7 oz Dolphin ball

This is a blurred dolphin ball made from a candle mould that Paddy sent me. Works out at 7 oz. You can get varying sizes, so was wondering if there was an optimum size for them, and if a 7 oz is worth the hassle over a 3 oz TB.

That looks just like the dolphin balls Carol makes for our ocean runs, John, and they’re apparently the same size. We see so many dolphins these days that we often run out. We toss one or two balls from the boat whenever a pod shows up, otherwise we toss a TB out every quarter mile to a mile along our sea routes. I have a sense (and some confirmation) that the dolphins leave enough of these to do the job, then take some or even most to more remote sea locations to disable underwater death transmitters and/or heal pirated vortices.

They adore all orgonite but the balls are our personal expressions of love, appreciation and reverence to them, our youthful elders.

She makes eight dolphin balls at a time and this is something we won’t sell. Several vendors sell this size, in fact, and there are some really good, thick two-part aluminum molds available for this. I don’t remember the company’s name and Carol’s not up yet this morning.

If Paddy’s still making those incredible spiral cone coil molds for sale let us know, okay? I get a lot of enquries about those and we use ours a lot.



The coil forms were from Murphy, to be sure, to be sure

Think it would be good for John to put a link on whale.to as it does come up alot. His email was [email protected] ;

Thumbs up for Murphy’s coil form.


I have his e mail addy on my coil page http://www.whale.to/b/coils_h.html http://www.whale.to/b/coils_h.html/a  and Quebec Orgone sell them.

Fantastic piece of kit, can’t imagine what my coils would look like without it! Just the ticket for Big Secret coils that go into Dolphin balls.


Just need a 7oz metal candle mould, e bay looks like. Have 4 plastic ones, just hope they stay in shape.

7oz is tennis ball size.