A Curious New Development---related to the new info?

Today, I went through my email spam bin, like I do every week, and found ten legitimate emails: 8 were business-related and four of those were from potential zapper distributors in Europe and N America [Image Can Not Be Found];

I normally get about three emails per week out of my spam bin and those are usually from my fellow warriors.

I’m thinking that today’s catch in my spam bin might be a positive confirmation for the new level of effectiveness in the chats that we’re experiencing.

A more uplifting positive confirmation, of course, is that more and more of the chatters are noticing a new influx of vital energy during the sessions, themselves. Dooney and Carol are doing their best to express this new information in their posts but it might take some time to get it done adequately, so please be patient. Meahwhile, we’ll continue to use and discuss it in the chats and elsewhere in order to get a better understanding and keep it in perspective.

One nice thing about the chats is that they can’t be considered elitist or exclusive–or at least it’s been that way until now. The reason for this is that the vast majority of gifters don’t want the trouble from the various corporate world odor sewer rat agencies (CIA, NSA, FBI, MI5/6, Jesuits, Mossadomites, KGB, Chinese military) that this level of activity invites. How cool is that? [Image Can Not Be Found];

Back to the creepier confirmation bin: In the previous few days I’ve heard from a lot of people who mentioned some of our old detractors as sources of information, products and even inspiration to them. It’s been a long time since I’ve even seen or heard some of these names, so I take this to mean that the recent realizations have really shaken the ‘orgonite tree.’ As always, I simply asked these folks to rely less on personalities for confirmations/information and more on their own intuitive hunches and simple discernment.

When I hear from folks who waste time on titillating disinfo sites I also ask them to consider putting that time and energy into positive, productive activity instead–specifically: making orgonite and gifting.

It will be interesting to see how long this trend lasts. People are generally more inclined to listen to reason, now, than before so I think the hypnotic hold of parasitic (read: charismatic) personalities and poisonous websites is declining.

Here’s a thought: some folks say that it’s okay to take the good parts of a compromised ideology and leave the rest but I suggest that the brilliant minds behind every artificial ideology, from religious fundamentalism to the newage movement, were clever enough to make their poison stick on anyone who will inadvertently use that ideology’s proprietary terms or phrases.

By the reasoning of these well-meaning enquirers, one could ‘take the good bits from MEIN KAMPF and just leave the rest.’ See how it works? If you analyze the destructive influence of ideologies like Christian/Muslim/Jewish fundamentalism and Theosophy you might also get the impression that these are no more desirable or exemplary than Hitler’s sponsors’ infantile musings are.

What we’re all doing probably requires new terminology, in fact, and when we use the older verbage it tends to draw attention to the outdated ideology that the terms came from rather than to this new, empowering work we’re all doing.

Early on, I tried my best to inject humor into this by calling the conical orgonite device a ‘holy handgrenade’ and I tried to direct attention to our illustrious forebear, Dr Reich, by calling another invention ‘orgonite cloudbuster.’

Another inaccurate, slightly offensive term I’ve been seeing, again, in the past few days, by the way, is ‘Chembuster,’ which was erroneously applied to orgonite cloudbusters These simple devices do a whole lot more than just neutralize chemtrails, of course, and I hope that the term, ‘orgonite cloudbuster’ will be used long, long after the corporate world odor and their multi-trillion-dollar excrement in the sky are just historical footnotes.

Really, if you (reader) were to open up your own forum with the intention of keeping it focused on substance rather than on popular fantasies and their underlying mind control paradigms, you would perhaps be overwhelmed by newagers who casually use mind control terms, like ‘shaman’ has certainly become, to destroy the ambience and quality of your forum effort. It’s always done casually, in a way that you might feel like a jerk for calling attention to. Well, I don’t feel like a jerk any more by calling attention to this curious dodge. [Image Can Not Be Found];

I do insist that anyone who posts on my board must at least try to avoid using formulaic terminology to express him/herself. This is one reason, I’m sure, why only a few people bother to post at all. It’s so much easier to use popular terminology, however inadequate and misleading that is to many other people (the ones who aren’t indoctrinated the same way you might be) under the circumstances.

I’m very pleased and grateful that contributors to EW generally honor my wishes this way. You may notice that I have no trouble expressing myself without using polluted terms, by the way. I think it’s a reasonable standard and promotes intellectual honesty, in addition to not providing newager, would-be parasites to gain a foothold in this effort through infiltration. You might have noticed that they help each other accomplish this on open forums, by the way. That’s not accidental, either, and the odor of judgement rolls off them, even as they use terms like ‘spirituality,’ ‘unconditional love,’ and even 'Christ consciousness. I think that peer review is their standard, not heart-based discernment.

Peer review is kind of insidious. It’s kept otherwise legitimate sciences, including archaeology, geology, meteorology and astrophysics from amounting to anything more than posturing and hot air, for instance.

It rather pains me to decline membership requests from applicants (on account of their commitment to proselytising one or another poisonous ideology) who have done a lot of incredibly good gifting work but in the past few years the pressure to stick to ‘integrity issues’ has gotten pretty intense, at least here. Intellectual honesty and clarity wasn’t a popular issue when this work was being represented by open forums so I made a lot of enemies, mostly among the more aggressive newagers, including more than a few moles. It was even kind of fun to avoid the constant traps that moles and their homily-parroting sycophants ( I referred to them as the ‘Greek Chorus’ because their rote, saccharine recitations followed, on cue, the more clever character assaults by the moles) continuously laid for a few of us. Good training, I guess, for anyone who wants to separate the wheat from the chaff in a consultation environment.

I mention it because any applicant who seems aggressively inclined to throw newage terms at me is likely to be on the same track as the moles and their Greek chorus and I wish to keep that influence out of my forum.

You might disagree, but I feel that the perception of our more substantive, mature and balanced readers is more important than our own expressed intentions are. We ought to play to that perception by not triggering unwelcome responses from them through our lazy reliance on old Theosophy-based terminology.

I’m tired of letting these parasitic, cynical folks ‘own’ metaphysics by default, aren’t you? It would be very unwelcome to me, at least, if there were a lot of posts with the standard mind control trigger words in them because the more rational among our readers would naturally assume that we’re irrational, which would be tragic if our goal is to continue to represent the best of the unorganized gifting movement… In other words, this isn’t a place for anyone to showcase ‘stream of consciousness’ mumbojumbo, share ‘channeling,’ or post popular disinfo sites’ URLs.

Rationality is seen as a bad thing by people who have bought into any of the artificial ideologies, including the newage movement and clergy-poisoned, restrictive religious belief systems. I hope we can continue to attempt to demonstrate that rationality is the main part of intellectual integrity, rather.

If I were to just take the stand against polluted terminology without also asking people to simply use their own words, then you could fairly say that I was acting (reacting?) out of prejudice or self interest but note that I"m not promoting any particular ideology, here, and I’ve been driving this point home from the beginning without causing the movement to get sidetracked or to even slow down. What do you reckon would have happened to this movement by now if I’d opened Etheric Warriors’ doors to self-seeking proselytes?

