A Good 'Ancient Civilization' Story

Mark Bennett forwarded this to me & it seems genuine:


Here is a first hand report of a coverup of lost
technology in the USA.

Dave, who is on my newsletter list, received this
testimony direct from the man concerned, Dr William
Gorentz, who was personally involved, documented it
in a letter to Dave Schloss, who passed it direct
to me.

Dr Gorentz writes:

I was surprised to hear from someone, asking about
my discovery all these years since the U.S.
government came to my site and closed us down,
confiscating all that we’d found.

To refresh the history; in 1971, I was I was part
of an archaeology team from a college in California.

A man in southern California discovered a cap stone
of sorts underneath about 15 inches of soil on his
property. When he had uncovered the stone in its
entirety, it measured about 6 feet long by 4 feet
wide and weighed about 1900 pounds.

He realized that it seemed there was an empty void
beneath the stone, but he was unable to lift it.
His suspicion was that he had an ancient Indian
burial site on his property.

He called the college, they sent four other men
plus myself to check it out. We got there and came
to a strong conclusion that it was indeed an
ancient burial site.

We arranged with the man, for our archaeology team
to come out, lift the stone and check out the site.

Three days later, we arrived on site and began.

We lifted the stone, and discovered that it covered
the entrance to a man made underground complex of
4 rooms with a total area about 35 feet by 50 feet
with stone walls, beams, ceiling and floor which
had actual rain drainage grooves cut in it which
led into an underground stream.

Inside each of the rooms, were metallic sheets
which later turned out to be a variation of

Each of these sheets had diagrams of

  • flying craft,
  • incredibly detailed star charts,
  • designs for buildings,
  • pictures of various surgeries being

The language on the sheets looked familiar, but
none of the language experts could decipher them.
The best guess was that it may have been a very,
very old language.

Skeletal remains were about 9 feet in height.
We found the skeletal remains of three of these


We also found down there, what appeared to be clear
plastic cubes, yet when you exposed them to fire
they got icy cold and when you placed them in ice
water, they would get very hot.

One of the team contacted the local police to ask
if they could guard the site.

The very next day, two U.S. Army officers, a major
and a captain arrived with 8 army troops and seized
the land from us.

Within days, the property was gutted and filled with
fresh soil. Overnight, someone broke into our staff
office and stole all the pictures and artifacts we’d

When I challenged the army officers about what they
were doing, the major looked at me and said, “It
would be a shame to have to kill you right here and

Nobody can tell me that the U.S. government is not
covering up the fact that thousands of years ago
there was a very advanced culture in North America.

One of the pictures even showed these men walking
among dinosaurs.

Seven years ago, I used the Freedom of Information
Act and got nowhere. I even gave them the names of
the army officers and was told there were never
any officers with those names.

There is a major cover-up taking place, and it’s not
just the U.S. government, but the New World Order
covering up these facts.

It is disturbing that true science gets muted and
stifled by the government.

William Gorentz, Ph.D.


I should re-post the photos of Carol and I in that underground stone chamber in upstate New York because it’s just like what was described above, except that ity’s not completely buried. I suspect what we saw was a remnant of whatever civilization created the site in California. Perhaps the Wingmakers’ site in New Mexico is even older than the California one. I think that getting fixated on ‘Atlantis’ or ‘Lemuria’ may be as self-limiting as getting fixated on linear Theosophical concepts (regurgitated, heavily promoted reincarnation and karma dogmae from India/Mesopotamia).

Carol and I saw photos from an excavated cave a site in Central America: exquisite bas relief murals depicted reptilians bringing gifts to a human queen on a throne. The archaeologists had to dig out tons of guano to see the flat, carved walls in that case. You can bet none of that discovery ever made it to the ‘peer review’ stage [Image Can Not Be Found]

Notice that no ‘alleged army officers’ are threatening any of us, by the way, nor are any Men in Black directly confronting us, though I was closely surrounded by these NSA schmucks while standing in line in a fast food restaurant in Maryland, right after I’d finished my gifting expedition to Washington, DC. I think this is because the internet has made overt interferene of that sort counterproductive for the parasitic world order.

At first I thought they were angry morticians in bad suits but then I noticed the bulges at the ankles (spare pistols) and a dozen or so Lincoln Town Cars with blacked out windows in the parking lot [Image Can Not Be Found]
They actually do wear sunglasses at night and indoors! What freaks. I took my chow to my rented car, ate it and took a nap–my flight home from the nearby airport wasn’t until the middle of the night. I don’t have a clue when these sewer rats left.

It’s been several years since Carol and I have experienced this sort of overt surveillance/intimidation. She figures that the federal sewer rats have bigger threats to worry about, now.

When this fake, cancerous/corporate US Government has finally been (peacefully, I reckon) discarded, imagine all the secret stuff that will be dislosd, including a huge load of information about ancient civilizations and also scores of cheap, marketable free energy devices. I think the US Gov’t sits on more of this than even the Vatican.


