A Long Research Thread On Icke's Forum


Following onto the previous thread when someone saw my article/press release, it seems one of the members who is very familiar with Orgonite has started a research only thread:

I had originally thought it was 12 or so pages … nope closing on 50!

Loads of good comments and visuals. Worth checking out.


Amazing indeed, the amount of posts in this thread on Ickes forum! Senior member Biblegirl, who set up the thread, contributed 86 of the 547 posts within one month. That’s an average of 20 posts per day on the forum! Besides collecting numerous links to reports of other people about the effects of orgonite – including copies of Georg’s, EW’s and Manfred’s – Biblegirl applied some eye-catching tests herself (great avatar pic, btw!). Hurray for open source Internet! I also noticed that this thread opened with featuring Mark’s press release on 24 April 2009 – two days before the actual press release on the 26th. Great piece of timely marketing, if you want to start a competitive research thread (see post #1) besides Manfred’s existing forum– considering the peek of public interest after Mark’s press release. I am in awe, really! Especially since I saw that the same experiments Biblegirl conducted, were posted at later date on Manfred’s forum at Don’s recommendation – as performed by Natalie? Natalie was so kind to add the links to the initial reports on Ickes thread to her ones on Manfred’s forum yesterday, after I told her I was a bit confused about who is who. She wrote it were the same experiments indeed. So please forgive me for still not understanding how all this supports Manfred’s [Etheric Research Forum/url:3leb807q. Perhaps the public awareness about orgonite is more important, one way or the other?