A Couple More Cloudbusters

Some time ago, I became aware that Edostar (Dan) has some roots in the UK. When I found this out, I made an offer to give him a Cloudbuster should he be able to house it.

A couple of weekends ago (several months late I’m sorry to say, due to prior gifting commitments), the Cloudbuster was built, along with another with a new gifter called Gary who is from the South of Wales (and John who actually did most of the work Embarassed). We spent a nice saturday at John’s, then the next day I returned to pick up the two cloudbusters and drop Gary’s into him, as it was not far out of my way on my route back from Johns to Bournemouth.

The Cloudbuster I am happy to say, has heightened the positive envelope above the bournemouth area. The region already has several cloudbusters, and, has been gifted fairly comprehensively, so it is quite usual to see spew walls on the horizon but nice skies and a fresh energetic ambience here (also it feels to me that the orgonite/orgone somehow makes it a ‘cooler hot’ and a ‘warmer cold’ if that makes sense at all, not in literal temperature, but in feeling during hot and cold weather). But the new one I feel has just rounded off the area very nicely, although there are still small pockets I want to gift when the time and opportunity presents itself.

Gary is also very happy with his cloudbuster, and, the immediate results he noticed, of a lightening of the atmosphere and a shackled chemtrail program. He is also gifting his area, so I hope we will hear more from him soon (I know he has some grand plans).

Thanks to Dan for providing the location, and, Gary for buying some Orgonite from me which payed for the Cloudbuster, cheers guys.