If I were really a curmudgeon, as some folks say, then who would take this forum seriously? Who would be posting except sycophants? I didn’t invite any sycophants to post here, by the way, which is why you don’t see much of that [Image Can Not Be Found];

I can’t begin to express how subtle and insidious the programming connected to (especially) the newage movement’s inane Theosophical terminology is among Western people but I will try to expose it, at least, so that perhaps a few people who have something worthwhile to say will continue to do so simply, effectively, and from the heart instead of being lumped in with these fantasy-driven flakes and their relentless ‘human saccharine wave’ strategy in open forums.

Until very recently, anyone who criticised the newage movement was successfully (effortlesslym, even) painted as a paraiah by ‘the faithful,’ which is a flattering term for ‘brain police.’ This has changed, thankfully.

Euphoria and charisma, as I’ve mentioned perhaps more times than you have been comfortable reading, are primary weapons in mind control strategies.

These aren’t intrinsically bad, any more than ‘technology’ is, of course. When we experience periodic initiations by the grace of The Operators, we feel euphoric and we sense a sort of charisma radiating from our guides and helpers, whose influence we mainly feel and know individually in our hearts. I feel charisma from dolphins and whales, for instance, and who wouldn’t feel euphoric when close to them physically? Maybe a big, important part of discernment is learning to recognize when charisma and euphoria are being used to promote an unsavory agenda. We fall for that crap with our brains, genitals and egos, not our hearts.

I think we’ve progressed a long way since the 1930s, by the way, when Stalin, Tojo, Churchill, Roosevelt and Hitler were able to turn entire nations into enthusiastic weapons of destruction and oppression. I think it’s wonderful that this is no longer possible on our lovely planet. Maybe you haven’t thought of this but there are other dramatic signs of progress, too. Guess who is vested in not discussing these signs of progress.

Heck, the criminal corporate regime in Washington, DC, even failed to nuke Persia for the past three years because American Pajama People simply can’t be induced to hate Persians enough, for instance. Remember how easy it was for Roosevelt to scam Americans into hating all Japanese after he enticed the Japanese fleet to bomb a few obsolete ships in Hawaii? Pretty soon I’m going to share some poetry from old Persia to demonstrate conclusively that genuine spirituality is a lot more interesting, enlivening, enriching, heartfelt and inspiring than the fake Western kind (Theosophy–yuk) is. I need to find that book of poems that my old friend, Kathy, in St Louis, gave me on our way to the West Coast in June, 01. She’s the one, by the way, who first noticed that a cloudbuster breaks up chemtrails. Hers was the second orgonite cloudbuster built, by the way.

I understand and sympathize that when new information comes to light it sometimes challenges our personal belief paradigms, of course, but I appeal to you to stay loose and to be less concerned with how you viewed reality than with the way reality is now unfolding for you, which is obviously a lot better than your older version. The old, baggage-burdened terms, phrases and formulae simply can’t do justice to the newer understandings, don’t you agree? We’re kind of being induced to have more faith now. Genuine faith; not the rote recitation of questionable beliefs. Have you noticed that shallow belief systems, like the newage movement and fundamentalism, require constant repetition to hold onto? This is because programmers have always known that if most people can be induced to repeat mistruths enough times they’ll eventually believe them without question. Aren’t you better than that?

Maybe you haven’t noticed, yet, that the people who chatter the most about spirituality have no genuine faith at all; they’re often just pitiful control freaks, terrified of new energy/information.

By now, I’m assuming that anyone, other than the brain police, who sees the 1980s film of Shirley MacLaine posturing on a beach, squeaking ‘I am GOD! I am GOD! I am GOD!’ may have a hard time suppressing a laugh. I hope you’ll consider that it sounds a lot like ‘Sieg, HEIL! Sieg, HEIL! Sieg, HEIL!’ Am I being ‘anti-spiritual?’ If you think I am, maybe you’re not seeing beyond your own cherished, ego-based assumptions.

The fake kind of spirituality always appeals to the ego, which is more subtle than any of us can fathom. The curious way that newagers and religious fundamentalists just won’t strive to find deeper meanings may indicate that the ego is essentially lazy, too. The human soul is infinitely more vast and subtle than the ego but all of us have been programmed to nurture our egos rather than our souls, I think. People who are attracted to the fake kind of spirituality drop words like ‘spiritual,’ ‘love,’ and ‘past lives’ incessantly, apparently as an effort to impress other ‘faithful’ that he/she is leadership material. Another effect is that it tends to disarm would-be critics.

When I first started participating in forums (it felt appropriate when the orgonite info started to spread, six+ years ago) I was amazed by the way new members who were newage proselytes would ‘carpet bomb’ the forum with these terms in their first posts. If it only happened a few times I probably wouldn’t have paid much attention but it happened over and over. It became clear, pretty soon, that this was a technique for establishing a pecking order among the ‘faithful,’ who outnumbered everyone else in those early days, of course. The most aggressive character assaults came from the most skilled users of newage terminology, of course, and every participant on those boards who actually had something valuable to say was browbeaten by the newagers into silence.

Another problem connected to dropping these terms in EW posts is that there are enough people who are still programmed this way who will respond (in kind and enthusiastically) in the threads that it becomes a distraction; a discouragement rather than inspiration. If you’re energy sensitive, gauge the energy dynamic that happens everytime a self-promoting, proselytising newager or fundamentalist weighs into a conversation with some choice words and phrases. Instructive?

Even ‘Akashic Records’ is probably a limiting term that kills intellectual curiosity, even if it might have historic value. According to Theosophy, this is a hyperdimensional place with impressive buildings where initiates can gain access to information. Most psychics are Theosophy-trained/influenced, so being human they never question this imagery or terminology. We’ve probably all read enough accounts of genuine mystics being able to access collective our species’ collective memory and awareness to assume that this is real.

I think the real test for any skilled psychic is to go beyond suggested Theosophical imagery and get a broader, cleaner view. My wife apparently has the easy ability to look into that collective information/experience and, to help her manage the process during a psychic reading, she conveniently visualizes a person’s life as a drawer full of file folders. A psychic who loves computers might visualize it as a hard drive (that one probably uses a nice, clean Apple computer and not one that’s full of ‘bill’ gates ).

When Carol saw the ‘God’ character in the movie, BRUCE ALMIGHTY, pull a 30-yard long file drawer out of an ordinary file cabinet (Bruce’s ‘life’ up to that moment) she was pretty tickled. Artificial ideologies like Theosophy and fundamenatlist Christianity influence their devotees to pay more attention to teh terms than to the concepts. This is why they’re mind control triggers; they discourage, by cynical design, rational enquiry. It may be that the borrowed terms were not mind control triggers in their historical contexts, of course.

Anything at all can become a buzzword; a distraction. Look at how grievously clergy and other cynical folks have misused the words, ‘Jesus Christ,’ for instance, though anyone can see that there’s still a lot of power and life in those words, of course. Even if you use compromised terminology but are still able to think straight and do good work, the problem for you in posting on this board, perhaps, is that your (our) readers won’t likely have a clue what you’re talking about if you toss these words into posts because those are buzzwords to him or her. I hope to eventually convince you that the onus is not on me, in this case, for insisting on some intellectual honesty but that you’re simply being challenged to learn to communicate effectively. Getting mad at me won’t help you accomplish that challenging task, of course.

