Center by federal agents and threatened with Sodomy and personal attacks for the rest of his life by law enforcement if he talked about his detention interview.

During the interogation 0ne of the Marshalls accused Randy Weaver of shooting his brother at the Ruby Ridge incident and that this was payback for that. The truth is Randy Weaver never shot anyone. The Marshall was throffing at the mouth during the interogation and told Terry, Danny Riley was arrested because he reported on what happened to him last June when he was shot at and tasered while out walking the Brown’s dog at 8:00 am in the morning during the botched swat raid at the Brown’s hilltop Oasis. The Marshalls then threatened Danny Riley with future arrest and a living hell for him if he spoke about his ordeal. This arrest was a payback to him for speaking out last June and not going away.

The Marshalls told Terry they may charge him and Danny Riley with Treason.

After he was released, the following day the US Marshall called Terry and told him to go away and shut his mouth about his detention or ELSE .

Reporter Terry Welton is urging people to wake up fast to what is happening within the US Marshalls office and their criminal and psychotic behavior over the handling of his detention, interogation and arrest of Danny Riley.

I can almost understand why the Marshalls have snapped. Their conscious mind and programming is being stretched to the breaking point by being asked to be criminals by the elite and at the same time trying to uphold the law.

I kinda feel sorry for them, except that they could just quit and walk away from being TREASONOUS and TRAITORS to their Oaths and to their fellow Americans.

To the FEDS reading this, please walk away from committing illegal and immoral acts against American citizens. You have betrayed your country, your family and your creator.

The City of Concord NH has been overgifted with Orgonite including the State House and the Courthouse where the
4 friends of Ed and Elaine Brown will face a bail hearing on Monday and eventual court proceedings in the weeks ahead.

The Death towers inside the city have also been gifted.

Feel the love Concord ! [Image Can Not Be Found];

Local Plainfield Police tell wtprn reporters yesterday down the road from the Fed roadblock that the CONSTITUTION no longer applies to folks in Plainfield NH.

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