A New Bermuda Triangle Oddity

Jeff, Carol and I went to the Bahamas, yesterday, and covered over 200 miles while gifting, round trip. It would have been exhausting enough if the US Coast Guard hadn’t been constrained by the sewer rats to interfere with us on the return leg, then to detain us for several hours under armed guard at their facility in Palm Beach.

… Shades of that bevy of US Park Service cops who attempted to arrest Carol and I in Death Valley for gifting, two and a half years ago… one or more of those Coast Guard folks will likely read this report, by the way, and I’m happy to say that we found no fault with them, except for their complete ignorance of the US Contitution, which they’re sworn’ to uphold and protect from all enemies, both foreign and domestic.’

I’m not being facetious when I say that there were probably nice folks in the Gestapo during Hitler’s regime, too, who were also ‘just following orders.’ Gestapo became Interpol, after all, and nobody’s complaining about them, much, either, on a personal level.

In this case, we laid two long lines of orgonite across Little Bahama Bank (a hundred fifty four miles on the first leg (including a hundred miles across the Bank), directly east from our home port in Florida, then fifty miles across the bank to the southsast, to West End, Grand BAhama Island, on the return, then another 66 miles across the Gulf Stream (open ocean) back to Florida.

We had planned to visit the main vortex in that part of the Bermuda Triangle, 25 miles east of Bimini on the Grand Bahama Bank, further south, after a night of camping on a secluded beach. I also wanted to set up a Bahamas bank account in Freeport for the royalties from our book, which is published in Canada, a step removed from Homeland Security Abomination Censors. When I wrote the thing last spring I was pretty sure those criminals would look for ways to interfere, since the US alleged Government already had put me on their exclusive list of 50,000 terrorists. If you were born in the US, these criminals formally consider you an Enemy of the State but being called a terrorist by them is the ‘next level’ manifestation of their bone-deep anathema toward all of humanity.

The sea was pretty flat on our way over, which was a marvellous benefit, since our boat doesn’t take kindly to head seas. That indicated that the feds didn’t know where we were. The same was true all across the Bank to Walker’s Cay, which Carol had identified as an appropriate destination. It’s next to the reef that marks the eastern limit of the Bank and the chart indicates that there’s a gas station for boats, there, also toilets and restaurant food. The remains of a marina is there but the place is pretty much abandoned, except for a few local fishermen. The resort was so badly damaged by a HAARPicane, four years ago, that the owners didn’t feel it was feasible to rebuild it. A new death tower was built on a cay, six miles south, which we gifted. That settlement also had no apparent facilities or harbor, so we scooted directly to West End, Grand BAhama Island, fifty miles southwest.

That bank has water that’s so clear and clean that it’s like looking down into a deep swimming pool but we didn’t see any fish on the fishfinder/sonar. Coming onto the Bank from the indigo-blue Gulf Stream is a lovely shock; you suddenly are surrounded by brilliant-aqua water and can see the details of the white sand shoal that lies thirty feet below the surface. Gifting along the hundred mile course from there wasn’t too pleasant, though, because the putrid HAARP energy, emanating somehow from that area, was giving us all headaches. More than halfway across, Carol noticed that the orgonite gifts were ‘chattering’ at her, which she told us meant that the elementals in that specific area wanted us to toss more frequently than one per mile, which we did over a five-mile area. Apparently the HAARP effects were quite stressful to the elementals, there.

The reason we went there, first, is because we’ve frequently been seeing, on weather radar, spinning storms develop and remain there–an indicator of a HAARP hotspot, just like the perpetual one spinning around that big HAARP tower fifty miles off the Gulf Coast of Florida and forty miles north of Key West. According to the charts, it’s standing in sixty feet of water.

West End is just that–a village on the end of the island and on the edge of the deep water of the Gulf Stream. There’s a pretty upscale but sleepy marina in a good harbor where we put forty gallons of gas in the tank–what a gas hog our boat is at five miles per gallon or so, though sometimes it seems to get over ten. Maybe it’s just impossible to really tell when the tank is full , though. The digital fuel gauge is wildly inconsistent.

The feds stopped taking our gas a couple weeks ago, though, after I finally added a padlock to the hatch where we put the gas in. The funny thing is that the Jeep doesn’t have a locked gas cap and though it’s much easier to take gas out of the Jeep (parked by the boat) than to wriggle under the boat cover toward the bow and siphon out most of the boat’s gas, they never go for the easy Jeep.

These federal sewer rats will unwittingly give you a lot of confirmations if you pay attention. They stole the big cooler and its seat cover from the padded bench in the stern of the boat, a couple of months ago after a really productive sea-gifting sortie and the only other thing they took from the boat, then, was the flare pistol. They didn’t touch any of the expensive stuff that I leave on the boat that time and after I posted an account of the theft they haven’t stolen anything else from the boat, except fuel. We live in a phenomenally crime-free area, much to some local shaved-head, fed-frienly bully cops’ chagrin. Surveilling us every day is probably the highlight of their desperately-unfulfilled careers these days, I think. ‘All dressed up and bullet-proof, with no patriots to shoot.’

The tower at the end of the first leg of our trip couldn’t account for the massive amount of energy over the Bank, sometimes directed at us personally from that area. Carol’s still pretty exhausted and hasn’t processed the data, much, but I’m hoping she’ll get to it beore long but it’s clear to all three of us that we achieved something major, yesterday, and late last night, in the Coast Guard Station in Palm Beach, I turned on the Weather (read: HAARP) Channel and saw that the perpetual spinning mess over that area was absent, while the identical one north of Key West was still spinning away. Gifting that Gulf HAARP tower, pretty soon, is going to be quite fulfilling for OUR ‘careers.’<img border=“0” alt=“Wink” src=“tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/images/smiley-wink.gif” />

When we passed by that tower on the passenger ferry to Key West ,last month, Carol and I saw a lot of dark lenticulars (sewer rats from space) in that constant DOR storm and though the sky was clear when we gifted the Bank yesterday, I sensed a strong alien presence there, perhaps underground. The line of orgonite we laid from the ferry to Key West has apparently had an effect on the constant DOR storm, though–note that it constnatly deflects off to the northwest. I somehow don’t think the HAARP channel digital artists will get around to erasing any HAARP DOR centers before we blow those centers into healthy orgone oblivion .

Dr Reich approached this global-scale problem and challenge from the other direction. He observed, first, that aliens were messing up our planet’s atmosphere, then humans exacerbated it with atmospheric A-bomb detonations. That was three decades before the HAARP transmitter network quietly got started and I"m thinking they only createdd HAARP because white American people, even in that dismal post-war era of fascism, simply got tired of putting up with the bombs. That was occuring regularly in thirteen states, by the way, including Alabama–not just at ‘White Sands, New Mexico,’ or in already-desolate Nevada.

We rather assumed that artificial, nasty weather was only made with HAARP by the human sewer rats and only lately have we seen massive alien participation in the creation of these destructive DOR storms. We’re sensing a lot more frustration and fury from the aliens than from the HAARPicrats.