Have you ever noticed that fundamentalists generally hate newagers and newagers generally hate fundamentalists? Do you think this happened by accident? Have you noticed, yet, that the mindset of both groups is identically oppressive and ego-based? How would it be if we on EW were able to find a way to talk to even these very prejudiced people without lighting their fuses? If you’ve gifted your neighborhood you probably noticed that teh PJ folks have lightened up and aren’t such intellectual [email protected]$$es any more. The reason they lightened up is that, in most cases, they don’t haved any ideological axes to grind. Gifters who are attached to outdated adn discredited ideologies, though, just aren’t turning their axes loose. Which do you think is actually better off: the happy PJ person or the anxious, aggressive newager or fundamentalist?

What I’m suggesting in this potentially painful post is that you can create the same wonderful effect with your words if you communicate from the heart rather than from the brain/ego-centered paradigm of expression you might have picked up in school, university, church, costly weekend workshops in Taos or Macchu Picchu, a honeypot or Bible Camp.

If you’ll break away from all that programming, which isn’t that hard to do if one is patient, observant and not inclined to take himself too seriously, your life will be a lot more fun and interesting and you won’t feel compelled any more to make everyone believe the way you do, either.

I hope someone will translate this for the German board, which has a lot of fire and some deeply committed folks but is still saddled with a few clever and resourceful naysayers, backbiters and doubtmongers. If this isn’t a good time to hold sleepless troublemakers accountable, when do you reckon a good time will be? I bet you’d expeditiously change a flattened tire, for instance. Timing is everything? It took me 22 years to recognize that marriage to a vindictive woman was not constructive for me for the long term and I only learned that after I got cuckolded and then robbed by a black-robed bandit in the criminal agency that calls itself the court system, so I won’t presume to say what the appropriate timing for the resolution of anyone else’s unhappy situation is, of course.

If you, reader, don’t like this subject, you probably also won’t like it when I express some thoughts I’ve been having about the practical distinction between high psychism and genuine spirituality.
I’ll definitely seek some help and defense from old-time Persians for this task. See how far removed I am from the popular (parasitic) paradigm of ‘leader?’ A few readers enjoy thought-provoking, even challenging stuff like this but most people don’t enjoy it. If I were seeking leadership I’d pander to the majority, rather, and open the EW floodgates to the tiring saccharine tsunami.


Great stuff Don! your insistence on having posters avoid the use of mind-wash mumbo-jumbo is exactly what initially attracted me to this website, and away from the “spiritual pool of drool” that surrounds many other forums that attempt to address the nature of reality.

Words are definitely a double-edged sword in this regard, and should be treated with caution. Their obviously an essential tool to the progressive realization of what’s going on here, but, from my own experience, have a lot to answer for with regards to how this pickle came about in the first place!

As you say, our thoughts can easily be infiltrated by the senseless, rambling mass of key-phrases that have no actual grounding in anything substantial potentially leading us down the garden path.

It’s pretty obvious that who and what each of us are is heavily influenced by the thoughts we have and the words we use – such that I would say (no pun intended) that in order to make good, clean progress one has to carefully consider what they are actually thinking and saying as much of the time as they possibly can seems simple enough in theory…


When we first run into orgonite we stumbled upon three orgonite forums, one of them being Etheric Warriors. We became members of the other two, since one didn’t require an invitation, and the other was desperate for new members, so we began to post and report our first gifting adventures and realizations. Soon, we started noticing a few things that bothered us. The most obvious was the disinfo. I will not give names, simply because I don’t think its necessary and because bad advertisement is advertisement after all. Anyway, the disinfo is counterproductive because it leads you to focus your energy on the superficial matters of gifting, as well as deviating your energy into making fancier or more complicated orgonite, making you to produce less and get stuck on irrelevant technical matters.

I remember I spent a whole week trying to figure out the right mix to add charged water into my orgonite, because I had read that orgonite gets saturated after a while and that you could avoid this by adding water! I was not only frustrated but also discouraged because I thought that my previous gifting efforts would not be as effective and my future gifting would be much harder. Now I understand that this is not the case, orgonite does not get saturated, at least so far, about eight years from the first gifting efforts done by the Crofts so far so good, eight years already assured. Also new age buzz words and also some fundamentalist christian stuff were omnipresent throught these sites, especially one of them.

Also an interesting dynamic in these forums is that the substative posts were ignored mostly while the obvious disinfo was applauded by a multitude of disinfo guys, which included the admins of these forums. Also the members of these forums seemed to constantly want the “aproval” of the forum admins.
Another example I remember is a guy who says rose quartz is not a crystal, limiting the use of this crystal and planting (irrational) doubts in new gifters.
We soon became involved in unproductive arguing, trying to rectify irresponsible and damaging posts. This activity consumed part of our energy that we could be destining to gifting.

I got closer to one of the admins of the forums and exchanged a lot of mail with that person. Soon I began to feel uncomfortable with some of that person’s remarks, inflated attitudes and instructions (not advise).

Parallel to all this, Ale and I also exchanged email with Don. This was a different thing. We got constructive and practical advise, as well as useful comments on our gifting efforts. All the conversations were rational and made a lot of sense. We were talking to a person just like us who knew more because he had started doing what we were starting to do, eight years earlier. He did not presume or had a master-like approach.
Then we understood that we were wasting our time with the other forums, and decided to gather back our spread energy, and focus it all in one crucial, huge and simple effort: gifting.

We asked to be signed off one of the forums, we were banned. Then, I cut the connection with the admin of the forum. Lamentably we had ordered a couple of items from that person and they arrived a few days after we decided to cut off contact, when I opened the package I got a severe back pain that threw me in bed for about 5 days without being able to move. See how its not recommendable to decide what to leave out and what to take in regarding disinfo sites? Yes this is an extreme example, but very illustrative.

It does not surprise that I came to trust this forum and its integrants in such a short time and with great conviction. I feel I can truly trust many etheric warriors and that I have true friends, even though I haven’t met them in person yet (certainly in my near future plans) [Image Can Not Be Found]
Now we have places to crash all over the world, jejejee.

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Thanks for the vote of confidence, Kris. It takes me forever to write and edit a post like that one because I constantly consider whether I’m hurting anyone’s feelings, which I desperately want not to do.

This isn’t a popular subject and some folks’ noses are a little out of joint right now. I’m trying my best not to single anyone out, by the way, and as you say we all really ought to take care about our public utterances.

The trick may be to encourage free expression and spontaneity while appealing to intellectual honesty, of course. My wife and I have had some big discussions about whether it’s necessary to express a truth in new ways or in the handy old terminology because I think it’s particularly challenging for psychics to do that. She’s been very gracious about trying to follow my suggestion, though, and I appreciate it a lot.

Here’s an example of picking the easier way: she recently took a look at an energy sensitive friend and observed,‘You ought to be proud of your gift!’ The fellow, who is phenomenally skilled and accomplished in energy work, was scandalized by her comment because when she said, ‘proud,’ he heard ‘arrogant.’ Of course we should all be reasonably proud of our abilities and accomplishments–it’s healthy and enables us to receive others’ compliments. That’s what she was trying to express. I should mention that telepaths are doubly challenged to see the importance of choosing words carefully [Image Can Not Be Found]; The experience left Carol kind of frustrated for a bit but she’ll probably try again the next time we see the guy. It was a good discussion.

