A Late Update of Sewer Rat Activity Around Carol

I don’t know why they’re not bothering me and I kind of miss it–it’s the only way I like to engage the enemy personally Cool and outing these thugs is a whole lot more satisfying than shooting them.

Maybe they feel that Carol is the worse threat because she’s the one they’ve been annoying.

I keep forgetting to post about this stuff but since posting it helps limit the molestations a bit and since the pressure from them is increasing, lately, here’s my update:

When I was in Santa Barbara in early May to get more paraglider training one of the fellows I trained with in Washington State, the previous summer, showed up on his motorcycle, which is also his motorhome. He was sort of unusual in that he loved to talk about conspiracy stuff, ETs, etc., and we spent hours doing so when we met. I had told him, ‘If you talk about this stuff a lot you might need to be careful because it attracts the enemy’s attention.’ It was just a lark for him, which is why I cautioned him. The day after he arrived in Santa Barbara someone ran into him on the highway and he was unharmed but his bike was damaged. The next time I saw him he wasn’t interested in discussing conspiracies Wink. I don’t fault the guy–I also often learn things the hard way and I’m glad he wasn’t harmed.

I mentioned that because the next day, Carol was rear-ended in town while waiting at a stoplight on US Highway 95 in Coeur d’Alene (speed limit is 45mph, there). The kid driving the pickup that hit her was driving quite fast and didnt’ see her until right before the impact. Carol saw him in her rearview mirror and put her foot on the brake, hard. She wasn’t visibly injured but the whiplash from her head being thrown forward was quite severe and Stevo is treating her, now (the kid’s insurance is paying for it). Stevo has an amazing new machine, based on Tesla’s tech, that dramatically heals damaged tissue and quickly so I expect that after the course of treatment (I got a dose from him, too, and I’m still benefiting from it a couple of weeks later) she’ll be much healthier than before so this apparent attempt to harm or murder her might be a godsend.

A few weeks ago, Carol’s daughter was driving by the house we lived in for 3 years before moving back to this house on the airfield in April and there were two fedmobiles with blacked out windows in the driveway. The house was and still is unoccupied, perhaps because it’s in pretty bad shape, structurally. It’s very pretty on the outside and has a lot more room than this house & we were planning to buy it when we moved there.

Yesterday, three things happened that are probably related. One: one of Carol’s grandkids wanted to see that old house again (fond memories) so his mom drove him by there and this time there were two fed vans and two identical white cars in the driveway of the still-unoccupied house. She saw a Virginia license plate. When she came here, right after, there was a fed van (blacked out windows) at the end of our driveway, parked on the narrow road, and another one in the driveway across the road. Carol was on her way home from Sandpoint, which is 25 miles north of here, with a friend.

When Carol’s daughter called her during Carol’s drive home, Carol was laughing so hard that her daughter asked her if she’d been drinking. She literally couldn’t stop laughing after she drank an Arnold Palmer in the restaurant in Sand Point and when they stopped in Starbucks right after that Carol saw a rabbi in ceremonial dress and her friend had to pull her away because she was laughing out loud at the guy. My wife likes a good party but this was entirely uncharacteristic of her so she’s pretty sure some federal creep dropped a psychotropic drug in her iced-tea/lemonade. She literally laughed all the way home and that’s when her daughter told her about seeing all the fedmobiles.

I’m reporting it in case these federal felons are up to something naughty because this report on our little obscure international forum will probably knock them off track Cool

I’m pleased to report that their five-year-old campaign to disappear us from the market is finally starting to fail, meanwhile. Maybe that’s making them a little desperate. Desperate people are dangerous, of course. I’ve sought to earn a livlihood somewhere within the comfort range–enough $ to pay for my modest hobbies and to destroy our share of the enemy’s infrastructure while still providing for our family’s needs. I’ve always had a sense that if we actualy become wealthy it would drive the enemy to distraction and they’d kill or imprison us regardless of the cost to their own parasitic agenda.

Survival in the healing trade in the face of the old federal War on Healing is kind of like surfing Wink

Francisco ‘Fran the Man’ Garcia Subirachs of orgonita.eu is the only other orgonite vendor who is still under constant assault so we work together with him in Dooney’s chatroom to beat down our assailants etherically on a regular basis. Since the same enemy are hitting him and us it’s been ‘economical’ for us to fight back together.

Other than the attempts to disappear him, too, from the market his life has actually gotten easier in other ways since we went to Belize together, a year and a half ago. Right before that, the more official Spanish sewer rats were gearing up to seize him and disappear him into prison, or worse, and that agenda seemed to have evaporated by the time he returned home, I’m happy to report.

For orgontie flingers who are under attack but are afraid to have a public profile I suggest that our own examples ought to show them that a public profile is an essential part of one’s overall protection protocols. The enemy seem to rely on isolating their victims, after all. Thank God for the internet because now it’s impossible for them to isolate anyone, haha.

I combine my hobbies with destroying the enemy because I’d feel too guilty to spend money just for my own pleasure ;) and aerial gifting is a good example, as is my love of sailing/gifting on the sea.