7 Days 7 Planets

This is a very interesting topic. I’ve read other gifters post about this indirectly. Wondering why there are patterns to chemtrail sprayings and whiteouts on certain days of the week.I’ve always felt the different energies on different days. Patterns were noticed concerning weather too.I also noticed patterns of spraying is related to days of the week,moon cycles etc.Well the pieces fell into place with this explanation… I have studied astrology, and have seen the truth, as obvious as orgonite results. So this is a very real explanation to the awakened.

Generally, nothing is seen in the atmosphere unless there’s sufficient moisture to form clouds, whether seeded by chemtrails, generated artificially as a thin layer in the stratosphere (whiteout), created by Sylphs, etc.

Another factor is atmospheric pressure and another is dewpoint, which is the temperature at which water condenses and that relates to atmospheric pressure. Low dewpoint means fog, for instance, and high dewpoint means higher cloud formations. Lowe pressure usually brings a lot of moisture, thus storms.

I hope that more people who do this work will inform ourselves of basic meteorology so that we will be less inclined to drink the disinformants KoolAid on the web about chemtrails. Some of that stuff is elaborate and clever.

This is also worth repeating: chemtrails obviously don’t drop; they move horizontally until they dissipate like ordinary clouds do. In the few years when chemtrails were actually sickening people it was easy to see that they came down to the ground because the sky was whited out within a few minutes, then the lower cumulus clouds disappeared. Another evidence was that the hospitals were kept full to overflowing with people who had respiratory sickness. That started in January, 1999, kind of suddenly and as the number of orgonite cloudbusters spread, beginning in the summer of 2001 we saw this less and less until 2003 when there were several thousand of them in the affected (industrialized) countries. Nearly all of the people who got sick are still sick but I rarely hear of them dying and I hear from an awful lot of sick people due to the nature of our online business, selling healing devices.

Things like Morgellons and a few other newer endemics are obviously not spread from the sky because certain individuals are targeted and not entire communities. Anyone in the healing trade can track these things pretty accurately.

I must have written this a couple thousand times, at least (a few dozen on this forum) and people generally are willing to look at this more objectively instead of just absorbing, without question, whatever the unknown experts on chemtrail disinformation sites may preach.

We get as many chemtrails over us as anyone does–perhaps a lot more than average. The sky, here, is so vital that they rarely last more than a few minutes and Sylphs often turn them into lovely and inspiring sculptures. I’ve been getting more and more reports and photos of the characteristic green/magenta borders of clouds, which is seen most clearly when the clouds are near the sun. This may be an affect of orgone and it started happening a lot, here, right after I got a lot of orgonite along the surrounding mountain ridges and peaks. The Sylph activity also sort of exploded after that and it remains higher than in most areas. That was five years ago.