A New Hacker Tactic?

I got the following email today in my personal email box, allegedly sent from my own personal email address:

Dear Ms. Sarah.-

Thanks for your information. You especially and the three

more people I have met through the Internet are examples

of excellent service to customers. Never an impatience

voice tone, always nice and helpful. USA persons are

efficient and business like but they do not have the

"touch" for making the other party feel comfortable as you have.

Best regards.

–Francisco Carlton


I took a look at the tracking information this afternoon…

It looks like it has already been delivered to Montreal …

pretty fast… impressive [Image Can Not Be Found]


–Mikhail Skoda

In other words, someone else appears to be representing me to a customer. Those names don’t show up in our records, at least. I’ll assume that this is done just to rattle me. The parasites on the other side expend a lot of effort to put us off balance, as you may know. They don’t seem to be capable of attacking us directly any more, as they still did in Dr Reich’s day, when the PJ folks enthusiastically supported their oppressors and puppetmasters… In the past, posting about specific hacker tactics has often stopped the sewer rats from engaging in them. All parasites prefer to work in the dark, after all.

Also, duringthree recent chat/blast sessions we went after hacker hierarchies and have been delving deeper into this agenda, each time. We’ll keep at that on a regular basis. This is how the three psyhchics found that enormous Vril hive/headquarters under Lake Geneva last time, for instance–pretty serendipitous and, before that, we found and assaulted massive NSA and MI6 facilities decidated to hacking millions of internet users.

Anyone who seeks truth is considered The Enemy by the world odor, of course–it’s always been this way but, now, we genuine activists have the internet to share intel with each other across the globe. I’m happy to report that I’m getting a lot less hacking each time we go after these slime-sucker hierarchies but we’reapprently high-priority targets for the other side, so I don’t expect us to be free from hacking any time soon. I’m finding it impossible to communicate via email with our forum administrator, Jacques LaSalle, by the way, and it’s so time-consuming for me to locate his posts on EW that private messaging (which is what he recommends) isn’t an easy option due to my poor computer skills.

God forbid I’d have to resort to telephones, because I dislike phones a lot, but I’m willing to do that. For now, though, he’s apparently been receiving most of my email because the posters on EW who experience blocks to posting are getting to post again and the new members are getting registered by Jacques who can be PM’d from his ‘Jackyboy’ ID in any post. Dirk in Holland, who posts as ‘psychiatrist’ has had an exceptionally difficult time posting, which may indicate that his offerings are particularly fearsome to the world odor (Good for you, Doc!).

I’ve sent Jacques half a dozen emails about Dirk’s sudden inability to post since last summer but Jacques apparently isn’t getting them. Meanwhile, Dirk’s been very patient and has been contributing to Dooney’s board effort, donebydooney.com. As you probably know, she’s one of our three psychics and she’s also The Coach, who’s been teaching people around the globe how to personally fight back when under attack by the sewer rats. HOpefully, Jacques is reading this and will fix Dirk’s problem. Otrherwise, please understand that anyone on the memberlist who hasn’t posted since the last time EW was destroyed by hackers, a year ago, will probably need to contact Jacques or me before he/she is able to post again.

Hackers disabled everyone’s ability to post, then, and anyone who’s name you see on EW, including mine, hadto get special help from Jacques to start posting again, after that attack.One of the things I’ve been trying to talk to Jacques about is the possibility of noting, on the registration page, that Etheric Warriors is a ‘by invitation, only’ forum effort. I’ve repeated that often, but it needs to be noted on the page itself, of course.

Jacques has singlehandedly (aside from our group blasting efforts) kept EW up and running since he took over the administrator function, which happened right after the second destruction of EW. This site was destroyed twice by hackers in as many months in late 2005. In addition, an apparently well-intentioned fellow in Quebec had no trouble at all registering on EW and even posting here but that may just indicate a mischief attempt by hackers. Even the folks I invite to post here can’t doso without quite a bit of intervention by Jacques.

After discussing this with teh fellow in Quebec, he agreed to be removed from the memberlist, for now, and to stay in touch with me via email so we can get bettter acquainted. I’m certainly not assuming that he’s a troublemaker and he might turn out to be a tremendous asset.He apparently didn’t know that one has to be invited in order to post.

For now, I’m assuming that the thousands of spam/virus emails that to out to people allegedly from me, personally, are just creating free advertising for what we’re all doing. After all, we only seek people who are capable of exercisingsome discernment and are also capable of looking objectively at how pervasive but necrotic the world odor is. In that case, hacking that’s done in my name is seen for what it is. I don’t much care what the PJ folks think about me and I never seek their support, even though they are the vast majority of humanity.

AS long as this sleeping giant isn’t directly supporting the world odor we can go on doing what we do and the world odor will continue to fail and fall, nor will these sleepyheads ever be troubled by having to fully wake up.


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