A couple of targets for Sunday's chat

Dr Rebecca Conley came under the gun when she spoke out about the vaccination agenda not long ago. She was dragged into court and her only child was taken away, along with her MD/surgeon license. Her defense lawyer was hit by the IRS on account of his helping her in court. Maybe this sort of world-odor assault is the only way to determine if a lawyer is really helping someone Cool instead of selling them out.

This Doc only uses natural remedies, by the way, which is a rarity in that profession and demonstrates teh depth of her commmitment to genuine healing.

A friend of hers, Meria, who has a media show in Arizona that deals with conspiracy information, had been having severee headaches continuously for a long time (big surprise, eh?). I sent her a zapper and some ChemBuster, in case they were caused by parasites and/or old chemtrail-induced chronic sickness but it didn’t take the headaches away.

I told her that I’d ask the group to work on her situation if the Harmonic Protector, which I mailed to her next, failed to stop the headaches. The HP instantly stopped the pain, which clearly indicates that teh pain was a result of constant assault by CIA or other sewer rats’ electronic weaponry. She told me that there’s a constant burning sensation present, though not painful, and Carol says that’s evidence that the attacks are scalar.

Scalar weaponry assaults are reserved for the most hated enemies of trhe world odor, so I congratulated Meria and suggested that she get some coaching from donebydooney.com, also to chase away any extraneous vans parked in her neighborhood and to disable all the death towers that she lives within range of. I don’t know if she’ll follow thru but she invited Carol and I to be guests on her show. We usually find quite a few new gifters with interviews like that. More info will follow with her case. I told her that if we did some group work to get rid of her assailants, she wouldn’t have experienced the difference between that and simply putting on a protective pendant. Also, the Fatherland Security terrorists would simply have waited a little bit, then some newer, fresher ones would have started hammering her harder than ever with scalar weaponry. We don’t aim for respite; we want to stop these criminals altogether, of course.

We’ve been in touch and I promised that we’d see what we can do to help Dr Carley get her child back from the court rats.

If it’s possible for us to turn this horror around, we’ll certainly do so. We have a good track record, helping persecuted healers to prevail in the face of the world odor’s courts and other freak shows. The latest one is Atle in Norway, of course.

The other target is the ‘predicted’ massive earthquake off California’s coast for May 19. Of course, when institutionalized ‘scientists’ make this sort of prediction, it’s more like an announcement by the world odor of their intention to detonate another of their massive H-bombs in a fault zone. Otherwise, institutional scientists can’t actually predict a thing, of course.
Maybe we’ll have a little fun with this one. Thanks for letting me know about the official prediction, Mary Anne!


There may be another target worth looking into. In the southern part of Chile (Patagonia) in an area called “Aisen” there has been incesant sismic activity for the past few months. A few weeks ago there was a poweful quake 7. somthing , with tsunami and rock slides included. The people there are very scared as there are medium sized quakes almost daily. The “scientists” say that there is probably a volcano that is being “born” there and something major is about to happen. At the same time the government is urging the people to stay put, and avoiding an evacuation. The people there had been warning about an impending disaster for months before the big quake, with no reaction whatsoever from the autorities. About 10 people died in this sparsley populated area. So when the president of our country went there in the aftermath for a photo-op, she was almost spat-upon and was yelled at to “go home” by most of the town, including the mayor, made for some interesting T.V.

great opportunity to make those ‘scientists’ make look silly, scanning and boosting the seabed already


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