A Free Energy Story, Etc., from Bruce in Toronto

Hello Don

Thanks for the reply. I believe it when you say there are scores of energy devices ready to go. There are some in Ontario as well. Knowing about the black sand is great. Thanks for mentioning that. I have a close friend who worked for an inventor in British Columbia, sometime around the late 70’s early 80’s. He was the travelling sales man for the inventors’ product called “Heat Eaterâ€?. That was a mixture of select sands, minerals, and stuff that the inventor dug from around western Canada. My friend sold it to bodyshops. When spread on both sides of a weld it prevented the heat from travelling so you could grasp it inches from the join. You could also weld aluminum very easily. A piece on the hand would block a propane torch.When sales slowed down they discovered the clients were scraping the heat-eater back in the can and re-using it. So they put it in caulking tubes. Today there is something similar called “Aerogel.â€?

My friend told me this Inventor, who by the way was Russian, had a car that he drove with what he called an “External combustion engineâ€?. He never would tell how it worked.He would say, “it’s all in the magnets.â€?The fellow died with all his secrets. He knew they would rip it off. In fact my friend told me about meetings with industry reps they were both at where you could see the manuevering and tricky con games industry was pulling. The inventor walked out

It’s interesting that when yakking about this stuff in public people beside us have cocked one ear over. They are interested alright. The time for acceptance is nigh.

Here’s a link for Kosol Ouch explaining how to build his tortion field crystal generator, which looks a lot like an orgone accumulater with coils. Very interesting but his mind seems distracted. Anyho… I watched both videos and he may have something, except he is claiming to be most high. LOL


I noticed you can’t get a report from S. Baron. I live just north of Toronto and can see huge changes since 2004 (when I noticed the smog abateing before learning about orgonite). If you’d like I’ll send you an Ontario report with what I and my gifting buds have done. For pics since 2007 I have hundreds on Flickr. Look for the set “sky thingsâ€?.

https://www.flickr.com/photos/2……76255@N03/ The picture icon is my english grandfather just before shipping to France for WW1. I’m found in the set “Band Book”.

Enough for now. One thing though, about the unmarked airplanes. Someone I worked for recently told me that they don’t have to mark under the wing any more. Its on the side of fuselage for new planes. What do you think. You will be up there shortly. Is this bull to stop the questioning?

May you and yours be happy and safe.



Thanks a lot for all that, Bruce! Our readers would probably be very happy to know some of the gifting history and get photo evidence of what’s been accomplished in Toronto, which was one of the most polluted cities on the continent before 2004.

I’m intrigued by the accountt of the Russian inventor. His heat absorbing material reminds me of how Wilhelm Muller was using rolls of metalic iron/silicon foil. It seems like these two men’s research was kind of closely related. I wouldn’t be surprised if they knew each other. Muller told me that the successful free energy device inventors like to network.

You’re absolutely right that everyone seems willing to consider having free energy. I don’t think the What To Think Network, academia, churchianity and psychiatry ever considered making up fear-based programming against that subject, in their arrogance, so they’re going to be bliindided when the CIA and MI6 finally lose the initiative of extorting and murdering these inventors and their mostly inexpensive, practical power devices will flood the market withh the internet’s help. Bearden will be runningg along behind, warning everyone that it’s all fake but ever since Louis Onder gifted that guy’s ritzy estate he’s lost his obfuscator momentum, I noticed with pleasure. He (Agent Bearden, not Louis [Image Can Not Be Found] ) used to damn our work with faint praise.

Kosol Ouch claiming divinity reminds me of several other successful inventors who seem to confuse inspiration with some sign of innate superiority. Muller was the opposite; quite humble and the way he sreened people was to ask them, ‘Do you believe in God?’ I took a potential investor to see him who was a mason and the guy practically talked a hole thru his hat, trying to fake having faith [Image Can Not Be Found] . Bill Muller was one of the happiest people I’ve ever known, even though he spent most of his youth in a nazi concentration camp, where he lost all his family.

I spent a wonderful week with Steve Baron in Toronto, five years ago and we’d be in touch more often except that he hates to type and my partial deafness makes telephone talking something like punishment [Image Can Not Be Found] Also, hackers almost always interfere with our email correspondence. He’s a perpetual powerhouse–a historical figure, so some good reports will be valuable for the record as well as for our readers’ edification. I’d love to hear what you’ve been up to, also.

It’s the nature of this grassroot movement that networking is almost never more than a casual activity because we’re all mainly self-reliant. This keeps it fun for everyone, I think. The arschmarden agencies probably think they’re hurting us by hacking specific people’s email but every time they do that, we can count a little more coup on them by posting about it. I remember when they used to edit some of our emails enroute in order to confuse people and make them suspicious. It didn’t take a lot of posting about it to stop that sleazy activity, evidently.