Georg W Bush was visiting the ‘HAARPicane Direction Center’ in Miami yesterday, by the way, which Jeff and we had thoroughly gifted. Carol got a sense that this mean-spirited fool was sent down there to accentuate the anger that the World Odor is surely expressing toward the HAARPicrats on account of our ocean-gifting successes and progress. She also clearly go the impressiont that the US Coast Guard’s nine-hour harrassment, yesterday, was fallout from that, though when she asked The Operators why that Coast Guard cutter, Dolphin (no kidding), had been hunting for us she said that they told her it was to ensure that we wouldn’t double back and gift that huge underwater base and the related facilities, including a smaller, underground base, near South Andros Island. Her initial impression of the smaller base, right next to S Andros’ north end. is that it’s the entrance to an ancient tunnel leading to the base that’s under the bottom of the Tongue of the Ocean, thirty miles or so away. The water is a mile deep, there. Of course, the only thing the Coast Guard was told was that ‘Don Croft is on the Terrorist List and You Must Detain Him.’

We had no intention of going to South Andros this time, of course. That’s the kind of stunt I used to pull when I was homeless, forty-five, and in better physical condition. Our sedentary life style has some drawbacks but it’s sure pleasant. Also, the feds were freaking out because we disappeared from their radar for an entire day, even while disabling a particularly sensitive and essential regional HAARP facility. I think that one was run by aliens because if it was a human facility, the feds would have tagged us. Alien sewer rats typically dont’ seem to share intel with human sewer rats.

I have to say that, before yesterday, I considered the US Coast Guard to be mostly a pain in the butt, though everyone knows that they often save lives. They even pulled me out of shark -infested waters one day off the Texas coast when I started a sea cruise in an inadequately prepared boat, which Ia later salvaged. For the record, I made that open skiff more seaworthy and then, two months later, took it across the Gulf Stream during a small craft warning without even getting my feet wet in the tall, breaking head seas. That one could easily go where our Zodiac Pro 650 can’t, in fact.

Even though they held us for those hours, while the feds were doing their best to bring in their own agents, apparently to charge one or all of us with an abstruse faux pas in order to arrest us and lock me/us up, the Coast Guard folks treated us with a lot of respect and we were impressed by the obvious attention that Coast Guard recruiters pay to choosing applicants who are service oriented and not bullies. I am dismayed that the US Coast Guard is now part of the Homeland Security Abomination, though, and that facility was across the road from an even bigger Homeland Security Abomination facility, from which the Coast Guard were expecting a bureaucrat to come over and give us a lot of grief and perhaps arrest us. That one failed to show up, as did the default Highway Patrol k-9 unit who was the default intimidator/arrestor.

As promised, the Coast Guard let us go at 12:30 PM, conditional on neither of these intimidators showing up. I know that Jeff is eager to fill in some of the blanks but he asked me to post something first. I saved a lot of juicy stuff, including his observations, for him to report.

AFter the initial annoyance, we were allowed to retrieve the boat trailer from the boatramp in Jupiter, ten miles to the north, and they said, 'Just ring at the gate when you come back, so we can open it and if you need help loading up at the boatramp, let us know–you’re all free to go and we won’t keep the boat, either.

Jeff’s nephew, Kelsey, (‘Jeffew’) who lives nearby, picked us up and we dropped Carol off, then took the Jeep to get the trailer to get the boat. When Jeff and I got back, at 11:30PM, they told us that someone from US Customs was on her way from across the street to interrogate and perhaps arrest me or us. Instead of freaking, Jeff and I settled in for the long haul, assuming we were rather supposed to feel intimidated and powerless. By the time we left, we were in high spirits because it was obvious that all of this was a reprisal for what we’d just accomplished, so it must have been a very, very important target in the Bahamas. We didn’t sense that any of those Coast Guard people, most of whom were friendly and asked us a lot of questions about orgonite and the little cloudbuster, were fed stooges, though some of that was obviously interrogation on behalf of the feds.

Since the white people in the US are no longer paranoid or particularly fascist, all that talk about terroristm on the What To Thnk Network doesn’t have much effect on them. In Reich’s day, white people in America were enthusiastic xenophobes, schizoid, fascist and supporters of All Things Federal, including the public burning of Reich’s books and his imprisionment on obviously trumped up charges. We kow for sure that the feds long for The Good Old Days when they could do whatever they wished with committed healers like all of us. They know, better than most of us do, that every move against healers carries severe penalties to their parasitic regime when the white public doesn’t support the molestation. They’re constrained to put up or shut up, in fact.

Posting this is our little way of shedding some light on just one of the crimes of the Homeland SEcurity Abomination, of course, specifically: wholesale, overt interference with lawful travel in international waters on behalf of the sewer rats by the unwitting US Coast Guard.

Specifically, the only vestige of a hook they managed to find, since none of us have a criminal history, was my attempted use, in the Bahamas, of a World Service Authority passport. The feds were burning up the phonelines with the Coast Guard, trying to nail me for that but, of course, I didn’t use it at all and it’s not illegal, anyway–that’s a loophole that’s so far beyond US Federal jurisdiction that they’ll always look like the Keystone Kops when they try to penalize somoene for using it. If I’d remembered to take along my birth certificate, that Customs/Immigration bureaucrat in West End who unwittingly alerted the sewer rats who were hunting for us, would have given us a cruising permit, of course, but when our names were in her computer, the feds found out where we were and apparently assumed we were heading for that underwater base. Judging by the lengths they went to after that, if we’d been spotted in the Bahamas by the Americans or Brits connected to that base those less-than-courteous military types would likely have just murdered us and sank the boat.

A regular person would be so deeply intimidated by this experience that he or she would swear off of gifting risky targets but, of course, al ofl that had the opposite effect on us. ‘Trouble’ is just another word for ‘fun,’ after all and this was a powerful confirmation of our value as atmosphere healers. I admit that it felt a little exquisite, not knowing if I would be arrested and then murdered in captivity (or forced to do the Thorazine Shuffle for the duration) by the shadowy, quasi-governmental Homeland SEcurity Abominations, so many of whom are KGB and STASI, accustomed to having their way with innocents.

I was glad Carol stayed home, though, and I was hoping they’d let Jeff go, since he’s not formally an alleged terrorist yet. We agreed that there’s no fun in life without an element of risk.

I’ll save the quip made to the Coast Guard petty officer in charge about the drug-sniffing dog for Jeff to tell about, also a description of her facial expression when that comment was made.


we set off at about 6 am and had unusually smooth seas on our gifting journey . we were headed to a tower in walkers cay a hundred and five miles to the direct east. we threw down orgonite every mile and watched as the ocean changed subtly from coastal waters to gulfstream to bahama bank and finally to islands. we were surprised to find walkers, once a thriving resort reduced to a wreck , unrepaired from a haarpicane four years ago.

from theer we headed towards another cay with a tower which we gifted, finding no marina there either.

we went down to west end , another fifty miles , gifting and pulled into th emarina there. unbeknownst to us this is where the adventuer began, i think.

we had to fill out duplicate paperwork and present our ‘papers’ at this customs office in order to visit the country.

there was a hang’up with don’s passport as they were saying they wouldn’t recognize it even though canada and mexico both had approved it previously. the customs lady had to get on the phone with her boss to have him make the decision.

at that point we were demanded curtly to leave the bahamas , not go to any other islands, and proceed directly to our home port , jupiter, fl. " do you understand?" she she barked in her bahaminn accent… hint: we werte being given our course heading and time of departure.

