A Peacemaker On Cerro San Cristobal

04 Feb 2008 09:56
Subject: A Peacemaker On Cerro San Cristobal
In downtown Santiago lies a large hill with a majestic view of the city, and an impressive statue of Saint Cristopher. Unfortunately one peak of the hill also has a plethora of ugly towers, cellular and otherwise. Its rises about 300 yards above the city.
Close to the hill is a narrow strip of greenbelt, which runs between major roads, and includes a well-known UN building. When Ale and Javi showed it to me, the ground below both the hill and surrounding area (including the greenbelt) was suffused with quite negative qi (or DOR).
On February 2, at about 2 PM, a Peacemaker was placed not far from the top of the ugly part of the hill. Several hours later, Ale and I drove downtown for another purpose, and had opportunity to observe the hill. The ground in the hill, from just below the summit, to about a third of the way down towards the base, had become filled with positive qi (or POR).
On February 3, about 7:30 PM, we (Ale, Javi, and I) drove between the hill and the greenbelt on the way to the airport. The hill and the greenbelt were now filled with positive qi. The POR reached as far down as I could feel, and seemed to extend about a mile and a half away from the Peacemaker.