5 Minutes to Heaven, Pathway to God

“Something has to be done, maybe it already has.” <>

Below is information based on my own personal experiences and is not intended to sway anyone from their own personal belief(s). I take this information to heart and want people to understand this is not fast-food and requires daily commitment that truly works when it is done thoughtfully. Results are guaranteed to those people who habitually walk this path. This information is for those like myself who have known something is wrong with this world even though they couldn’t quite put their finger on it.

For some reason, I feel like saying if it wasn’t for the bad people in the world, we might not have awakened. (I do not condone their activities on any level)

Is it possible to get to know and experience God / Heaven in only 5 minutes?


With a little bit of knowledge, and daily practice you can experience the ultimate experience meant for all human beings.

You’re playing one of those popular video games where you are at the controls, you are represented by a character on the TV/VIDEO screen who has to fight, shoot, and basically maul your way through a series of animated obstacles and people who try to prevent you from reaching your goal. Regardless of what takes place during the game, you walk away when it’s over. You the player of the game are the higher self, and the actual character in the game represents your lower self. In a way, you could say our lives are similar to this concept because we have a lower self in a similar 3-D virtual reality game situation and a higher self that is awaiting to take divine control. But most people’s lives aren’t like that at all because they don’t have a clue about the truth, and their lower-false-selves maintain control of their lives.

Heaven is a state of mind we can experience right now when we live in the present moment from our higher self. Hell is a state of mind we experience when we become bound by our emotions and live in the past or future from our lower self. Time is an illusion and a governing factor in this world and one of the biggest pitfalls of the lower self. The sun and the moon are nothing but time based illusions designed to keep us dependent upon TIME and keep us tucked away in our ego driven lower selves in the 3-D holographic illusion. True happiness makes it’s home in the here and now or present moment. When we understand these things for what they truly are, then and only then, will we find true inner happiness. We all must understand that negative thoughts constantly spun from the lower self are what keep us locked in our lower selves. We must constantly observe these thoughts and understand what they truly are without interfering or judging them to release ourselves from their influence and become our higher selves. This truth has been revealed in the past under the veil of mythological stories throughout history.

In approximately 5 minutes of studying some simple guidelines and practicing self observation in your daily life, you too can get to know God and understand the truth of the symbolic meanings contained in the bible and other literature that will change your life when you practice self observation daily. In an earlier article I wrote about the concept of man having two selves, a higher / true self, and a lower / false self. The lower self or the false self is responsible for everything negative that we experience and it is symbolized in literature as the devil or lucifer. The higher self is the true self which is often referred to as the man upstairs or God.

Jesus lived from his higher self and taught man kind to do the same. That is why they say Jesus’ story is the greatest story ever told, bottom line. This message from Jesus has been obscured so mankind could become awakened when the time was right.

Guess what time it is??? -You got it.

I believe the bible quoted God saying, I will always be with you and I will never leave you, this is 100% true and it means your higher self is a permanent part of you, it is divine, and you must understand it’s rightful position in relation to your lower self. When the bible said Jesus died on the cross and came back to life after three days, it symbolized Jesus abandoning his FALSE self, and BECOMING his HIGHER SELF. He said, we all could do things like he did. “These things I do, ye can do too.” When Jesus made the ascension, it symbolized the transition from his lower self to his higher self. Ever heard of being born again? (Now it makes sense)

What about the rapture? Could the rapture, which is said to take place in the sky actually mean the process that takes place when one goes within during meditation, and activating the right and left hemisphere of the brain?

Remember, Jesus made the ascension, not the descension, lucifer made the descension when the bible said he was kicked out of heaven, which is just the opposite of what Jesus did. All of the important information remains in the bible, is true, but it would not be fully understood by the masses of people until they were TRULY ready to seek it. At a specific time in history knowledge would increase immensely. (Presently)

We must practice self observation every day and monitor our thoughts and feelings understanding they are not our own because they are rooted in our lower selves. When we do this we allow our higher self to make it’s presence in our lives and experience it’s divine guidance. By doing this, we begin to travel on the real path to self discovery. We must pay close attention to recurring negative emotions some of which take a little longer to become free from. Steady self observation sometimes called introspection will ensure positive results. Vernon Howard said, you cannot change a hawk into a dove but you can replace the hawk with a dove. This symbolizes the changes that will eventually take place when our self awareness grows by working from within ourselves.

I am going to put a little extra emphasis on theme to make sure the point is clear.

Why self observation? Because by using it you will open the doors to heaven by giving God permission to replace your lower self with your higher self. Remember when the bible said I stand at your door knocking? You just have to understand the true meaning of these knocks.

God has been knocking on your door ever since you were born. You see, the world is designed to de-sensitize and or hypnotize us to keep us thinking we are our lower selves so we remain prisoners in this hellish mental prison. But the minute we wake up, and realize the truth, it’s obvious we find a way to escape from that point forward. The key is to escape it mentally.

Don’t be surprised when your lower self to puts up a fight to try to maintain it’s control. All you have to do is continue to do is use detached self observation and all the necessary changes will definitely take place just like magic. It’s that simple.

I believe it was James Allen who wrote the classic As a man thinketh, where he said

watch the thinker, he was talking about self observation. How do you do it? You just silently observe all your thoughts, feelings, cravings, likes, dislikes, and any other thing you think about throughout your day. Understand that negative emotions will no longer have a stranglehold on you when you observe them for what they truly are, and that my friend is nothing but a product of your false self trying to keep you under it’s control. You just let every thought float on by,

don’t try to change anything or judge anything, just let it flow and live in the present moment of awareness. Just watch. By doing this, you will understand there is something to be observed proving the existence of your lower self. You will eventually notice you are observing your lower self from your higher self and therefore giving your one and only true self or God permission to transform your life as it was meant to be.

Have fun,

If you wish to research more on these subjects, I recommend Mystic Path to Cosmic Power by Vernon Howard and visiting the website: hiddenmeanings.com

hey there Louis,

You’re on the money when you talk about the simple act of self observation acceptance and non judgement.

I have undergone a huge decluttering in my life recently. Maybe 50% of my posessions have been thrown way, given away or sold. I have tried to do this before but never really succeeded in changing my life. The crucial factor that makes all the difference is non-judgment: no right, no wrong, only an assesment of how meaningful a particular object or activity is. The recognition that our personal space, (our house, workspace etc), is a direct reflection of our minds. Through the decluttering and organization of our space we can liberate our minds from the ‘trappings’ of materiality.

My own experience of this is as the most powerful and profound growth inducing thing. There’s no doctrine or teachings or practices, just self-acceptance and non-judgement. It has released a tremndous amount of energy within me, leading me to an understanding of what it means to become orgone generators ourselves. When our minds are free of clutter, we can see what is really important and have the energy to act on it.

Thanks Louis for starting this thread [Image Can Not Be Found]


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