You have all the fun !

I expect some weirdness to happen soon in the Vineyard Sound area, since

I have dumped a ton of orgonite in it this past July.

Last year, I put just 4 tb’s in the drink off the jetty in Menemsha on the west end of the Vineyard and this

HUGE Coast Guard Ship covered with antennas from bow to stern parked itself just offshore

for 2 days right after I did that.

Did you take any photos while you out on the water ?

we cruised around close to another tower and gifted it while mulling over whether or not to head to bimini to finish our original mission. we decided to go on down there but about five miles into it we turned and decided to head back home rather than risk being there overnight.

we set our gps vector and took off merrily on the last leg of our journey, still gifting every mile. about t en miles out i saw a big white yacht as i was looking around. it was way north of us and i continued. a few seconds later carol said"look" and i turnred to see the yacht in a huge cloud of smoke as if it were on fire. i hesitated and then resumed our clip seeing that the yacht was ok and in fact speeding in our direction now.

i readjusted our heading to be straight for jupiter inlet and looking back, saw the yacht adjust course to follow exactly. i figured they were headuing there too and continued. i looked back again and wondered aloud if it was the coast guard because it had some large antennae work on it but it was falling behind our brisk pace so i figured all was ok.

later i looked around again to see a small orange boat also on our heading that was absolutely not there before. i wondered where that boat came from as there was only us and the yacht before. it was gaining on us and the closer it came the more detail came into view… things like: four orange helmets, the orange zodiak appearance of the bow and it’s path to our righr as if to head us off. i decided if it was the guard persuing us i would monitor channel 16. i did that but there was no hailing, but by now i could see the blue lights blinking. it was definately the guard and it was us they were after. i stopped the boat and watched as they circled, all eyes locked on our movements .

Jeff, Did the Coast Guard boat look like this that boarded you ?


they spiraled in and rafted beside us. we were boarded by two of the fully armed sailors and were questioned as to where we had been who we were and what we were doing out on the high seas. the asked to search us and began questioning us about our equipment. thet found that we had safety violations according to the coast guard rules and began the process of writing tickets and quantifying our infractions. this was going on as each in their turn asked the same questions over and over. don was patiently explaining the orgonite aboard to them and they seemed to understand somewhat.

the eighty foot cutter had caught up and was hiovering nearby as the launch went over and returnrd with the ships commander, who questioned us also. not only had i never been stopped by an eighty foot cutter on they high seas, i had never in my life heard of a commander leaving his post on the bridge and boarding a small vessel with two other guardsmen already on board. i was getting that this was way more than a routine safery violation, and now dawning on me… why were we stopped in the first place? we were hotly persued on the high seas and a speedboat launch was deployed to run us down….for a broken horn? for a life preserver that was the wrong shape?

at that point, and upon reflection, i (we) surmised that they had been lying in wait for us and were indeed tipped off by the bahamin authorities as to our whereabouts. in fact, the probably couldn’t find us right awat as we had at first headed south and when finally spotting us, were very excited to have done so, as evidenced by the persuit.

after over an hour of their questioning and poking around repeatedly it was decided that they were ‘terminating our voyage’ and that we were orderded to be escorted back to our home port as noe that they had found us out of compliance with coast guard safety regs, they could not ‘in good conscience’ let us proceed unaided because if ‘god forbid, something should happen’ the guard would be responsible and our mourning families would have legal recourse as the guard would have been culpable for the damages.

in other words we werte arrestd with our trip ended and had to follow them back to

jupiter, they said.

Did you offer any orgonite gifts to the sailors who were interested in what you were doing off shore cruising around in a small zodiac ?

One of those magnetized tb’s would have made a good gift to a sailor to attach to his vessel without it bouncing around in the bilges.

I will ship orgonite tb’s to any sailor reading this who wants some magnetized tb’s to keep on board there boat, my e-mail is [email protected]

I know a few coast guard guys and they are stand up people.

Too bad they don’t know about the Bush crime family.


but we werent heading for jupiter as don’s gps soon showed. we were going to palm beach inlet where the unit station was. we followed them fourty-seven miles to the p.b. inlet where i assumed we were to break off and head home as they had told us, but were instead greeted by another cruised launch, a crew boat and were ordered to follow them in . " follow you to where", i yelled to them and they replied " all the way to our pier". i still naievely assumed that we would break off from there and head home up the intercoastal.

to our or my surprise , when we arrived at their pier, they ordered us to tie up. we were greeted by five more fully armed guards personnel at the pier and had to stay on board in the dimming daylight as they repeated exactly the procedure of search and questioning we had undergone at sea. they were all very nice about it but were not forthcoming as to why everything was being repeated. we had to sort of question them . they explained that they needed their own copies of the paperwork. i was getting the distinct impression that the idea was to detain us as long as possible, but why? i couldn’t ask that one.

finally, after rewriting the tickets and redoing the id process on us all they let us make phonecalls to relatives to see about getting the jeep and trailer down there to haul the boat out to go home, after all we were not at our home port.

my most excellent nephew, kelsey, arrived later after we had been escorted into the facility and allowed to relax and use restrooms. they were actually very hospitible , letting us have any of a variety of drinks and snacks. we were always escorted though, and with armed escorts. they rotated the personnel sitting us and each in turn asked the same kinds of questions, gently probing to find out just where we had been. finally one said “did you go to andros?” and BINGO ! the confirmation light went off in my head. that’s what it was. the big underwater base there. thanks for the intel, boys.

about this time we decided to go out front to wait and kelsey arrived just as we exited the building. he took us all back to jupiter where we left exhausted carol. then don and i went after the trailer and drove back to the coast guard station to haul out the boat.

we would be home soon we thought as we pulled it out. the p.o.3 in charge, station chief lad,y then came over and stated that we would have to wait again as there was a passport re-entry issue, since we had been to a foreign country and had not returned through customs. because of that a federal customs agent was being called to come and administer the clearing process. i stated we had not actually been to a foriegn country because we were refused ,turned away and ordered by the bahamian gov’t. to return directly to out port of origin . i do not remember her reply but the tone was we were still detained and would have to wait only another hour or so.

at this point i became concerned that i might have to call in my trump card, the jack of clubs, my lawyer sister and her bahamian ambassador contact and friend burt we had no phone with us. don asked to use their phone to call their cell number but could not get through from that phone. hmmmmm.

we went back in the mess deck and had more drinks. we had a pleasant conversation with one guardsman who was genuinely interested in what don had to say and seemed to really like orgonite and what it does. about and hour or so the p.o.3 lady returned and said she was still waiting for the customs fed but was now going to call a florida state tropper with a sniffer dog in case the fed didn’t show up. i think don was a little disappointed at that. going head to head with a fed, being completely innocent and knowing your rights and their agenda can be a wonderful process, downright exhillerating. if he wasn’t disappointed, i was. i was also concerned by the idea of a snifferdog going through our stuff.

