A Gifter's Dream Trip

louis onder
06 Jun 2008 03:23
Subject: A Gifter’s Dream Trip
A Gifter’s Dream Trip

Historic Outbreak of Tornadoes Feared
Posted: 2008-06-05 23:30:26
Filed Under: Nation News, Natural Disaster
WICHITA, Kan. (June 5) – Tornadoes dropped onto the Great Plains on Thursday after forecasters had warned of a potentially historic outbreak, causing some damage and spooking a pair of circus elephants in Kansas that escaped their enclosure.

A Whirlwind
I found this article here:

Below I have a photo just taken form the intellicast weather website:

If I could make 1 wish, I would like to make a trip in reference to the radar map above and gift 3 parallel lines running from the extreme southern to the extreme northern United States. The first line would start deep in Texas and would travel north along the most convenient highways making the line relatively straight all the way to upper North Dakota… I would try to stick to dropping 1 tower buster every 1/4 to ½ of a mile plus knock out every HAARP antenna I see along the way. The second line would start deep in Louisiana similar to the first line and run all the way to the upper part of Minnesota. The third line would be similar to the first 2 and start deep in Mississippi and extend north all the way to the upper most part of Michigan. I believe I could maximize the efficiency with approximately 2000 towerbusters by gifting the first and third lines before the middle line (to insure continuity in case I ran out of orgonite before I finished). I look at this as a sort of crash and burn way to eliminate the threat of these man-made disasters these areas have been getting hit with this year. Even a mere 200 to 500 towerbusters distributed near the center of the U.S. would have a miraculous effect on this country.

My sights would also be on gifting these 2 types of beasts during this journey.

Beast number 1

Beast number 2

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