A Gifting Visit to Disney Hell, etc. ;-)

hey… I hope it’s ok for me to shoot you this story I know how busy you guys are …
there was a pretty big barrier there that was null after I did the first tower
bust and now it’s easier to plan bigger things-- I gave my sister your new book
for christmas~and got to review a bit of it … the doctor’s wake up juice? how
intriguing … sooo>>> christmas night after I gave my lil sis her presents I
told her there was one more thing we gotta do before going back… I still had the
5 free celltower busters andy included in my order (2 hhg’s one of which is
underneath the castle at the orlando disney themepark…and I don’t think that’s
enough …the other we put under mums bed and she found it and refuses to admit she
threw it away …and a succor punch which was found by some disney staff member
during experimentation and I lost it.) ~ this little towerbuster was the only one
of the 5 that had loose medal at the tip top if the paper would have been taken off
the medals would have just scattered on the ground (so I hope that doesn’t mean I
gotta gift the tower again ?_) so I told her we had somethin I had to show her and
it was 10pm and we pull behind the big shopping center where it’s a bad bad area
with a city bus stop and homeless bum camps and all the whole shibang .I had to
wait on the bus there to transfer a few times and I reemmber getting a headache for
the first time since I was like 10 and also the feeling of misery and survival-mode
around there and the people there were just like they crawled out of a sewer or
something … so sis was gona park at the bank and I told her hell no so (in
perfect timing which I can only attribute to some kinda upstairs
intervention…kinda like you repeat over and over in your tales) we pull into the
bak of a krystal parking lot…and I get out and walk all the way in the dark darK
to this tower surrounded by woods and basicallly nothing …a well known crime area.
I bury it with my bare hands just outside the gated area prolly 25 feet at the most
from the tower … we go back to the car and leave… and a cop is now behind us as
we pull out of the parking lot. It’s a shame I lost my sP and didn’t have a pw in
the car…I feel like that would have helped immensely. I told her that those guys
are lower level and don’t know about this stuff and if anyone saw what we had done
the cop woulda been replaced by an agent . so he pulls us over and gets sis out of
the car and plays mind games with her askin her questions like 'either you think im
an idiot or your just carelessly lying" somethin like that their usual training
…then he comes up to the passenger door like hi and im like hi and he’s like blah
blah and im like ya we stopped off cus I have hypoglycemia and I was shaking and I
had to take a protien bar so he’s like can I see the wrapper so I looked for it and
unknowingly picked up a pile of stuff looking for it .including a screwdriver so he
goes why don’t you put the sCrEwDriVeR down b4 I take out my gun and shoot you …
I seriously thought that was sooo rude and cold blooded… so I found it and (turns
out he didn’t see ANYTHING …he just thought we were up to some ordinary crime like
burglary or buyin drugs) he’s like do you have any weapons im like um no and then
I started going OFF on all the hormonal chemistry problems I have and stuff he’s
never heard of .that works really well ive found and they always wihtout exception
back off-- so he’s askin me the same things to see if our stories match…thank god
I told her before he came up what the story was gonna be (the hypoglycemia thing)
… my sister was SOOOOO scared and was shaking …she said that I handled it
flawless and talked to him like I was talking to her instead of talking to him like
he’s a cop.and that let his guard down~~ I been wonderin all this time if there
were forces intervening for us since we were doing (lower level at least) divine
work.??? ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ [Don here:] Thanks for the report–much appreciated. Orlando’s a place that needs a whole lot of work. I think the towers along the highways are done, at least, and several folks have dropped stuff in and around Disney Hell but I don’t know if Jeff has got around to earth piping the perimeter. It’s probably a huge MonarchHive (CIA ad nauseum) under there. It’s pretty bizarre that a ‘Disney staff’ member would take your Succor Punch, so I’m assuming that one was a fed. It’s likely that the feds sent those cops to interfere with you. They probably thought you were going to do a lot of gifting that day and Orlando is prime real estate for the sewer rat agencies. You’ll have a lot of fun busting that up.
Cops are all behaving as though there’s no more law in America and it’s actually a pretty good initiationfor any of us to encounter that. It’s always been this way in America for people of color, of course, and I thinkpeople of conscience are avoiding joining that profession in droves by now. When the Idaho State Police Headquarters was thoroughly gifted from the inside, several years ago, the number of job applicants immediately plummeted and a particularly predatory fellow who was to have become the commanding officer (a shoo-in, we were told) was passed over by the Governor in favor of the gifter’s more conscientious boss right after that. I hope you’ll tell me how that bus stop area by the hobo camp feels since you busted the tower. If it still feels rotten it might simply mean that someone watched you gift the tower, then removed the orgonite. Lots and lots of homeless people are Monarch automatons–walking videocams for the feds. That spot is a very good test bed for you to gain more confidence through witnessing dramatic confirmations. This part is very important, also reporting it. Remember that you can bust a tower by putting an ordinary TB within a quarter mile. Every yard further from the tower that you put the gift decreases the likelihood that it will be found. I favor dropping TBs in thick shrubs on private property or in nearby bodies of water. Water magnifies orgonite’s effects. ~Don