A friend of mine has sent me this message to post it.

>Hi Don,
>Yesterday you mentioned about some murals from a site in central America and I just wanted to share this photo with you.
>It fits to your description about “reptilians bringing gifts to a human queen on a throne”.
>This one comes from Greece and belongs to the Treasure of Tiryns, 15th century BC. It’s a big golden ring and was
>used as a (royal?) seal. Archaeologists name those creatures “lion headed daemons” ! What else…?

>By the way, I have emailed you twice but since I got no reply I just thought that my or your messages were blocked.
>I wanted to ask all the fellow gifters that are going to visit Greece to bring some stuff with them as the orgonite
>movement here is very weak and Greece realy needs help.We are very few and try to do our best. Some very
>important ancient sites are already gifted and we have confirmations that a vortex under a famus ancient temple
>is active again.
>Any advise or info from Carol would be highly appreciated.
>All the best

Thanks, Harris, and please help me break that odious CIA hacker barrier by CCing an email to Yannis to me, okay? It’s pretty easy to do this, fortunately, and every time we mention their hacking it hurts them because they’re parasites that rely on hiding

Anyone who’s read material about ancient civilizations has heard of Solon’s trip to Egypt, where he was told that Greece had a civilization much earlier than the recorded one.

Most of the surviving old cultures around the world have clear traditions about reptilians interacting with people and this was probably happening for countless thousands of years before the time that Sitchin/Icke claim that nasty reptiles engineered the first humans. I think more than half of the credible accounts of interactions with benevolent offworlders involve humanoid aliens, presumably from very far away.

I’m hoping some of those gifters in Greece who contacted me years ago will get in touch with me again. Hopefully some grassroot networking will happen. I learned a hard lesson, many years ago, about a less spontaneous approach to networking when a couple of moles essentially destroyed the very vital online network in Australia with backbiting in email so I don’t do more than encourage people to contact each other. In some countries, perhaps including Greece, there’s been a lot of gifting but little or no networking or reporting. Australia’s now one of those, as is Japan and South Korea. Russia might be another. I know that in some countries people are just afraid to email (especially to me) about this on account of surveillance. China’s obviously the worst for that. Networking is probably overrated and ought to be done on a very personal, unorganized level if at all. It’s absolutely guaranteed that if anyone will create an organization, the various sewer rat agencies will infiltrate it and probably corrupt it. Mullins noted that even if you form a neighborhood society for the appreciation of tulips, one of their agents will show up, print the newsletter, pay for a meeting place, etc.
I’m very happy to report, though, that as the parasitic US Government continues to implode, we gifters in North America are getting less and less direct interference, poisoning, overt surveillance and sabotage. I think it’s because so many people are finally getting fed up with tyranny that the gov’t has some real threats to contend with. They’re solidly in the reactive mode, at long last [Image Can Not Be Found] . I think that’s even happening in Canada, where National Socialism (no joke) has an even more severe stranglehold on the economy and the mass psyche.


Don i did send an e-mail to Yiannis and CCed to you . Did you receive it ?
Something else . Why i cant get an e-mail from EW when someones replies in a topic , although ive selected it in the profile settings?

Hi Harris, I have that option checked since forever, it used to work (notification of posts) about 1-2 years ago, but somehow now it seems the EW server has been misconfigured and it doesn’t anymore Alejandro should check the mail configuration of the server.

I didn’t get that email, Harris. Usually, when there’s ‘surgical’ hacking going on I’ll CC to someone else and ask that person to forward it. This almost always breaks a hacker barrier between individuals.

There have been a few exceptions. I’ve never been able to successfully send an email to my friend, Steve Baron, for instance, adn until very recently I was completely unable to send to Doc Batiibwe. In both of those cases I’ve always been able to successfully respond to an email from them.

The other exception is my zapper parts supplier in Philadelphia for some reason. I like this guy a lot; he keeps a machine gun in his cupboard at work [Image Can Not Be Found] and we work on a cash basis.


Alejandro does a hero’s job adminstering this forum. I think that if we were to expect to have a fully functional forum I’d need to pay someone a small fortune to keep the CIA/NSA sewer rats from interfering. They’re on us like flies on $#!+, 24/7 and it’s a genuine miracle that EW is still online.

Ale’s the one people interact with when they’ve been invited to register and he also adds the links, etc., but a more hidden hero is Captain Azti, who keeps EW online. The recent attempt to destroy this forum was foiled by him.


I will try to have a look tomorrow regarding the way mail is sent from the server. It may just be a misconfiguration that I overlooked.

I can understand computer interference . I had a big problem communicating with educate-yourself.com to send them some of their articles translated in Greek which finally they never uploaded . Recently for the first time i did not receive a package of crystals from https://mythnlynx.com/ . He issued me a refund though. It was lost ? who knows what happened . Well done to all who are running this forum .