8/15 - "Rejection of GMO Food" from "Positive Changes That Are Occurring", by Jeff Miller


Great positive changes are occurring at every level of our reality. They began in earnest in 2012, and have been increasing in speed and magnitude. I began writing this series of articles, entitled "Positive Changes That Are Occurring", in July of 2013.

These historically-unprecedented positive changes are being driven by many hundreds of thousands, if not millions of simple, inexpensive Orgonite devices based on Wilhelm Reich's work.

Since Don Croft first fabricated tactical Orgonite in 2000, its widespread, ongoing and ever-increasing distribution has been unknitting and transforming the ancient Death energy matrix built and expanded by our dark masters, well, all the way back to Babylon, and before. And, as a result, the Ether is returning to its natural state of health and vitality.

One of those changes is that the populace has recognized that Genetically Modified Food has been weaponized against it.

In January 2006, ABC News said “ ‘Poll’: ‘Skepticism’ of Genetically Modified Foods”.

Where the author started the headline with “poll” to trigger the subconscious if the reader to say “oh, but that’s just one poll!”

The article continues: “With safety concerns widespread, Americans almost unanimously favor mandatory labels on genetically modified foods. And most say they'd use those labels to avoid the food. Barely more than ‘a third’ of the public believes that genetically modified foods are safe to eat. Instead ’52 percent’ believe such foods are unsafe”.

There’s a strict rule in journalism that you put the highest percentage first, and then the rest in descending order. Here the author has brazenly inverted it, to “bury” the most impactful figure to the last.

Mexico banned genetically engineered corn in October 2013.

In 2013, the County Council for the island of Kauai passed a law that mandates farms to disclose pesticide use and the presence of genetically modified crops. The bill also requires a 500-foot buffer zone near medical facilities, schools and homes — among other locations.

In 2013, the big island of Hawaii County Council gave preliminary approval to a bill that prohibits open air cultivation, propagation, development or testing of genetically engineered crops or plants. 

Russia completely banned GMO’s in 2014.

In February 2014, the ludicrously-named foodbabe.com wailed “ ‘Why’ Are We Being Attacked’?’ The ‘Gory Details’ On A ‘Dirty’ PR campaign”.

I had to open up the article to figure out what it was actually about. It’s pretending to stamp its pump and say Monsanto’s up to no good, but the propagandist writing the article managed to have 70% of the populace never actually know because they only read the headlines.

“Gory details” and “dirty” are both lurid. They're used to shock the probably-female "foodbabe" reader in the hope they'll not go on to read the article.

In August 2014, Science said “China ‘pulls plug’ on genetically modified rice and corn.

Where “pulls plug” indicates that China has cold-heartedly turned off GMOs life support. It’s as egregious as negative spin gets.

In September 2014, the Smithsonian bitterly tried to prop up the collapsing confidence game with “Sorry Hipsters, That Organic Kale Is a Genetically Modified Food”.

In June 2015, foe.org said “ ‘Groups’ ramp up pressure on Costco to reject GMO salmon”.

Where the author does what little they can to hedge by using the general “groups” in the headline.

In July 2015, slate.com frothed and fumed “ ‘Unhealthy Fixation’ “, following with “The ‘war’ against genetically modified organisms is ‘full of fearmongering, errors, and fraud. Labeling them will not make you safer’.

Labeling GMOs would, of course, make it easier not to consume them, and thus make you safer. 

The great news is that the author's description of a populace which has developed a healthy fixation on not consuming things that are bad for them as having an unhealthy fixation is going to do nothing to stop, or even remotely slow the positive change. In fact, this sort of bilious, hateful propaganda will only speed the demise of those using it, once it’s viewed serially as it is here in my articles.

We've become so conditioned that we don't notice it when it's in among other things. 

In August 2015, Scientific American wailed “ ‘Why’ People Oppose GMOs Even Though ‘Science Says’ They Are Safe’?’ “

GMO's are not safe, they’re deadly. The Trusted Authority Figure known as “Scientific American” is telling a Big Lie with the firmness of purpose that goes with complete honesty. Everyone knows that GMO’s are not safe.

In August 2015, the New Yorker sniffed “ ‘Why’ Do the Chinese Hate G.M.O.s’?’ “.

Where the Trusted Authority Figure “the New Yorker” is trying bravely to compartmentalize the phenomenon merely to a billion or so Chinese. They’ve widened their eyes to simulate honesty and pretended they don’t know that everyone hates GMO’s, and that everyone hates GMO’s because they are deadly to consume.

In February 2016, “Debating Europe” said “ ‘Why’ are Europeans scared of GMOs’?’ “. Where the Trusted Authority Figure “Debating Europe” is trying bravely to compartmentalize the phenomenon merely to the entirety of Europe. They’ve widened their eyes to simulate honesty and pretended they don’t know that everyone is scared of GMO’s, and that everyone is scared of GMO’s because they are deadly to consume.

In 2017, 93% said the federal government should require labels on food saying whether it’s been genetically modified, or “bio-engineered” (this poll used both phrases). Such near-unanimity in public opinion is rare.

In November 2015, The Center for Food Safety said “Victory! Costco will not sell GMO Salmon”.

In 2016, Oxford University Press published “'Tomorrow's' Table: Organic Farming, Genetics, and the Future of Food” by G. Tagliabue.

The publication continues “The Necessary “GMO” Denialism and ‘Scientific Consensus’ ”.

Where the lucid, rational conclusions about GMO’s impact on those who consume them is referred to as a false religion dubbed “Denialism”. That gigantic Satanic inversion having been put forth by the actual Dark religion that masquerades as “Higher Education”. And where “Scientific Consensus” is a cover meme for the collective decisions of what is, in fact, the generational Satanist establishment.