I’ve known right along that I couldn’t have done this work on my own. That’s why the fed agencies have tried so hard and so often over the past five years to murder her and, failing that, to destroy our marriage. We love each other more all the time and I think the feds have just unwittingly helped that along [Image Can Not Be Found]

I hope to establish the fact that we can honor our incredible psychic cohorts’ essential contributions to this vital movement without assigning unreasonable characteristics to them, by the way, like saintliness, authority, infallibility, omniscience, etc. No kidding, some folks can’t wait to put psychics on a Popish pedestal and that’s a disservice to teh psychics.

Mindless adulation of psychics is the other end of the pendulum swing from reviling and fearing psychics, though, so maybe we just need to wait it out and trust that pretty soon the reputable psychics will be honored for their experience, accomplishments and gifts no more or less than a classical musician, real scientist, philanthropist or sculptor are. Hatred of psychics was characteristic of the fascism that existed in Europe and America in the middle of the previous century, of course, and also inspired the Vatican and mason sponsored witch pogroms earlier. By the way, the world odor has always relied on psychics secretly; the CIA wasn’t the first stinkbug agency to breed, train and employ them, of course; they simply made it a wholesale deal after WWII. The commie/nazi period after teh war was to have been the ‘final lap’ of the sewer rats’ ancient race toward the genocide and enslavement of our species, after all–it was supposed to have been a done deal before the year 2000, according to their own published plans. I guess their psychics couldn’t predict orgonite, though [Image Can Not Be Found];

since the late 80s, when Shirley MacLaine informed us that she’s God (hey, God really is a female? ), a lot of psychics died kind of suddenly, usually of fast cancer. These were apparently the experienced ones who got tired of working for the CIA or refused to do so. Most of the surviving psychics in the West work for the sewer rat agencies these days and most of those are self-righteous newagers, too, who won’t consider whether their elitist psi skill and training ought to be distinguished from genuine spirituality, which is a matter of the heart’s condition, not the mind’s. If you want to meet some of these, go to any newage book store and see who’s sitting around the cracker barrel–I guarantee that at least half of them are feds–those are the arrogant ones who make you feel like washing your hands.

I also want to assure the other EW members that I’m not hunting for users of the dead paradigm’s control terminology. I’ve asked people to be aware of it, that’s all, and I wanted to at least express a personal stand for the record. I think it’s pretty liberating to find new ways of expression. Poets use imagery, for instance.

The emerging info the psychics are uncovering is pretty amazing. They might feel a little constrained to share it all as soon as possible but, really, I think it will just unfold naturally in the form of opportunities and maybe some verbal promptings from The Operators.

Carol feels anxious that sharing the information ‘in the raw’ may be potentially harmful because some folks might misuse it. I suggested to her that, so far, nothing we’ve gotten has been potentially harmful to anyone except overt murderers but it’s not up to me to determine if this is still the case.

The way the Prophets share information is to just state it plainly, of course. For anyone who’s not spiritually mature enough to understand any of it, that bit just sounds like gibberish to them, after all. It’s a pretty cool system.

After I met James Hughes, (one of my teachers) briefly in the spring of 98 he handed me some explanatory material he’d written. It looked like gibberish to me but, a little later–after a healing session (an initiation from The Operators, through him) on his table–it all made perfect sense to me.

I think we’re all going to be amazed at how well we’re able to assimilate and apply more and more new (to general humanity) information/energy.


7 december 2007

(Quote) “Carol feels anxious that sharing the information ‘in the raw’ may be potentially harmful because some folks might misuse it. I suggested to her that, so far, nothing we’ve gotten has been potentially harmful to anyone except overt murderers but it’s not up to me to determine if this is still the case.”

I think there’s potential harm in letting go of old paradigms. Especially the views by which we measure what life is all about or what we are about.

I remember I was shaken to the bone when I first saw Steven Greer’s “Disclosure project” video. Literally couldn’t stop the shaking in my body. Now, you might criticize me for measuring up a disinfo site at the time. But you can’t reason away my physical reaction to the new realization that aliens might exist after all. It was the shaking that convinced me, really.

When I attended to Dooney’s chat, I was in for a new shift of views. Until then, I was convinced thoughts were private and everything I felt never crossed the border of my skin. Except for an experience or two with telepathy, but only with people I had known all my life and bonded with.
I never expected to repetitively feel pressure on my chest, whenever our boosting involved supposed occult attackers. Or feel (I thought alleged) chakra’s spin when I got a boost. Or simultaneously mentioning the same thoughts with people overseas I had never met before. Could it be I literally picked up other people’s energies? If so, how was I to evaluate my self-awareness from here on?

The newest etheric developments concern the psychics entering other dimensions consciously or connecting with a guardian entity. Their whereabouts can be felt, teached and shared energetically by the lots of us, just imagining along with them. So much for complicated spiritual initiations, religious education or years of meditative training, huh? Or – in my (Northern European) case – so much for the good old paradigm of cultural embedded Christian suffering. How much happiness can I take?

It doesn’t surprise me the topic of worn-out paradigms and finding new terms comes up now. Convictions are shaken to the bone by the ease of these new experiences of what we might be about. Since this in an international board, we might find ourselves confused over deep embedded cultural paradigms, we never noticed were dividing us. It might feel alienating. I know I feel resistance in me to follow this too-good-to-be-true discoveries. Don picked a good time to discipline our choice of words and remind us to be open-minded, if we still want our curiosity to overcome our anxiety.


Thanks, Don, for finding such clear words to describe that dilemma. I am indeed struggling with that kind of subtle drift in my forum http://www.cb-forum.com all the time. The beeswax-fraction is never far off and so are the proponents of a lot of mystical or otherwise new-age laden additives to pure orgonite.
I have taken a slightly different approach to it so far and wonder if that can be successful or not.
My first aim is to get as many as possible people involved in active gifting. Somewhat inevitably a lot of those who stumble over the theme of orgonite have gone through a series of discoveries and wake-ups before. This will very, very often involve a deep detour through the newage fog.
For some time I have deleted a lot of stuff when it had this newage odour on it and often the posters with it.
That has earned me the reputation of being a brutal dictator and supressor in some circles and that’s probably another mind control trigger, but one that hurts in my case.
So, at the moment I try to rather use these kind of misleading contributions coming from that edge, to create an awareness of how it all works. After all, the stuff is out there and we all have to learn how to deal with it and how to discern the fake from the substantial stuff.
I wonder what would happen to http://www.cb-forum.com, if as an experiment, I would let everyone sign up as a member with full posting rights and did not intervene at all, except for stating my opinion.
Maybe it’s worth exploring as an experiment, maybe with an invited forum running in parallel.

Partner, I think you can still buy CDs of STuart Jackson’s transcripts for his old cloud-buster.com forum (deceased on April Fool Day, 2004), which was my main training ground for dealing with backstabbers, sycophants, pot-fogged gurus, legends-in-their-own-minds and the entire panoply of other Monarch assets who plague all English-language internet forums right now except Etheric Warriors and maybe one or two others [Image Can Not Be Found]; . I suggest it because you can read blow by blow accounts of how the clever poisonmongers tried their best to disembowel me for an entire year. Maybe you’d get some pointers there, assuming my posts weren’t all deleted, of course. If memory serves, you came in toward the end of my participation, there.

In those days, I had the attitude that if I kept repeating and demonstrating simple truths, enough self-starters would get the point and start also posting substantively but, in fact, the only time a positive trend started was when STuart reluctantly agreed to boot the worst of the troublemakers, on DB’s and my explicit recommendations.

