A New, Useful Implosion Device for Psi Work & Protection

Ansgar in Germany sent the following to me. It’s intriguing, even though I don’t quite understand it or how to make it, and I have a sense that this fellow is a person of substance. If I get enough interest from readers I’ll ask him for clarification in order to share more info, here.



On Mon, Jan 23, 2012 at 1:35 PM, Ansgar Schwarting <[email protected]> wrote:
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Hallo Don,

I know your book and looked at your site “worldwithoutparasites …” You write about a lot of things for example “implosion”, so that I think, that you know about Viktor Schauberger.

My message may be unnecessary and my English is merely a kind of broken German. All I wanted to tell you is, that just in this time, at this moment the best all around protection for you and your wife is a not too small water vortex.

The best form is an egg (from copper) or just a round glas vessel (not to small), take two or more pipes so to the sides, that the outstreaming water from the pipes makes a vortex. Do not give too much pressure, regulate it.
I hope you understand. If not, just ask!

I do it in a closed watercircle with underpressure, with a small waterpump with carbon dioxid in the water, or complex salt, or even some crystalpowder, just concrete …

Please do not underestimate the “radiation” especially over the vortex. You are in the fifth dimension from one moment to the next. It is nothing for weak people. If you need more power, just give more steam. If you find your way, prefer suction to pressure. It is a very powerful tool. Mentally it is a kind of separator, expect this.
You and your wife are going to melt away, that is, why I write.

When you have already known to all of this, excuse please, otherwise, try my advice.

Greeting from Germany


Sounds quite interesting, I want to try one.

I’d certainly be interested in knowing more, also.

It does sound interesting. I ve been wanting to make a home made water vortex just to purify my water.
here is a superb water vortex

He made another unsuccessful attempt to explain it but was in he was under a time constraint at the moment. I’ve asked him to furnish some photos of the construction, when possible. Meanwhile, he shared these two links of an alleged over-unity power plant in Switzerland that works on Schauberger’s principles–intriguing stuff. I think it’s a good idea to spread information like this when it’s available, though this is only the ‘first shoe to drop,’ and the second shoe is demonstrable proof that its working. Most curious folks lack streetsmarts and won’t wait for the second shoe, which is what disinformants like to exploit. I hope we’ll all wait for more substantive info before focusing more attention on this for now. This is often how a good forum goes bad–too much energy spent on tangential topics. I’ve been privately leaning on a couple of loquacious contributors, here to limit their off-topic posts to one per gifting report for now, until they can get themselves under more control and stop being omnipresent. This forum has to be mainly about working with orgonite and reporting the results, after all.