Not all Scientists are generational Satanists, of course. Just those up at the very top of the control pyramids. It’s how the few have controlled the many, well, all the way back to Babylon, and before.

In June 2016, DW Africa said “Burkina Faso ‘abandons’ GM cotton”.

Where the author does what little they can to hedge by saying the nation of Burkina Faso had “abandoned” cotton, as one would abandon an orphan in a basket on doorstep. It’s the most blatantly negative spin imaginable.

In July 2016, the Fitbit Blog uses a preschooler’s voice to say “ ‘Are’ GMOs Safe to Eat’?’ ‘Science’ Says Yes’!’ “ 

The exclamation point is particularly nauseating.

In July 2016, “Uproxx” tried mightily to muddy the water with “ ‘Is’ ‘Everything’ The Public ‘Thinks’ It Knows About GMOs Wrong’?’

They’re not going to win this thing. In that, this headline essentially reads “you are a stupidhead”. They’ve abandoned a point-by-point rebuttal with a whitewash defense, and I wish them the best of luck with that.

In August 2016, wakeupandeat.com said “ ‘Is’ the FDA ‘So Asleep’ it's Dreaming all's OK’?’ “

Here, the propagandist has put the plausible-deniability excuse “they’re asleep!” in place of the truth, that the folks running the FDA are the avowed enemies of humanity. The propagandist knows that the subconscious of many or most readers will grasp any straw, no matter how thin, to remain off the hook of personal responsibility.

In November 2016 allianceforscience/cornell.edu hedged “ ‘Do’ conflicts of interest negate scientific consensus on GMO safety’?’ “ 

It’s a what is known colloquially as a "hit-piece", crafted to keep as many rubes in the tent as possible. They’ve phrased it as a question, even though there's no debate about the answer, which is "yes, conflicts of interest negate the scientific consesus on GMO Safety". Then they follow with as many plausible-deniability excuses as they can think up in the hope that you’ll grasp one or several where the answer is “no”.

You'll pick the one that fits best with your subconsious. It's why there's all those different flavors of "the news".

In December 2016, zocalopublicsquare.org abusively said “Go Ahead: Eat Your Genetically Modified Vegetables”.

In March 2017, agweb.com said “Zimbabwes ‘Rejection’ of GMO Food Aid is ‘a Humanitarian Outrage’ ”. 

It’s a bold, brazen Satanic inversion, in which the GMO foods that were designed to kill humans are depicted by the controlled press as “humanitarian aid”.

In March 2017, controlled-opposition Mouthpiece “Dr. Mercola” said “ ‘Market’ ‘Rejection’ of GMOs ‘Grows’ “

There are two hedges, there. “Grows” is general, and blunts any nuanced awareness into the scope or magnitude of the trend. “Rejection of GMO’s” is stronger; the author added “ ‘Market’ rejection of GMO’s” to make it more impersonal. It’s not “humanity”, it’s just “the Market”.

In March 2017, gmwatch said “Press Statement: ‘Member States’ ‘still’ ‘reject’ GMO cultivation”.

The author has carefully left “EU” off “Member States”, to do what they could to crafted the headline so that you don’t know what member states they are talking about. Propagandists know that sixty to seventy percent of readers only read the headlines, so this tactic “compartmentalizes” the data with an effectiveness shown by the spectacular, conditioned ignorance of the majority of the populace.

“Still” reject holds out hope that they’ll stop rejecting, and clearly shows the purportedly anti-GMO “gmwatch” as being pro-GMO. It’s called a “controlled-opposition Mouthpiece”, or honeypot.

In May 2017, Bloomberg said “China Pushes Public to Accept GMO as Syngenta Takeover Nears”.

Wait, what? I guess China was building up street crew and bona fides previously when it had been rejecting GMO’s. That was back in 2014, when the world was still being softened up to Communist Red China as the nation at the top of the Earth’s control pyramid.

They’ve actually been controlling things in all the nations, well, all the way back to Babylon, and before. The “Great White Brotherhood”, the Dark Masters of the Gobi” are said to be enthroned beneath the desert in China.

“Great White Brotherhood” is a reference to the parchment-white skin of the Neanderthal bloodline that sits upon every throne on Earth. It’s why the ruling castes in all the nations have the lightest skins.

The article continues: “China ‘will carry out a nationwide poll next month’ to test the public's acceptance of genetically-modified food, a technology the government says would ... Syngenta AG, which produces genetically modified seeds for corn, is gearing up for rapid expansion in the country after shareholders accepted a $43”.

“A nationwide poll”, ah, mirth. They use the same sorts of tactics here in my country, a purported Democracy, when Totalitarian edicts are put forth. They’re actually going to quick use the supercomputers to see if the public will rise up and throw them down, or no.

In July 2017, petfoodindustry.com said “GMO pet foods may ‘be’ safe, but are ‘rejected’ by pet owners.”

Thus far, Mercola, agweb  and now gmwatch have said “rejection”. While DW Africa has used “abandons”.

In November 2017, Forbes widened its eyes to simulate complete honesty and asked “ ‘Why’ Do GMOs Have Such A ‘Bad Reputation?’ “

There’s a sly allusion there that GMO’s are good in bed. It’s not intellectual, it’s a conversation with the childlike subconscious of the reader.


In December 2017, the Wiley Online Library commanded “Reject the “Gmo” ‘Fallacy’, In Terms Of Both Safety Concerns and Socioeconomic Issues”.

That’s a command to farmers to plant the shit, that’s an order, and that there won’t be any backtalk when people stop buying the shit because they are justifiably concerned for their safety.

Jeff Miller, Brooklyn, New York, August 15, 2020

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