In a short time (each time), all the troublemakers and more were back again, of course, and I was eventually censured by Stuart (that was fun, especially because John Kilroy weighed in on my side) and actually had to go to another forum, as you know. It wasn’t until I assumed a more decisive role, a year after leaving that forum, by hosting my own forum, that the constant din of dissent, distraction and slander finally went away. In the middle of my time on cloud-busters.com the widely-syndicated Jeff Rense Radio Program and his website fielded several aggressive assaults on orgonite cloudbusters, insisting that we were all harming the atmosphere. After a couiple of months, perhaps becuase it was clear that the number of cloudbusters suddenly increased dramatically, Jeff Rense and his associates stopped mentioning orgonite cloudbusters abruptly and all the references were taken off his site.

I liked Dr James DeMeo’s public assaults (here and especially throughout Germany) better: he said, alternately, that we were all delusional about orgonite’s abilities and that we were doing harm to the atmosphere. If I’m not mistaken, those two statements cancel each other out. His approach was apparently responsible for the sudden appearance of orgonite cloudbusters in Germany, around the same time that you came onto the scene in Africa.

My first forum experience was the Yahoo cloudbuster forum, which started in the summer of 2001 and where I was an administrator with full dictatorial authority. I say it because it sounds cute–really, Yahoo forums was a CIA surveillance asset and whenever I booted anyone (only happened occasionally) that one always showed up on the memberlist again the next day, though he usually remained fairly quiet after that, strange to tell. A form of peer pressure?

After about a year, I was booted by the unseen Yahoo hand the day after I posted the original instructions for disabling the then-new death towers. A couple of months later, Carol and I had developed the Three-Ounce Towerbuster and I spent a month in the field, without any psychic help, deploying and testing them on hundreds of death towers in ‘virgin’ territory. By the way, that bag of little amethyst chips you sent me three years ago is sill a quarter full after making thousands and thousands of towerbusters with them, thanks!

As soon as I was banned from participating on all Yahoo boards STuart volunteered to set up a cloudbuster forum and to feature me. The Yahoo forum had actually been pretty nice because, I assume, the CIA needed more time to line up and train some specific saboteurs to work together to infiltrate and eviscerate this new movement. Parasites are as parasites do, by the way.

In that year, thousands of orgonite cloudbusters had been made and deployed around the world and the chemtrail threat was disabled by the middle of 2002. Most of those cloudbuster makers never posted on my forum, of course, and a lot of them probably didn’t even read English. I’ve come to believe that when any threat is presented, there are always enough resourceful people to counter it if they act decisively and do a little networking, too.

I got broadsided and sucker punched by a bunch of able saboteurs and character assassins almost from the first day of posting on Stuart’s board and they spent the next year refining their techniques but, of course, so did I [Image Can Not Be Found]; . Toward the end I was feeling like Captain Teflon and I rather enjoyed their collective wrath and frustration under the circumstances but my participation, there, wasn’t doing much good, otherwise, and nobody had the courage to post substantive material any more, so I left.

That year taught me, though, that compromise isn’t an option with predators because they are fully committed to doing harm and are organized. Good people always want to ‘compromise’ with unreliable and predatory people and to forgive, forget, hug and even nurture predators but that just encourages the latter, of course. Most good people will NOT understand that loving someone unselfishly isn’t the same thing as pulling one’s own pants down and bending over for them. The shocker is that so many good people will take the side of predators if the latter are clever enough to paint a substantive person as a sociopath, usually through a masochistic lapwing strategy, Political Correctness programming and/or cleverly injected newage sewage. Avoiding their baited hooks is an artform. I know a lot of good gifters who walk into a room full of these hungry freaks with their mouths wide open and eyes shut, by the way.

This relates to the simple observation that nice people are usually not very smart and smart people are usually not very nice. No amount of ‘unselfish love’ is going to alter that equation, unfortunately. The few who are both smart and nice are obliged to find or invent ways to work productively around this reality obstacle and that usually requires some hard, alone decisions.

It’s during the times when I have nothing but my instincts to guide me that I usually make my best decisions, strange to tell. Considering the fact that our higher instincts are based in the heart, though, it’s not surprising, especially since the sewer rats run an army of saboteurs on the internet who are past masters at manipulating the minds of good activists and the hearts of the passive Pajama People majority, whom the not-too-smart, good people oddly assume are somehow standing in judgement of us all and are the final arbiters of fairness and truth. What would ‘They’ (Pajama Court) say if you were to just delete all of your troublemakers, for instance.

I suggest that all of the intrepid, inscrutable ‘They’ ought to be invited outside, too, if they’re not adding anything worthwhile to your effort.

There are probably a dozen people who post regularly on my board, though the memberlist is around 70 or so. Sometimes I feel a little sheepish because when the new topics and replies on the left scroll down, I see ‘Don Croft, Don Croft, Don Croft, Don Croft,’ but I know that I only post a couple times a week, even if I do step into several threads at the same time when I do.

Maybe you could take a more positive approach and 'invite the genuine contributors to Keep Posting while you quietly and politely delete the rest from your memberlist. YOu might be afraid that someone will then loftily accuse you of being a sociopath and martinet but I predict that you’d mainly get expressions of gratitude and praise for such a brave, decisive act. Your character assassins would then have to content themselves with grousing among themselves if you take away their pulpits that way. They know, better than you do, that they’ve been your guests all along, not freeloading, unwashed, drunken blood relatives.

Here’s a funny but consistent distinction I learned from repeated experience: when you boot a genuine saboteur he squeals like a stuck pig to everyone in earshot and calls you every horrible name in the book; when you mistakenly boot a substantive person, that one expresses some regret and perhaps hurt feelings but says, ‘It’s okay, I understand if you think I shouldn’t post there! I’ll keep gifting, anyway.’ When you apologize and invite him back, he’s grateful and forgives you.

I’ve courteously removed a few people because their posts were always negative or lacked substance and they expressed no desire to change that when I discussed it with them. In most cases they’re terrific gifters and I even post some of their reports, which pleases them.

By the way, if you kept that ‘Open Letter to Don Croft’ that a clever, charismatic detractor on your forum (whom I’d never been in touch with personally) dramatically posted on your board last summer, I’d love to read it and write an ‘open letter’ response to all his charges and accusations for posterity. I think someone told me that he posted it in English, too, and was fluent in all of the languages on the planet or something. Probably a ‘shaman,’ too.

Its’ fun to ‘answer back;’ sort of like dancing in a minefield or flying in fog, but sometimes it’s prudent to wait a bit. At the time, EW had been under concerted attack from outside and inside and the site itself was destroyed by CIA hackers a few days later. It took a skilled programmer, Eduardo, in Chile about a month to get it back in shape again—better than ever, in fact! I was busier than a one-armed paper hanger, then.

