A Candidate to End Australia's Artificial Drought?

Hi Don,

Sorry, I haven’t had a chance to reply…have been busy gifting….I have
done all the major HAAAP arrays in the mountain regions near home (Brisbane)
as well as the TV Towers, there are 4 large ones, and three medium size
towers, this has taken awhile. We have had rain this week for 2 days…not
full on…. but rain at least…this is after I did the TV Towers. I will
get to the coastal HAARP, any suggestions on how to go about this…as there
must be dozens of them. Is a Map easier.?

Also a question for Carol, whilst I was on the phone yesterday with my
sister, I was talking about the changes in Health……(I am a Natropath).
eg. Vacinations, the system, and how it is run…and all of a sudden I got a
deep sharp pain from my back area raidiating towards my heart, it was so
painful that I dropped the phone and couldn’t speak or move the pain just
stayed from the back to the front area around my heart …It felt like
something similar to getting pierced through the back with a knife and it
going to my heart….it was very painful…I just clutched the Harmonic
Protector that Carol has sent recently, and held it and the pain finally
went. I quickly ended the phone call and felt very extremely tired after. I
am still tired today, and wondered what that was, as I have never
experienced anything like that before!!!

Could I have been attacked through the phone? Is this possible? and if so
…how do I protect myself? I really could not endure another attack like
Any suggestions or ideas on what happened?
Always so many questions…sorry….

Thanks very much for that report, Doc! Congrats for getting the attack, too–it means, to me, that you’re now considered a threat to teh world odor. They only do that to a few people.

Congrats, too, for the confirming rainfall. All TV and radio transmitters are HAARP, now, as you apparently know.

You can learn to easily protect yourself by getting some online coaching from our associate, Laura Weise, though donebydooney.com . YOu should know, though, that the only effective way to protect ourselves from attacks like that one is by fighting back, which is a public service, after all.

The Harmonic Protector protects one from ambient unbalancing energy but nothing shields a person from a concerted assault by the world odor’s psychic predators, of which there are probably untold thousands.

We’ve suspected for years that whoever will gift Australia’s coastal HAARP arrays will end the continent-wide drought, just as Georg and Trevor ended the drought across most of Southern AFrica by gifting the Indian Ocean coastal arrays.

I doubt there’s an easier way of doing that than just covering the distance and disabling all the towers one sees along the way. It would be easiest to do it from an airplane or boat, of course, though some of the arrays might be too far inland to get with a boat and the sea gets pretty rough in your area. Georg and Trevor did it with a car.

I hope you’ll stay in touch and if you ever feel overwhelmed, we’ll help you in a group chat session. I have never heard from anyone, before, in Australia who has committed to do that much gifting, which isn’t to say that there aren’t people doing it, of course. The drought is testimonial enough, though, that nobody has yet done the coastal arrays and it would be a real honor for you to get that done.


I forgot to mention that it’s also prudent to chase away any non-local, unmarked vans, trucks or RVs parked within a half kilometer or so of one’s home or work place, since these are likely to be used for electronic or even scalar attacks on the gifter, also used to disrupt one’s internet access.

When things were at a really rough point for Carol and I, a couple of years ago, the feds had parked a very big, dilapidated recreational vehicle a few blocks from where we were staying and since it was becoming nearly impossible for us to get online with our wireless access, we rode our bicycles over to that RV and dropped a couple of towerbusters under it. As we passed, a couple of feds came out the door and said, ‘There she is,’ loud enough for Carol to hear Cool --nice confirmation. The NSA freaks are the bolder (even funny, sometimes) ones, by the way. CIA are more furtive/neurotic and FBI all act like dirty, arrogant cops. I think most of the Homeland Security freaks speak only Russian, though nobody sees them, much. Pay attention to your own treasonous stalkers, okay? Take their pictures and post them anywhere on the web if you want some good, clean fun.

After that, we could get online and stay online without a lot of effort.

People who are energy sensitive are more susceptible to both kinds of assaults, unfortunately. Those of us who are thicker-skinned might not even notice any but the most determined assaults, though when we were in Florida and had first started gifting the sea, Chinese military psychics, working through the NSA, apparently, used to cause me quite a bit of pain. Fortunately, Doc von Peters’ ProVitalizerPlus, which we’d just traded 50 Terminator zappers for, quickly erased the pain and apparently closed the holes in my etheric field that allowed these parasites to get into me in the first place.

Some folks tend to glamorize the world odor’s ability to harm us but, short of just shooting us they can’t do anything except exploit existing weaknesses and poison us. Zappers take care of the poison, mostly, and it’s good to know what our weaknesses are so we can correct them.

By the time we left Florida those kind of attacks had become barely noticeable.


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