i said to her, “sniffer dog?” “why do you need a sniffer dog?” she replied that we had been to a foriegn country to places they knew not where and had returned and not gone through customs and that it was standard procedure for them to check. “check for what?” i said. i went on, “i have a concern that our boat was left here unmanned by ant of us for an hour and anything could have happened to it” the lady stared blankly for a second and then don quipped with a big smile, " for crissakes, jeff, they’re not going to plant dope on the boat or anything". the p.o.3 lady’s jaw dropped and slunk inward. as she was recovering i said " yeah, you’re right. sometimes i put my foot in my mouth" don was chuckling… i was so full of adrenaline the lights were fluttering.

the p.o.3 fully recovered and now official again informed us that the trooper would arrive in another twenty minutes. it was 11:30 p.m. and we were first pulled at about 3:30 p.m… she went on to say that if no one arrived in that timeframe that she would make the call, whatever that really meant.

don said " let’s blast this, i think carol’s working on it too" so we went at it. at that point my inner tone changed to exhilleration. no fed had showed up and wasn’t going to . they would never risk the reprisal of being seen doing the fed shuffle

to a complete innocent. they didn’t show because all the detention was really about don and carol and what we are really doing by deploying orgonite in the world. the trooper and sniffer dog wasn’t going to show up either i knew, at that point. and they never did.

a few minutes later the lady p.o.3 came in to say that she was ‘making the call’ and with a video camera in her hand , led us out to the boat whereupon she took two little shots and sent us on our way. i got the impression that she, too, was disgusted with the feds’ performance and that they were sorry they were ordered to detain us that long. this was coroborrated by the apologetic but genuinely courteous station mmembers as we left.

CRUISING LICENSES. Cruising licenses exempt pleasure boats of certain countries from having to undergo formal entry and clearance procedures such as filing manifests and obtaining permits to proceed as well as from the payment of tonnage tax and entry and clearance fees at all but the first port of entry. These licenses can be obtained from the U.S. Customs port director at the first port of arrival in the United States. Normally valid for one year, a cruising license has no bearing on the dutiability of a pleasure boat.

Jeff, I think you are supposed to report to customs BEFORE you go to the Bahamas as well as declare when you get back while out on a pleasure boat.

While you were under house arrest at the Coast Guard you should have gotten a Cruising License. for the zodiac.

They’re good for going back and forth to the Bahama’s and good for a .

If you get he cruising license in advance of heading over to the Bahamas again, then the Bahamian’s can’t boot you out or rat you out to the coast guard.

I bet having one will trump them when you go gifting the underground base off Andros.

Bty, you were certainly detained for no other reason than gifting Orgonite into the gulf stream.

Most folks on boats just call customs when they get to port and then customs either decides to come out and inspect or not. I’m glad you are posting and reporting your ordeal.

this adventure demonstrates several things to me. one is that the work we are doing is recognized by the world odor, and is seen as a top priority to contain, even though they do not acknowledge the existence of the orgone sea in which we are immersed. they will always and only be able to officially charge any of us with innocuous and incidental issues such as a broken horn or littering. the feds can rattle all they want but they don’t have a legal leg to stand on. it’s like trying to bust johnny appleseed for destruction of property or terrorism bt planting apples everywhere.

another is that they must always use unwitting proxy agents who may not be so willing to do their bidding as time goes, on as evidenced by the utterly human and professional behavior of the coast guard members we encountered. if one has all their ‘ducks in a row’ for these folks, they wont bother or cant bother you for any reason. i understand that the coast guard can board any boat at any time to inspect for safety. i have never heard of them doing so in all of my years of having boats or living in an inlet town and ahnging with many boaters. these guys were told by the feds to pick us up and detain us with SOMETHING. i wonder what would have happened if our horn and stuff was in order?

in my report here i forgot to mention the most important thing. we laid a triangle of orgonite, one every mile that goes from jupiter to walkers cay, down to west end and then back to jupiter. all in all, over two hundred miles worth , i think. all the aforementioned coast guard stuff was the oddity in our new bermuda triangle.

Looks like the NW-odor is now really desperate to stop us. This comes only 2 weeks after we were detained for 9 days by Zimbabwean (secret and other) police.

And yes their only option is to outrightly murder us because no legal charges will stick. We are gifting “non existent targets” with funny things that are entirely without any measurable effect as far as controlled textbook science is concerned.

While I’m not really eager to be murdered, it would backfire on them in a big way as it would be the ultimate confirmation of the validity of what we’re doing.

Even if they make it look like an accident, nobody would believe it if a number of outstanding orgone activists suddenly had accidents.

So Jeeez, quite a dilemma for the NW odor strategists to resolve


Well, I hope to God that none of us will ever be harmed. Georg and Alex have gotten the worst of it, so far (not counting the various failed murder atttempts and frequent poison assaults on several of us), and it looks as though the World Odor picked that scab of humanity, Robert Mugabe, to attempt to imprison or kill Georg and Alex on their behalf, just like the US Coast Guard (who deserve as much respect as our excellent US Postal Service, in my opinion) was tagged by the sewer rats to detain us for them.

Carol hasn’t looked, yet, but I think that area we gifted on the LIttle Bahama Bank on the first leg of the trip hosts a vast underground complex, tied to HAARP. It may be built in some of the ancient, leftover Atlantean and perhaps even reptilian catacombs, as is apparently the huge underwater base east of Andros Island, operated by the US and British navies. I may have mentioned that I was feeling half-hearted about gifing those bases until Carol mentioned that this was why the Coast Guard was induced to arrest us in the first place: to prevent us going there this time.

Eric, the cutter DOLPHIN looks like that one in your picture but the orange, Zodiac Hurricane is a lot slicker than the zodiac in your other picture, which more resembles ours, actually. That one was a cool boat! It’s a jetboat with a heavy-duty aluminum hull that can go 65 mph. One of our captors told me that the cutter can only go 30 mph but the jetboat slides down a ramp in the cutter’s stern when the transom lifts up. I was utterly fascinated and asked Jeff to get close when the jetboat drove up onto the ramp while the cutter was under way. The black diesel smoke somes out either side of hte hull toward the stern, which looks a little freaky when they shove the throttle forward [Image Can Not Be Found]

Actually, I knew they were Coast Guard when I saw them waiting for us, about three miles away. I saw the red stripe on the white hull before they turned to chase us [Image Can Not Be Found] but didn’t know they were going to arrest us until the orange Zodiac pulled way out ahead of the cutter adn got close enough for me to see their flashing blue cop light.

I was touched that the Native American guardsman, probably a chief petty officier, who was mainly questining us never asked for my social security number, though he asked for Carol’s and Jeff’s. Apparently he was satisfied that I belong to the Pembina tribe. I wonder why these guys no longer wear rank insignia. Even the cutter’s skipper didn’t have any, though the Indian guy told us that he’s the skipper.

The sea was quite smooth all day until about an hour after we got arrested, then by the time we got gack across the Gulf STream to Florida there were six foot breaking seas, which certainly weren’t in the forecast or current report [Image Can Not Be Found] This was another bit of evidence that the sewer rats couldn’t find us until the Coast Guard told them our position. We’ve been gifting in the sea in that boat since the end of November, almost eight months, and every time we go out, the seas get rough, usually contrary to reported conditions. One time, Jeff and I encountered ten foot seas close to shore, in fact. I wish I knew how the sewer rats can do that but I suspect it’s alien tech.

