5G LED UK street light Whistleblower

I was sent the following email today, and recommend watching the first video at the very least, if you live in the UK.

5G will likely cause great harm to insects & pollinators. Thats why im emailing you.

The anti 5G campaigner Mark Steele wants to tell you about the health & safety risks of the new 5G LED street lights in the UK.
Gateshead council dont want you to know & are trying to get Mark thrown into Jail.
In a recent court appearance Gateshead council tried to gag Mark but they Lost! The judge told Mark that it was in the publics interest to continue with his campaign.

This is a link to a 20 min video about the 5G LED lights.

If this interests you then you might also like to watch Marks excellent AV9 presentation. (Particulary if you drive a car at night)

This is a link to the AV9 presentation.

Over 53,000 scientists agree with Mark that 5G is dangerous.
Here is a link to their petition with details of their concerns.

Currently their is a anti 5G petition in the UK that needs support.
Please sign & share.

If you want more information about 5G without the coorporate spin please see the letter sent to the British Prime Minister.