A Good Discussion of Electricity/Orgone/Magnetism


You may be interested in the article in the below link.

It is definitely something I will research in greater depth. Part of my problem is that I have been educated as an electrical engineer so there is a certain amount of unlearning I need to do. Basically my fundamental training is flawed to its very core! I have always been curious as to why all the known technology deals with the magnetic field and very little with the electric field. Basically our power generation and distribution is electromagnetic.

In any event since I have gotten many useful ideas from your posts on EW I thought I would try and reciprocate with the link. You may already have seen it or may not even be interested. In any event I found it as somewhat of an eye opener.
Keep up the good work!


Thanks for sending that, John. It’s a very good read and the fellow obviously has done good work. We need a lot more discussions like this, of course, and I’m glad to know that you’re getting something from the postings, here. I think it’s impossible to undertstand orgonite without experimenting with it and the same is probably true with orgone accumulators.

He seems to write Reich off a little hastily but I reckon he just hadn’t experimented with accumulators. I don’t recall Reich using glass wool, for instance. I’ll make one with sheet metal and glass wool and then ask my wife to compare the energy with one made the ‘new’ way–with aluminum foil and plastic film. I know that trying to make orgonite with anything but crystalline organic compounds won’t get the same effect as with hardened resins.

‘Joe Blow’ is a natural genius in terms of turning an internal combustion engine into a free energy engine and he refers to orgone as ‘electricity.’ He also uses a Brown’s gas generator to collect gas for welding and cutting. Brown’s gas works via implosion (same as lightning and thunder, as far as I know) and it welds material together (some of it non-metallic) that any academic will say is impossible to do [Image Can Not Be Found] also cuts a hole through a brick instantly without heating it up, much–sort of like how a plasma torch does metal. Plasma torches might be Tesla tech, since gas becomes a conductor.

There are lots and lots of successful free energy device inventors but every single one of them is concerned about extortion, so none of them are taking them to market. Joe Blow survives, I think, because Joe Cells are very temperamental, so most people who try their hands at it don’t succeed. Also, I doubt it will work in all conditions without orgonite being present because the Joe Cell is an accumulator. I know that from experience, at least, and I hope to succeed soon with a second attempt. I really like the kits from nutech2000.com in Oz; they’re much better than the one I had built in 2001, which was on the verge of working when it fell apart [Image Can Not Be Found] --shook the engine, violently, via implosion in the cylinders.

I’m patiently waiting for someone to explain in simple terms how what we’re all doing with orgonite works . I met a scientist who said he was going to explain it but he was very hesitant to accept our orgonite & it’s been a year since he said that. I do think he can succeed once his body has acclimated to the energy. For now, most of us do this work because the confirmations are so abundant and because it feels good to do so. I think that this is what has kept Joe Blow going for all these years.

My friend, Wilhelm Muller, probably would not have been murdered (Feb. 2004) if he’d shared the secret of his integrated circuit, which changes his nearly 100% efficient dynamo into a free-energy engine. I think two or three people can make the circuit but are evidently terrified of the extortionists. He had made arrangements with a factory in Vancouver, Canada, to mass produce these magnet engines affordably. He’d also gotten the endorsement of Canada’s equivalent of Underwriters Lab (UL) and of the country’s chief engineer. He was quite savvy and even told me how to block surveillance equipment by using a small device, made in Bosnia, to transmit a signal that blocks the CIA/NSA listening devices one’s environment. He was also quite healthy and even used one of my zappers.

He told me that he personally knew and correspnded with five other successful free energy device inventors just in his province of Canada. I’ve always assumed and extrapolated, especially after hearing of other inventors around the world, that there are scores or even hundreds of people like Bill in the world, now, and that sooner or later (probably sooner) the dam will break and the market demand will sweep away the extortionists. The US Gov’t sure seems to be imploding, right now, and their legbreakers do most of this dirty work, though MI5/6 obviously has a hand in it, also KGB (I never call them ‘FSB’ and maybe I’ll start calling them Cheka [Image Can Not Be Found] ) Brown’s Gas generators are available from China for the world market, so I wonder if Peking is pragmatic enough not to slaughter Chinese inventors. ‘Brown’ was a Bulgarian inventor who had helped a Chinese company manufacture his gas generator. No American corporation would do that.

Inventors who lean heavily toward proprietary concerns seem to be more susceptible to murder, since the secret is bound to die in that case. Carol and I were very quick to give away our instructions for making several of the basic orgonite devices we all use and I think that’s paid off because we’re still breathing and out walking around. Turning a million dollar neighborhood death transmitter into a life force generator with fifty cents worth of orgonite and telling how to do it is grounds for getting shot or imprisoned, certainly, not to mention showing how to easily and cheaply neutralize a corporate/military, trillion-dollar genocide agenda (chemtrails). We keep a few little commercial secrets so that the competition, whom we otherwise happily helped, won’t push us out of the market


I found this US patent some days ago, it discribes the effects of a mixture similar to orgonite and it’s effect on many things, how it inhibits bacteria growth, makes water more beneficial for plants and living organism etc.
It talks about epoxy polymer mixed with quartz, silice and other various minérals and how that mixture reacts to the visible light (400-800nm wavelength) emitted by diodes at a frequency near to the earth schuman resonance.
Really worth a look.
What I didn’t understand is if the epoxy polymer is hardened or not…


Thank you Don. Thank you John for bringing a good read. I don’t recall Reich using glass wool.
I’m still working on understanding why two converging dielectric fields would be required to initiate cosmic superimposition.
Doesn’t make sense to me… anyhow, good read and I’ll be turning that one over in my mind for a while.
good stuff, thanks Don

Braikar, thank you for your link.
I’ll read that too once I have time to think over the info from John a little bit more.