We’re going to nail that offshore Gulf HAARP transmitter, pretty soon, and it’s getting more apparent to us that it’s tied to the area we just gifted in the Bahamas. That may be the very last remaining major HAARP facility in the region, in fact.

When that 3d class petty officer in charge of the night shift, who was making noises about customs violations, left us alone another guardsman grinned and said, ‘Nobody really bothers with customs when they come back from the Bahamas in a private boat, don’t worry.’ That’s the fellow who asked the most questions about orgonite, by the way. I think the gal is simply ambitious and knew the feds wanted us detained ‘at all costs.’ The officer who first checked us out went home, right after that and gave CArol his card in case she wanted to resolve the safety violations without waiting for the mail. The facility is also the enlisted barracks.

I didn’t figure that a discussion about the blatantly unConstitutional nature of the exercise would be helpful, since these kids obviously haven’t read that document or ever considered it more significant than toilet paper. Who can blame them? it’s how our educational system and the What To Think Network operates, after all.

At least we saw a DOLPHIN that day.


I was further told that many of the sightings took place near the Atlantic Undersea Test and Evaluation Center (AUTEC), the American naval base on the Bahamas island of Andros, and that some researchers believed AUTEC might be an underwater “Area 51”- a place where secret research was being carried out on UFOs by the American government, and which, from time to time, was even visited by UFOs.

I decided, as a historian, to try to get to the bottom of these extraordinary speculations. The Atlantic Undersea Test and Evaluation Center (AUTEC) possesses unique resources, including an underwater range for testing and research on acoustic equipment. It is located 177 miles southeast of West Palm Beach, Florida, at Andros Island and the Tongue of the Ocean, in Bahamas. The Andros Island AUTEC test facility-access to which must be obtained beforehand – covers only one square mile on land, but actually comprises 1,670 square miles of the surrounding Caribbean. This ocean area is a steep-sided deep-water embayment 100 miles long and 20 miles wide, with depths varying from 700 fathoms at the “rim” to 1,100 fathoms (more than a mile) at the northern end. By any reckoning, this is a huge amount of underwater space.

I learned from more than one source that the Andros base has an ultra-top secret caliber of security. Here is an illustration. In 1997, a group of duck-hunters-who, admittedly, had walked right by a PROHIBITED AREA sign less than a mile from the base-suddenly found themselves confronting an unusually thick wall of foliage. At that very moment, they were knocked off their feet and their faces thrust into the ground.

The hapless duck-hunters quickly discovered that the foliage contained sailors in heavy camouflage, and that other sailors, leaping out of the foliage behind them, had hurled them to the ground. Taken to a nearby tent, they were grilled by a colonel for hours, until they were certain they would be thrown into prison. Then, abruptly, the officer released them, declaring, “I believe your story.”

In the waters off Andros island, strange craft have been seen from time to time which not only resemble UFOs, but which display the same unbelievable swiftness of motion and execute the same incredibly sharp turns. A Viennese businessman told me that, once, when he was yachting off the coast of Andros, he glimpsed, two miles away (it was a very clear day), in waters over a mile-and-a-half deep, a motionless object he thought was a whale. Coming to within almost half-a-mile of the object-which was now gleaming oddly-the yachter observed that it was some kind of man-made craft of ultramodern design.

Suddenly, the craft took off in a southerly direction at what my informant described as a “lunatic speed.” It sped along the surface of the water. Then, abruptly, it disappeared beneath the waves, not to be seen again.

I have been told of conspiracy and suppression theories of a very dark nature which have been burgeoning around the subject of AUTEC as an “underwater Area 51,” just as they have been around the subject of the real “Area 51.” Here is an example, passed along to me by an informant whom I interviewed in November, 1998, at NASA headquarters at Cape Kennedy, Florida.

I was told that highly respected and world-class British scuba diver Rob Palmer, who had been director of a “blue holes” research center in Bahamas for a number of years, had failed to surface after a dive in the Red Sea, in Israel, in mid-July, 1997, and was presumed dead. Blue holes are small underwater caves, apparently formed from within, which are found predominately in the area of the Bahamas archipelago. I think it possible that blue holes may, perhaps, have been formed by the popping in and out of existence of micro-wormholes.

Rob Palmer, apparently, had entertained a roughly analogous theory. In addition, he believed blue holes might be the transit points for UFOs arriving here from other dimensions-and his investigations were taking him closer and closer to the AUTEC base on Andros Island, where there is a very great proliferation of blue holes. My informant told me there was a rumor that Palmer might have been murdered by officials at AUTEC, probably because he knew too much, and possibly by a post-hypnotic suggestion which caused him to take his own life while he was under the waters of the Red Sea.

As a professional historian, I don’t care to indulge in such lurid speculations. But their existence suggests there might well be significant clandestine activity taking place at the Andros island AUTEC facility.

Dr. Michael Preisinger

I think this is one spot that needs gifting, Don


Keyword AUTEC Cool

Official website for Autec the Underground(Oops, I meant Undersea) Base on Andros Island, Bahamas


Atlantic Undersea Test and Evaluation Center (AUTEC)

The Atlantic Undersea Test and Evaluation Center (AUTEC) range systems provide accurate underwater and in-air tracking for both firing platforms and targets using a variety of acoustic beacons and sensors. By taking advantage of the growing maturity of underwater acoustic telemetry, AUTEC can also provide two-way digital data communications with submarines operating at speed and depth. Systems already under test have demonstrated reliable, secure, two-way data transmission over several nautical miles at data rates exceeding one kilobit per second (Kbps). While this is neither wide-band nor long range, it adequately supports the current requirement, and expected advancements will bring higher data rates and longer ranges in the future.

The Atlantic Undersea Test and Evaluation Center (AUTEC) Operating Areas (OPAREA) are located in the vicinity of Andros Island, Bahamas. Facilities and instrumentation for deep-water test and evaluation are available. The complex consists of the following instrumented operating areas:

  • OPAREA T-1 through T-8
  • AUTEC Shallow Water OPAREA
  • Large Area Tracking Range (LATR)

The following non-instrumented danger areas which are the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) equivalent to warning areas are located in this OPAREA:

  • Danger Area D-3002
  • Danger Area D-3003

AUTEC’s semi-tropical climate, quiet acoustic environment, and extensive capabilities make it an ideal year-round test facility. AUTEC is located at Andros Island because of its close proximity to the Tongue of the Ocean (TOTO). TOTO is a unique deep-water basin approximately 110 nautical miles long (204 kilometers) and 20 nautical miles wide (almost 37 kilometers), varying in depth form 700-1100 fathoms (1280-2012 meters). The basin floor is relatively smooth and soft, with very gradual depth changes. TOTO is bounded on the west by Andros Island, to the south and east by large areas of very shallow banks that are non-navigable, and to the north by the Northwest Providence Channel. This unique geography results in very low vessel traffic, minimal distant shipping noise, an absence of large ocean swells, and slight currents, while providing operational security and easy access to deep water. These factors make the TOTO an excellent location for a test facility.

North of the TOTO, in the southern boundary of the Northwest Providence Channel, is a shallow-water plateau that varies in depth from 5-400 fathoms (9-731 meters). This convenient plateau, which is adjacent to the Berry Islands, is a prime choice for satisfying littoral warfare test requirements. Other surrogate shallow-water test sites off the east coast of Florida are also available.