I’ve come to the conclusion, the hard way of course, that relationships only work when there’s a two-way energy exchange. You have a cordial relationship with the entity known as your forum but you’re certainly not married to it, nor did you father all its members so maybe the questions are as simple as this: Should I keep it going the way it is? Should I dispassionately extract the cancerous element? Should I just open the floodgates to new poisonmongers? Should I expire from all that expended energy and let the internet parasites who won the day feast on my rotting corpse? [Image Can Not Be Found]

I constantly tell people that they should only do this work as long as it’s fun and is worth it. In a healthy marriage, we’re constrained to be exceptionally loving, tolerant, forgiving, detached and understanding. Sometimes it’s kind of painful but mostly we enjoy each other and I think marriage is a wonderful institution on account of all that. This forum work isn’t marriage; it’s not even an organization–it’s more like real estate or a laboratory. All of humanity are our bosom family but it’s not suitable for all humanity to have posting priveleges, of course, any more than it’s appropriate for a blind man to be a chauffeur. Due to the ever-expanding information base that our forums represent we have to be progressively more accountable for sticking to integrity. There’s no way to escape that process except to leave the field, which none of us seem to want to do. The new leadership paradigm is all about example and nothing to do with personal followings, fortunately. I really hated the old leadership paradigm because it favored politicians and other predators.

My main focus is the quality of the postings because I want our readers to be inspired, instructed, given hope and encouragement, entertained, distracted from troubles and otherwise to have a nice time on our website. There’s no ideology behind my effort and I don’t have an axe to grind, other than to insist on as much intellectual honesty as possible from our contributors.

Maybe you have other aims and why not? Enough contributors around the world have agreed to my explicit but fair standards that this has become a lively, productive forum and I’m sure you can get the same results in your own distinctive way. I know that a lot of people enjoy reading the postings on your board, by the way. Enough of the readers apparently filter out the naysayers and poisonmongers that its’ worth their while to visit there regularly. The more decisively you can remove the troublemakers, though, the more of your forum members who have something worthwhile to report will start talking, finally. Fear of censure by clever poisonmongers is genuinely daunting, by the way, and it’s up to the forum host to make a safe environment for healthy consultation. I bet you won’t get the saboteurs to agree to be silent.


Just in illustration to Javi’s comments above; here’s the link to the Rose Quartz thread that she mentioned.

I’m not re-opening the debate; all my TBs are made with Rose Quartz, after all.


Don, I’ve actually been through the whole of Stuart’s forum, joined the effort at the end of the yahoo forum. So, I know what you’re talking about. I’m just sometimes tired of allegations that we cannot stand criticism and delete stuff instead. That’s presently the line of attack and it’s a bit tiring.
So I wonder, if letting them all in and letting them post whatever they like but then shine a strong torchlight into their faces when they do their spin stuff, wouldn’t be more effective.
I do not suggest this for etheric Warriors, but for the German Board, which has a history of being a moderated open board with a membership of some 900 people, it might be an approach. In a way similar to the early phase of Stuart’s board. After all, we don’t have to fear any argument or discussion about what we’re doing.
Sometimes I think, a lot of people will understand the difference between “fake and true spirituality” better when it’s demonstrated and explained based on real examples.
After all, my memories of the Stuart board are not all bad, there was clearly a lot going on, if I remember the hype over “medicine wheel water” etc, but I think it was always clear where the substance was and it motivated a lot of people to become gifters. A lot of innovations were first introduced on that board: The power wand, the earth pipe, the SP-crystal, even the Chatblast, if I’m not mistaken. Maybe one should have more trust in thruth’s ability to prevail even in a melee of disinfo and hidden agenda’s. After all, how did we all find our way here through all the fog?
I’m bringing up these questions because I’m not sure which way is the best to go.

Oops, I missed that debate, Dan. I hope it got resolved in a constructive way and didn’t lead to confusion and feelings of exclusivity. I only mention the ‘bare bones’ facts from time to time so that nobody will feel that gifting is arcane or should only be attempted by prima donas.

Georg, good luck shining that spotlight in an unregulated environment. If it turns out that the forum will be taking more and more of your time and energy without improving in quality at least it will be an educational experience. I wasted time for a year on Warrior Matrix until I figured out that it was a black hole and then politely exited. A couple of spinoff sites from that one are still going and are less onerous, I gather.

I actually have a lot of faith in people but it’s tempered with a practical approach to committed troublemakers, which are always a minority. It may be that most good people just won’t spend much effort on recognizing the clever machinations of a coordinated group of troublemakers on a board like yours. The troublemakers know very well how to punch the right buttons and pull the right strings to cause good but lazy folks to look at us with jaundiced eyes, after all, and if we use the same tactics, we look even worse than the troublemakers do. While you’re not responsible for their lack of discernment in the Good Lazy people (majority?) on your forum you’re still responsible for keeping the board content on track and improving the quality. Ultimately, it’s not up to us whether we succeed or not; it’s up to our readers, most of whom won’t care to post on boards but many of whom are phenomenally good gifters and even predator blasters.

I failed to influence the majority of the members of Stuart’s board to disengage from the fakers and $#!+slingers, which is why I left there and eventually opted for a small number of exemplary contributors, instead. Ifg I’d stuck around my reputation would have been damaged because when enough $#!t gets slung at a person over time, some of it will eventually stick. There’s no washing it off, either.

It’s an uneven playing field because they can throw $#!+ at you but you can’t toss it back. I hold the GoodPeople accountable for that because they’re more inclined to judge you than to judge the saboteurs. They’re programmed that way and wishful thinking won’t change the programming. If you shine a spotlight on their programming they’re going to hate you for it, by the way.

I guess that watching what happened to me on Stuart’s board isn’t the same as experiencing what happened to me, though, and now you’re getting the experience, at least.

Open boards in this movement are generally spinning their wheels due to the influence of very clever, determined professionals. The original Yahoo forum is still running, as far as I know, but it’s serving a good purpose: a showcase for a crowd of discredited fakers. Etheric Warriors is not in trouble at the moment and I get nothing but positive feedback in email from our readers. I would like to answer that ‘Open Letter to Don Croft,’ though, if you still have it. I bet that’s a synopsis of every form of character assault that you’re experiencing now, so when I answer it maybe it will help you, too, as well as provide some good clean fun for me. Some guy posted that in June as his dramatic swan song while resigning from your forum. Somehow he got into my forum during ‘the recent troubles’ and started posting slanderous $#!+. I simply deleted his posts as soon as I found out about him and managed to also remove him from the memberlist and I was too busy, then, to answer back.


The response to Georg’s comments is a pretty good lead-in for a subject that relates to the heading of this part of the forum, which is General Psychic Intel.

The reason we’re calling it ‘intel’ is because it’s just information without any ideological baggage or mind control trigger words/phrases.

Yup, that implies discernment is a key to winnowing genuine intel from the fake kind.

I’m going to try to use the film, ZEITGEIST, as a sort of background for highlighting clever disinformation that is made to pass for intel.

Someone kindly sent me this link a couple of days ago: http://www.zeitgeistmovie.com/

I started watching it, then listening to it (was in the middle of email but the sountrack played in the background) and after about fifteen minutes I wondered why the subject matter, which was the exposure of the official lies around the demolition of the World Trade Center and Pentagon and the subsequent swan dive of our alleged federal government into overt fascism, hadn’t been mentioned. There was an intriguing presentation about the non-Christian origin of most of Christianity’s ideology, all of which I’d read before so it wasn’t completely rivetting. I assumed that this would somehow be tied into the subject of the film.

The next day, on account of a lot of hacker trouble while trying to download the film, I looked for it on other sites and found this one: http://www.zeitgeistsociety.org/?gclid= … awodBSXQ7g

That site is for recruiting. There’s allegedly an organization set up, inspired by this film to ‘oppose the world order.’

