A Balanced Appreciation for Reputable Psychics

This morning, I wrote the following to a friend who is a very good psychic and is considering doing some gifting:

****, I forgot to mention that my main effort is to inspire and encourage people to focus on the distribution of simple orgonite in a systematic, observant way. The smoke from the [Santa Ana wind, LA] fires in November behaved naturally, for instance [didn’t spread out, as before], because people (mainly Don Bradley) had busted all the thousands of death towers in the LA Basin, five and six years previously. Putting a bit of orgonite near a death-energy transmittter turns the tower itself into a life force generator, so the net positive energy concentration in an area like LA, that has thousands of these new towers, is much better than if the death towers had never been deployed…

Even in the chat sessions, when we work as a group at fixing pirated, distant vortices we watch for people who can go put orgonite in those locations because any other approach is likely to be just a temporary fix. Staying mostly clear of proprietary tactics ensures that more and more ordinary folks will get into the actt and achieve their own astonishing, empoweringg results. If we didn’t do things this way then our numbers would have remained small and probably ineffective.

Also, high psychism is not necessarily appropriate for everyone, any more than being a violin virtuoso is or a skiled physician is. I think we can take it for granted that anyone can and shold comprehend and follow his heart promptings, which many people confuse with higgh psychism but I reard as simply part of common discernment. Occasional flashes of psi insight shouldn’t be confused withh ‘on-call’ telepapthic skills, for instance.

Everyone who is open to his/her intuitive promptings eventually finds his/her own level of psi functioning. People who have a lot of capacity will end up doiing more with this than people who have less capaciity for it will. Also, people with more capacity are generally more interested in psychism. I think that the more we can avoid conformity and get clear of peer pressure, the faster we’ll each develop. I don’t use the word, ‘spiritual,’ a whole lot because it’s become a red herring; can mean opposite things according to one or another popular ideology, so the word itself has become kind of confusing.

The undertone of sayinig, ‘Everyone can be a psychic,’ has always seemed a little disengenuous to me, also sometimes a cop out for psychics who are not comfortable with their own abilitiies. There’s often an implication that having this gift implies superiority, too, which might be tghe source of a nice psychic’s inner turmoil.

There are ‘spiritual’ people who are psychic, of course, but most psychic people don’t have charracter integrity, like most of the rest of humanity don’t have or want it. To say that someone with no consciience can be regarded as ‘spiritual’; really lowers the bar [Image Can Not Be Found] . If being psychic makes a peson ‘spiritual,’ then why do most of the skilled psychics work for the $#!+bird agencies, for instance? I’ve known psychics who call themselves, ‘spiritual,’ on the basis of their psi ability but it’s clear that these folks don’t want to develop their characters, so it’s all for show and misleading to some, unfortunately.

This has been very tough to convey to most psychics–I think they hear what I’m saying as gibberish. Maybe we’re not at the stage of social development at which psychism can be regarded in the same ligght as other natal gifts. When I was a kid in the 50s psychics were stil regarded with fear, and suspicion, like witches used to be. Maybe we’re currently experiencing a swing of the pendulum to the other extreme: adulation and awe? Bornagain chumps are perpetually stuck in the ‘fear and suspicion’ mode, of course. LaRouche said that they traded eterminty for a bad infinity [Image Can Not Be Found]


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