AUTEC consists of two facilities. One is located in West Palm Beach, Florida and supports test planning, logistics, and administrative requirements. The actual test facility and range complex is located 285 km/177 nm southeast of West Palm Beach at Andros Island and the Tongue of the Ocean (TOTO) in the Bahamas. Access to Andros Island is limited and must be arranged through the Commander, Naval Undersea Warfare Center Division in Newport, Rhode Island. The AUTEC test facility on Andros Island covers approximately 1 square mile. The test range sea surface covers 2,670 nm2, and unlimited altitude airspace covers 835 nm2.

AUTEC aircraft make scheduled daily flights between West Palm Beach and Andros Town Airport. Commercial flights and special charters are available to supplement the AUTEC flights. Major test support facilities on Andros Island are located at Site 1 in the Command Control Building and Range Support Facility. The Command Control Building houses the range tracking displays and replay centers, the computer center, photo lab, communications center and the central timing system.

The Range Support Facility houses a torpedo post-run workshop, Mk 46/Mk 50 Intermediate Maintenance Activities (IMA), a Target Mk 30 IMA, a Mk 48 R&D Turnaround and extensive technical laboratory facilities. The complex includes electrical and physical calibration labs, a complete electronics maintenance shop, a dive locker, a precision machine shop/office and logistic spaces.

AUTEC has a 285 foot long concrete pier with a controlling depth of 17 feet (5.2 meters) at mean low tide. An adjacent wharf is approximately 240 feet long (72 meters) with a controlling depth of 15 feet at mean low tide. 440 VAC power is available at both locations (200 and 60 Amp at the pier and 60 Amp at the wharf). Facilities at the pier/marine area include fully equipped machine/fabrication and marine overhaul shops.

At Site 1 there are six Range User Buildings (RUBs) available to range users for assembling test equipment and equipment check-outs during a mobilization or dockside period. These staging areas are equipped with a variety of power sources, gantry cranes, compressed air and other minimal to maximum security capabilities. A fully equipped range user hanger, for ground maintenance and storage of helos, is located adjacent to the helo landing area.

Designed specifically as a high-precision RDT&E test facility, the Weapons Range is primarily used to gather highly accurate positional data required to analyze and assess the performance of undersea warfare weapons, weapons systems, and component subsystems. The range provides for 3-dimensional in-water and in-air tracking of multiple objects simultaneously, making it suitable for testing both shipboard and aircraft weapons systems.

The Weapons Range is roughly parallel to the east coast of Andros Island. It is the larger and more versatile of the AUTEC ranges, being over 9 nautical miles wide (17 kilometers) and 35 nautical miles lone (65 kilometers), and capable of tracking nine objects simultaneously. The range is supported by the Main Base (Site 1) and various smaller sites located to the south along the east coast of Andros Island. AN/WQC-2A Sonar Communications Sets provide underwater voice and command link coverage, while HF and UHF radio communications are available over the entire range.

In-air tracking extends to about 70,000 feet (21,000 meters) over the Weapons Range. In-air data are taken in the same coordinate system as the in-water tracking data, allowing multiplatform tests to be monitored in real time and facilitating post-test analysis. Surveillance radars are provided to assure safety.

The in-water portion of the Weapons Range is divided into two instrumented sections located about 2 miles (3.2 kilometers) apart. The larger section, located off Sites 3 and 4, consists of a rectangular array of hydrophones covering an area approxiamately 5 nautical miles wide (9 kilometers) by 15 nautical miles long (28 kilometers). The section provides in-water tracking over an area of up to 230 square nautical miles. The second section, located to the southeast of Site 1, provides a tracking area of about 120 square nautical miles. The two sections of the Weapons Range may be used either independently or simultaneously to support tests.

The primary mission of AUTEC’s Fleet Operational Readiness Accuracy Check site (FORACS) is to perform precision measurements of the accuracy of target and navigation sensors installed on surface ships, submarines, and helicopters. AUTEC is certified by the Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) to perform Sensor Accuracy Tests and is affiliated with the NATO FORACS program. The eight participating NATO member nations are Canada, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Italy Norway, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

AUTEC has a variety of underwater acoustic measurement systems. For measuring the acoustic signatures of quiet vehicles, a high-gain vertical line array is deployed from a boat rigged for quiet operation. The line array is lowered to the running depth of the submerged vehicle so that the vehicle lies within the beamwidth of the line array. Other systems include a portable measurement system composed of a hydrophone, cable, and spectrum analyzer, all powered by batteries and operable from small boats; calibrated, broadband sonobuoys (AN/SQQ-58) for remote collection of ambient noise, biologics, etc.; an omnidirectional hydrophone located on the OHDF, supplemented by an array of sensors, for measuring the acoustic noise of buoyant ascent vehicles. These systems are often operated within the Weapons Range to conveniently measure the separation distances between test vehicle and hydrophone(s) which allow accurate range corrections.

AUTEC, the Navy’s premier east coast in-water test facility, recently established a shallow-water test range and minefield to meet the need for operations and evaluation in the challenging littoral environment. Conveniently situated just 8 miles from our local landing site, the shallow-water facility is located 65 miles (120 kilometers) north of AUTEC Site 1 in the southern boundary of the Northwest Providence Channel in the Berry Islands, Great Stirrup Cay, Bahamas.

With all the ordinance being released off the coast it’s no wonder dolphins and whales are driven up on the beaches on occasion.

The entire east coast is one big test firing range.

https://www.globalsecurity.org More like global insecurity, toots sweet

Eric-- the US Navy is always up to no good, so anything they say officially can be assumed to be lies. We got some intel from a reputable source that indicates that the AUTEC sites along and under the Tongue of the Ocean are actually dedicated to destroying the vitality of all of the oceans and also to destroying all cetaceans in the world. The US Navy is pre-eminent in the World Odor effort to get rid of cetaceans, so gifting in the Tongue of the Ocean there will be interesting. Thanks for posting their laundered version, though.

Fortunately, I made a lot of friendly Bahamian acquaintances on North and South Andros Islands on previous visits, so I’m not worried about getting there and back. It’s a very hospitable place, by the way, and they’re not thrilled about these secret facilities so I might start a little groundswell of hope, there. I’ll probably leave a cloubuster with one of the families I know. Zappers helped me get a lot of introductions and all that was before we had invented the cloudbuster.

This pattern of AUTEC techobabble and lying is similar to how HAARP was promoted (remember when that was mentioned officially? --Not for several years, though) as a wonderful, benevolent science project to help us understand the atmosphere, aid global communications tech and to ‘map underground caverns’ (!).

On Sunday, very, very early in the morning, Jeff and I set out from Marco Island, Florida, south of Naples on the Gulf Coast (across the state from us), to the tower site that’s in the middle of those previously-constant spinning storm systems we had all been seeing on weather radar.

Carol and I laid a north/south line of orgonite through the middle of that area from the passenger ferry that runs from Ft Meyers Beach to Key West and that ameliorated the constant storm but when Jeff, Carol and I boated over to Little Bahama Bank, directly east of where we live on the Atlantic Coast of South Florida, the twin constant spinning storms over tha area of the bank and the one north of Key West suddenly disappeared and haven 't returned. They were obviously connected with each other somehow, and my guess is that each location marks a big, natural energy vortex.