The latter version is an hour and a half long and the former, which has the lecture about the utter repugnance of God, Christ and Christianity, is almost two hours and the ideology segment doesn’t seem to relate to the subject of the film, unless I’m missing something. Icke swears that he has proof that Jesus and Moses were reptiles but I haven’t seen that proof, either, though I’ve repeatedly watched all the Icke videos that people have mailed to me over the years. I enjoy them, actually.

I don’t know who made the film or whether the person/people who composed and added the clever diatribe against monotheism were connected to the first effort but I do know that whenever substantive offerings show up on the internet, in books or in the market the CIA and other parasitic agencies will spend a lot of effort to discredit or even take credit for it all. This is an old ploy, of course, and was first described in THE PRINCE, by Machiavelli–I consider that a handbook for bipedal parasites and maybe they do, too.

A good example of that in the market is the way Dennis Lee, in the late 1990s, stole one of Wilhelm Muller’s (demonstration model) magnet-powered engines in Washington State, slightly sabotaged it, took it on the road to show thousands of people, then collected millions of dollars on the promise that contributors would get their motors as soon as he figured out the ‘final glitch.’ Nobody heard from him after around the year 2000 and nobody got a refund but in 2003 the CIA murdered the real inventor. I always wondered about Lee but didn’t realize what a rat he is until I talked to Bill Muller’s daughter, Carmen, the day after he was killed. Look at the ‘push/pull’ effect of that CIA strategy: Dennis Lee effectively discredited a legitimate invention by association and then the inventor was murdered. Bill never liked publicity, by the way.

Ted Gunderson is another tragic example, I think. I might be sticking my neck out by sharing this but Ted has contacted us a few times for help when the CIA was gunning for him and Carol and I worked with him to get those gangsters off his back. He also followed her suggestion and moved out of the condo complex for retired law enforcement people in Vegas which was riddled with assassins. He uses a Succor Punch and can do a lot of what we do in the chats, by the way.

About four years ago he came out with some stuff that didn’t ring true with us, though it was harmless disinfo, regarding the alleged role of Arabs in the demolition of the WTC. He apparently received this from a CIA guy named Riconosciutto, who was in prison, at least during the time Ted visited him. Carol got the sense that Ted knew this wasn’t right but she also got the sense that the CIA had successfully extorted him into saying these things publicly. Of course the only Arabs involved with teh destruction of the World Trade Center were on the CIA payroll and have probably never set foot in a mosque. For the straight poop on 9/11 I recommend seeing ZEITGEIST. Scroll past the atheist diatribe if you want to.

This period was exactly when some typically deranged but well-aimed Monarch assets filed a lawsuit against Ted, charging him with stuff that we know he hadn’t done. See how the CIA works? Like any other parasite, they won’t go at their targets directly; they weaken the environment and support around their targets, then they move in with the poison. Right now, his reputation is just about destroyed by the incessant, frenetic bleating of litigious Monarch freaks, who probably don’t even know him personally, and also by Art Bell but Carol and I are sure that Ted is genuine and that his research into government pedophelia and the related CIA-sponsored satanic networks will remain solid.

Three years ago Carol and I were in the middle of an FBI operation to destroy our marriage and/or kill us with beryllium dust through the heating ducts. We were sitting ducks in MOscow, Idaho but we stayed proactive, at least [Image Can Not Be Found];

Since we moved back to Idaho they’ve only tried to kill us a few half-hearted times–came close a year ago but that was obviously a cleverly coordinated CIA exercise involving a lot of people and timing; FBI are blunt instruments, not tacticians or strategists.

Question: Why do all FBI agents have low foreheads and hunched shoulders?

Answer: Because when you ask them a question, they shrug their shoulders and when you tell them the answer, they slap their foreheads.

Aristotle allegedly carried a lit lantern around in the daytime because he was ‘looking for an honest man.’ I had been looking for honest psychics for several years after my introduction to metaphysics and in the beginning I was kind of discouraged because nearly all of them were so steeped in Theosophy that I could only ask them things that didn’t directly threaten their belief paradigm. There wasn’t much to talk about, in other words, even though I could appreciate that they genuinely had the gift in most cases.

It’s axiomatic that when one steps onto the path of search one gets guidance and that it increases as long as we stayon the path. My brief marriage to X2, who was psychic, had a healing gift and was a self-styled con artist (read: Monarch honeypot, assigned to stop me from eventually doing what I’m doing), at least taught me that I needed to associate with psychics in order to continue my education. After I got cuckolded and left New Hampshire I soon met Carol and became acquainted with her superior ability and personal integrity. It was refreshing, too, that she didn’t babble newage sewage, as every other psychic I’d met had done.

I only visited Carol twice, for readings, until three years later when I moved to my brother’s place in nearby Santa, Idaho (Carol lived in St Maries, 20 miles from there, and was my sister-in-law, Melody’s, friend) to get the engine in the Zapporium replaced.

In the interim I mostly lived in Ashland, Oregon, where I got to know two psychics, whom I adopted as teachers: Dorothy West, the old Druid witch and Indian Elder, and James Hughes, a renowned energy worker, educator, and healer who learned everything he knew in an instant in 1980 or so when he was struck by etheric lightning.

Both of them had personal integrity but distinctively different (but complemetary, I felt) approaches to psychism and spirituality. They didn’t have much interest in meeting each other, even though Ashland is a pretty small town, but after Dorothy told me some stories about her networking aroudn the world it didn’t feel like an issue to me any more.

Both were incredibly skilled in their own ways and I loved being around them, talking with them and observing them. What drew me to them, mainly, though, was their heart qualities. Here were a couple of very good, very smart and effective people and they were enriching my life and apparently getting me ready for this enterprise, though neither are particularly interested in participating.

James is apparently psychicly and cordially linked to Lemurian and perhaps Atlantean sources and Dorothy, thirty years or so ago, actually spent much of a day with a group of Lemurians on Mt Shasta, which isn’t far from Ashland.

Another fellow who got ‘initiated’ around the same time as James and was given the same information/energy is a guy named Alper but the two went different directions. James and the other fellow were specifically shown that they mustn’t form an organization around this new information and James stuck to that principle but the other fellow started a church (no kidding). James led a wonderful life after that and the other guy is holed up in Switzerland with a little cult following, having ‘lost his @$$ets’ in America and fled. He’s probably miserable. James told me that he told him so.

I encountered my first CIA-programmed/aimed Monarch mole when I was James’ student, by the way. The brilliant young man insinuated himself into my personal life after I paid him to set up my first zapper website in late 1997. A year later, he gratuitously hacked the site–destroyed it. By then I’d found a new webmaster who immediately set up a more secure site for me. I didn’t need to rely on that MKid pothead any more and things have only gotten better since then. After that, I’ve been reluctant to let potheads get close to me. My jaw dropped when I figured out that this MKid led two lives: a helpful, rational friend when he was sober and a resourceful, focused saboteur when he was stoned, which was part of each day. When you’ve run across enough of these MKids you begin to see a clear pattern/profile. Most of them are drug addicts, by the way.

I’m not going to recommend the atheist version of ZEITGEIST to any of my Christian or Jewish friends because most of them haven’t read enough about the roots of their religions to put the presentation in perspective. They probably can’t or won’t seprate the dross of artificial ideologies from the actual Message. The guy(s) who composed that atheist diatribe sure did their homework, though, and they only made a few dishonest assumptions along the way.