There were essentially no towers on the vast LIttle Bahama Bank that could have accounted for the spinning system but it became apparent that we were interfering with a massive underground operation, perhaps alien-operated. The elementals practically screamed at Carol when we were over the center section of it in the Bahamas, so she doubled the number of TB tosses in that ten-mile stretch.

Yesterday, Carol wasn’t with us (she’s on the Left Coast of the US this month) but Jeff was in fine form, sensing/seeing energy, and in the middle of the previously-horrid area NNE of Key West (we were thirty miles offshore–halfway to our destination) a large number of dolphins met and interacted with us in an astounding, even spellbinding way. The sea was flat, so it was easy to see pretty far down into that very clear water. This is the first time that dolphins swam toward us instead of being coy and keeping their distance. A young one leapt right out of the water beside the boat, first, then an adult came toward us on the surface from about a hundred feet ahead.

Of course, when we see dolphins we start tossing orgonite right away. It dawned on me that the reason they disappear right after that is probably because they’re all going down to retrieve the orgonite [Image Can Not Be Found] but this time an adult bottlenose dolphin swam up to the boat from far below and circled very close around it at a depth of about six feet, lookint intently up at us the whole time. He breached right beside the boat, then, and eyeballed us, then when I tossed another TB beside him, he rushed to follow it to the bottom, which was fifty feet down. The water wasn’t smooth or clear enough for us to see the bottom, unfortunately–there were probably about fifty dolphins around us. We were a little anxious to get to the tower, another 30 miles SSW from there, so we didn’t jump in the water that time. Knowing that the sewer rats can send head seas at us from any direction we wanted to get to the tower, first, then we would be able to go back to shore in any direction according to which way the seas might be breaking. I’m particularly eager to avoid having to plow through breaking headseas in our Zodiac because that’s very slow going and is a very unpleasant experience. Gifting shouldn’t seem like punishment, I believe.

The weird disappearance of the horizon only lasted for a few minutes because the orgonite was acting on it really fast. At first I thought the disappearance of the horizon was an effect of the sunrise but Jeff felt sure it was because we were in a locally-generated field of DOR. The energy around us was yellow in this case. From his descriptoin of the energy, coupled with the fact that no storms had been created there since Carol and I gifted more sparsely through it in the previous month, gave me confidence in his observation and we both realized that this gifting trip was about whatever is unerneath the bottom of the sea in that area, not much about the tower, as we had assumed. When we had plowed through there on the passenger ferry we had seen a lot of dark lenticular clouds in the huge thunderhead, which indicates the active presence of alien parasites’ ships. ‘As above, so below.’ Gosh, I guess those Theosophists are onto something, after all! Money mouth

In fact, the tower, which is in 66 feet of water, wasn’t impressive. He saw enough DOR coming off it that it seems obvious that the transmitting tech is hidden in the construction pipes rather than out in the open, as is the case with all of the landlocked death transmitters, but the wide hollow center column, which rises from the sea bottom and ends at a platform about forty feet above sea level, is big enough to house a stairway or elevator (pneumatic tube?). We know that underground base entrances rarely look conspicuous. I’ve seen hillbilly yards full of fancy fedmobiles around decrepit shacks in the countryside, for instance, with nobody in sight.

On the way back to shore from the tower, which we ringed with a score or so of TBs in a wide circle, Jeff directed me to steer for a DOR bank, slightly to the north of where we’d been before. As soon as I started for it, we saw a boat, about four miles directly in front of us, apparently turned sideways and not moving. We both felt ‘watched.’ It was the first boat we saw that morning. When we got close enough to see it better, the boat had moved off to the NNE, throwing a wide wake, and its previous wake overtook us, giving us the impression that the boat draws a lot of water and had been moving pretty fast before it parked in our path. The direction of the wake that overtook us in that flat water indicated that hte boat had come up from the south, which probably means Key West, and Jeff and I both felt sure that it was a fedboat, sent to check us out.

We’d pulled the masks, flippers and snorkels out of the chainlocker in case we encountered that pod of friendly bottlenmose dolphins again but I got a wild hair and pursued the retreating yacht. When we entered the DOR bank, a single dolphin raised his tail out of the water and waved [Image Can Not Be Found] and another one did the same as were were leaving that gifted DOR bank, about fifteen miles further on. In between tail waves, Jeff threw out a big number of TBs. Conveniently, that yacht led us right through the middle of it

Apparently, the dolphins showed up, before, to induce us to toss a lot more frequently than the one-per-mile pattern along our course. They seem to know that we throw lots and lots of orognite out whenever we see them and I’m not ashamed to admit that our Pavlovian tossing response can always be relied on by them–small price to pay, for sure, and anyway, one feels overwhelmed with the desire to give them these little gifts, which is why Carol makes dolphin balls (we forgot to bring them, this time). Seeing the horizon re-appear all around us, again, within minutes was a pretty dramatic confirmation, too. The part ahead of us disappeared last, by the way, wihich shows a sort of orgone wave pattern from back to front.

Normally, I telegraph my punches to the sewer rats because it’s fun and is a form of counting coup when they then fail to interfere effectivcely but this time I didn’t want the sewer rats to rough up the water around us. We apparently succeeded in scamming them into believing that we were headed back to the Bahamas the night before, rather to the Gulf. We didn’t see a single fedmobile on the three hour trip across Florida to just north of the Everglades National Park; not even when we spent almost an hour searching Marco Island for a more user-friendly boat ramp than the one we found just before crossing the big bridge to the island. If the feds knew where we were, we’d have seen literally dozens of them, studiously ignoring us at 4AM, especially on sleepy/sleeping Marco Island.Wink

I wonder if the sewer rats were afraid to send a plane or helicopter to check us out. A mutual acquaintance told me that DB is still bringing them down with etheric interference and I konw the sewer rats think I can do more to them than I actually can. Maybe they’re bad swimmers.

We left here with the trailored boat at 1:30AM and got in the water when it was still dark, 5AM. A half hour later we were in the Gulf. Thank God for those wonderfulo GPS devices that clearly show boat channels and water depths because the channel to the Gulf from the boatramp was a little tricky to navigate and it was really dark. The prudent navigator, sans graphic GPS, only attempts to navigate among shoals in mid-day sunlight. This thing has turned us into genuine gifting commandos!

After almost an hour, we caught up with that yacht, which had steadily increased its speed. It was about fifty feet long, very expensive looking and manned by a couple who gave off a fed odor to us. I bet they’re in trouble with their sewer rat superiors for me reporting this, by the way. Along the way, my chest got pretty tight and the energy I sent at them didn’t seem to be reaching the mark, which gave me the impression that they’re not entirely human and were more than ready for us. Jeff aimed the little cloudbuster at them until we got alongside. The Zodiac was going about 35 mph, then, and the sea around us was getting rough, indicating that scalar HAARP was being blown at us from a couple of directions. I steered carefully over the other boat’s steep wake and bow wave (the thing was throwing a lot of water from the bow), then crossed in front of them and changed course. I was unable to make eye contact because the poker-faced fellow, a middle aged man, had dark sunglasses and the gal beside him wouldn’t look at us at all or even turn around. I got him to wave, at least.