See how the same organizations used that grotesque slasher movie, THE LAST TEMPTATION OF CHRIST, to reinforce the neo-pagan programming of Christians and to further polarize them from more rational people?

I think Muslims can handle it because they never bought into the regurgitated (recycled?) patriarchic paganism that characterizes so much of Jewish and Christian ideology. The Qur’an is more pragmatic; the direct words of a Prophet rather than Divine teachings that had been filtered through generations of parasitic clergy. The narrator apparently presents the case that we ought to adopt the old Egyptian belief system, instead. If you meet this guy he’s not going to like it if you pick that notion apart rationally, of course.

Being psychic doesn’t guarantee discernment, by the way, though psychism is a powerful tool for examining reality. Most of the psychics I ever met viscerally resent the concept of an omnipotent God and they even think or even claim that they’re God, themselves, so being psychic also doesn’t guarantee intelligence, rationality or integrity. I don’t personally think that God needs to be defended, nor even that believing in God is an essential part of spiritual progress but I do think that hating God is self-destructive and leads to personal misery, which the hater will try his best to share with everyone else. It’s a form of proselytizing. When you watch the first half hour of the film you might notice that the narrator is in balls-to-the-wall ‘preacher’ mode, kind of like one of those fire and brimstone Southern preachers, intent on the audience’s collective jugular.

Have you ever known anyone who has genuine faith? If you’ve gotten to know people who have faith but profess different religions you’ve noticed that their main focus is the quality of their lives and a desire to serve others. They might believe in their respective ideologies but they seem to evince a single faith. This is apparently designed into all of the legitimate religions and even spills over into some of the orbitting cults.

Here’s another axiom, like ‘most smart people are not nice and most nice people are not smart:’ Most religious people don’t have faith and most faithful people aren’t particularly religious.

James told me categorically that right now the earth’s magnetic field is quite weak and when the earth’s magnetic field is weak, human institutions fall apart; when it’s strong, human institutions are strong. It was strong two thousand years ago because 2,000 years is half of the cycle.

The artificial ideologies which clergy and others have applied to religions like a stranglehold are disintegrating right now in the face of rising awareness. Nobody’s rebelling, per se (though some have told me that I’m revolting, at least); we’re just growing tired of things that are restrictive and misleading–why spend energy on that stuff any more, now that life is getting more interesting and we’re starting to experience real empowerment and responsibility?

It may be that Theosophy, which is a luciferic paradigm, was the very last gasp of the world odor. I say ‘luciferic,’ not because I think a devil is behind it but because arrogance in the face of our Creator can be characterized that way kind of economically. Whenever you come across someone who seems vested in obliterating the concept of personal faith you can bet that the root of his/her programming is Theosophy.

The Theosophy Society set up the Lucifer Trust in the late 1930s to publish all of the United Nations’ official literature. In 1947 enough people became aware of this odd setup that they surreptitiously changed the name to Lucis Trust. If they’re that fond of Lucifer I’m sure they won’t object to my characterization.

I had a new thought when I watched that narrator attempt to destroy religion in one swoop: Did the world odor set up the trappings around Judaism and Christianity in order to throw a sucker punch at all those religionists Right Now? The timing of this movie’s diatribe is interesting: the movie, THE DA VINCI CODE, came out last year and it was a softer sell than this film, a more tentative probe into the hearts and minds of unwitting religionists? If you know anything about the Priory of Sion you understand that the movie’s version is not the real one. Also, ‘Sauniere’ in real life was the French priest who stumbled onto or was directed to find the apparent proof that Mary Magdalene was married to Jesus and brought their child(ren) to Southern France at the behest of Jesus’ maternal uncle, Joseph of Aramathea. The claim in the movie that Mary Magdalene was equal in station to Jesus is another dig, by the way, and if anyone were to call that into question he (I?) would look like a jerk. If Mary M were a teacher and exemplar of Jesus’ stature there would probably be a legacy about her but maybe that will all come to light when the den of politicians, preachers, pedophiles and pimps that calls itself The Vatican is finally forced to turn the information and evidence loose [Image Can Not Be Found]; .

The ZEITGEIST non-sequitur-preface narrator claims that Jesus never even existed and that all the contemporary historians who mentioned him are liars or misinterpreted. I like Icke’s claim better–more interesting. Both of them are more interesting than that boring book, THE PASSOVER PLOT, which alleged that Jesus never existed but was just too dry and convoluted to hold anyone’s curiosity. I remember when wannabee scholars (pre-hippy days, so it was just raw, materialistic atheism then) used to wave that book around like the brownshirts waved MEIN KAMPF, though. At least the atheist (Isis cult devotee?) who narrated the alleged preface to ZEITGEIST is pointing to a less noxious belief paradigm.

If you read the Rennes le-Chateaux (the village where Fr Sauniere apparently found the evidence) related literature, though, or even read or watch THE DA VINCI CODE, you might see that not only was Jesus a historical figure but that His influence prevailed along some very interesting avenues in spite of the efforts of the cleverest, richest, most organized and most heartless of detractors’ (including the Roman Catholic Church, of course) efforts to subvert, misdirect or destroy that influence. Only the intellectually lazy will blame God or Jesus for the massive crimes that were committed in His name. Do you think it’s ironic that most of the ‘saints’ in that church had been murdered by order of various popes, by the way? What message does that send to little kids?

If you’re a devout Christain or Jew, consider that these guys are probably doing you a favor if they can induce you to dig deeper and find the divinity; the creative impulse that’s still in your own sacred texts. Maybe that unpleasant pressure to get better at discernment is kind of like how the new death tower forests and chemtrails have induced a lot of otherwise disinterested people to recognize that there actually is a world odor intent on destroying us.

I predict that this sucker punch that got stuck into the ZEITGEIST movie will backfire on whatever agency did that. I"m assuming it’s a disinfo ploy simply because it fits the profile so perfectly. Meanwhile, the more factual subject matter of the film (the 9/11 material) is really worth studying!

Maybe I’m giving some folks the impression that I get too exercised over stuff like the above but I’m hoping, at least, that I can convince others to take these intellectual/spiritual assaults head-on, then move past them. These movie presentations (the ZEITGEIST prologue, LAST TEMPTATION OF CHRIST, DA VINCI CODE, etc.) are designed to stop or divert your curiosity and momentum, of course.


Thx for the memory jog, by the way Georg. In fact you’re one of the few who are still around from the earliest forum and when you got to work you went full bore and are still going like that [Image Can Not Be Found]; You’ve accomplished such a prodigious amount of good and varied work over such a huge area and under sometimes harrowing conditions that I’ll be surprised if anyone ever catches up with you.

I don’t know if running a forum is a suitable job for anyone in particular but I do know that, at least when the subject matter relates to taking down the world odor, it’s bound to be a pretty severe challenge to pull it off and requires a steady hand at the helm.

I think popularity contests have been relegated to the dead paradigm by now but the sure way to remain viable in this network is to constantly strive for personal integrity, however that manifests in the moment. Substantive people resonate very well and deeply to that but they’re ambivalent about popularity dramas. Substantive people will always be the small minority in any demographic but these are the ones who make the positive changes in the world, of course, so I play to them instead of to the wayward ‘good’ people who are hasty to judge us based on political correctness and whatever other artificial ideology is fashionable at the time.


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