As soon as we changed course toward Marco Island (they were headed to Ft Meyers, apaprently), the restricted feeling in my chest went away and I was able to take uncharacteristically deep, effortless breaths so I knew we had achieved a little victory of some sort. The sea calmed down, but not as calm as it was before that boat spotted us. The wind had suddenly moved around to the northwest, then, but we were only 20 miles from shore and were driving across the waves, not into them.

I’m glad I followed my hunch and pursued the sewer rats because otherwise I might not have discovered that they have to know exactly where we are in order to rough up the sea from a distance. They can’t do a big area that way, especially now that we’ve all disabled most of their HAARP arrays and death towers in the region. They apparently knew where we are after we met the dolphins and strarted dumping orgonite on that big underground base and those two (I assume there weren’t more below decks) must have leapt onto that speedy boat at 6AM in Key West to get up there that fast. The thing was so expensive that Jeff and I had the impression taht the guy is NSA SAIC and the gal a top psychic predator for the agency.

Marco Island is where HAARPicane Wilma came to shore as a tropical storm. It was boosted to HAARPicane velocity as it moved directly across the state to our door. Earache Carlson and I busted a bunch of the death towers and HAARP arrays in that pathway, a few months later, and Jeff did the rest on the same day. We divided the territory on a map right before we set out. Im sure that the big underground complex was essential to initiating that HAARPicane’s anti-natural path.

Eluding sewer rat agencies has become easier in the past few months for some reason and I’m not sure why, yet. There was a time when eluding the sewer rats on any occasion was a full time job, only effective for short periods, but that was when their psychics had a lot more moxie, I think. The sewer rat psychics all seem pretty dispirited, by now, even the old-school ones who were around before the hippie days. Remember when Theosophical cults, including Scientology and Eckankar, weren’t trendy at all? I do. Maybe they, as psychics, are able to see the end of their Theosophical Parasite Party coming along pretty soon.

Even the aliens’ espionage and energy-beaming effort seems disjointed, halfhearted and ineffective by now. I suppose they’re just going thru the equivalent motions of collecting their paychecks. Not long ago, it would have been hard or impossible to pull a fast one on them and our only comfort was that the aliens won’t share intel with the human sewer rats in a similar way to how the sewer rats won’t share intel with local cops or the US Coast Guard Cool.

Another thing that may have had the sewer rats chasing their tails, this time, is that I had taken the windshield and brace off the boat. I only do that when I intend to launch it from our dock because we can’t get under the second bridge with the windshield on the boat. Do you enjoy playing Confuse-a-Fed as much as we do? Try it on yoru next gifting sortie, if you’re not doing it yet, okay?

Carol tells me that there are at least a half dozen sewer rat cameras trained on our home and sewer rats in several agencies working in shifts to watch us thru the cameras. They move the contingent of local, shaved-head, armored, jackbooted nazi cops around like little chess pieces so that they show up an scowl at Carol wherever we go in town. No doubt, they all saw Jeff and I leave but they probably assumed we were driving down to Miami to launch the boat this time and had so had their alleged people stationed nonchalantly at every boat ramp, including the ones along the way where one would need to pass under a low bridge to get to the big water. Wink.

‘Intelligence community’ my @$$.

You may have seen on the Weather Channel or weather radar sites what happened the next day (today) in that region: Heavy, artificially-induced rain and thunderstorms thrown directly from the northeast at the area we had just gifted. When the nasty stuff reached the coast, it disappeared, mostly, and what was left divided in a clear-sky furrow right around the path of the orgonite we laid out to the tower, sixty miles from shore. YOu can see where we gifted, plain as day.

The only stormy area over South Florida’s Gulf coastal water was along the stretch that we haven’t gifted, yet: From Naples to Venice. Carol had told me that there’s some heavy duty HAARP gear in the Everglades, though, along the Gulf shore, but I don’t know if we’ll have time to gift that remote stretch because we’ve got our sights set on the big offshore volcano taht the What To Think Network claims will destroy all of the coastal cities of Oregon and Washington, pretty soon. We can definitely get to the water above the volcano in our boat and drop some finned earthpipes around it. We prevented the imminent eruption of Yellowstone’s caldera with 24 earthpipes a couple of years ago, so this should be a snap and there won’t likely be any armed sewer rats hunting us, as there were in Yellowstone that day. The Yellowstone volcano plug was ten times bigger than the ocean one is, I think. If the US Navy intends to detonate another huge H-Bomb, as they did off the coast of Malaysia for Christmas, I’m sure we can stop them, with the cetaceans help, before they can commit the act. Where would we all be without our wonderful psychics? Did you know that the CIA grew like a malignant tumor right out of the US Navy after WWII?

Right now, the World Odor are trying to generate a HAARPicane to throw at us from the area just northeast of the Bahamas but even the Weather Channel talking heads are underwhelmed by that one.

I’m inclined to leave that sixty mile stretch of Gulf Coast un-gifted so that the PJ folks can see a frequent reminder of what orgonite in the sea can do for the atmosphere. This can be our subliminal advertising campaign. Carol and I will probably be long-gone from Florida before the local What To Think Network starts talking incidentally about how there’s an abundance of fish, again, along the coast where we had gifted the perpetual red tide and the bioweapons dump upstream that generated it. the next day, the World Odor tried to throw a HAARPicane at Tampa but the barrier we had just created off the coast ate the storm for breakfast. One of the Weather Channel’s top vultures was in Tampa that morning in a raincoat, practically ejaculating in front of the camera in expectation of a destructive hurricane. Good thing for everyone that he didn’t open his coat, I suppose. I wonder what something like that would do to the What To Think Network’s credibility.

Note how they’re describing the miraculous, frequent summer rainfall in the Arizona desert as ‘monsoons.’ Isn’t that on par with saying that Southeast India is getting its usual spring blizzards, or that these northeast sunrises in summer are to be expected, so don’t bother to discuss it?

Let’s hope that the PJ folks will continue to wake up gradually instead of traumatically. This way, the World Odor will go out the same way a fart escapes from an opened elevator, instead of dragging us all down with them. You’ve seen PJ folks’ faces harden when you’re telling them more truth than they’re comfortable assimilating. I hope you’ve also noticed that they can be spoonfed quite a bit of truth, now, before they start reacting. Imagine what might happen to us all if the veil seperating reality from the What To Think Network paradigm suddenly fell.

I should mention that I saw a lot of deep purple energy in the water after we finished gifting the remaining patch of death energy. Large patches of the water appeared to be deep purple to me and Jeff pointed at them when I mentioned it. I wouldn’t have been surprised if just he saw it but I rarely see energy and when it happens I consider it a bounty or blessing from The Operators, which might be to say, from the dolphins in this case. The dolphin ‘tail waves’ at either end of that patch was pretty eloquent, too, especially since I was mainly concerned with catching up with our prey. ‘The family that preys together, stays together,’ I’m told, and that’s worked well for Carol and I–we love to etherically prey on two-legged predators. Jeff and I both missed her that day because it’s so much more fun and informative when she’s along on these expositions. She gets right into the heads of the predators, too–both the seen and unseen ones. Proper, timely Intel can turn the tide of battles Cool


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