A Possible Orgone Research Tool

’The Electrosmog Detector!’

Reveal the invisible – hear it for yourself and decide

In a world where fast-growing wireless technology is ever-present, the Electrosmog Detector allows you to hear the digital pulsing of man-made microwave radiation. These could be from

  • Digital cordless DECT phones
  • Mobile phones
  • Computer wireless networks
  • Bluetooth UMTS
  • Mobile phone masts and base stations
  • Baby alarms
  • Microwave technology

This new ’broadband’ detector exposes and converts the electromagnetic impulses it encounters into a collection of sounds (buzzing, screeching, pulsing) that is far more varied and illuminating than the ‘click’ of a geiger counter. You can hear the amount, type, amplitude, and quality of the pulsed electronic pollution created by local transmitters/emitters operating between 50MHz and 3000 MHz, and enjoy the silence when the environment is clear. Hearing is believing!

It is not an alarm, nor is it a warning device. It is an educational tool providing an awareness of your personal environment. Its curved design fits comfortably in the hand and requires no technical knowledge to operate. The Electrosmog Detector is the first true consumer product in this category.

15 years ago, in 1991, the Electrosmog Detector would have just emitted a quiet hiss in most locations. Now it makes a lot of noise, especially in many urban locations and in many, many homes.

Anywhere that you spend your time – at home, in offices, schools, libraries, hotels, restaurants and when travelling, detect the electrosmog ’hotspots’ in your environment and protect your family – if you hear anything in a bedroom, do something about it.

Note: The Electrosmog Detector does not detect the extremely low frequency (ELF) emissions related to household/building wiring, overhead/underground powerlines and all electrical appliances, so see Electrical Environment for a good selection of these.

Technical specifications:
Frequency Range: 50 MHz to 3000 MHz
Sensitivity: 0.01 volts per metre (V/m)
Output: Audio Loudspeaker, Audio jack socket
Controls: On/Off Switch, Volume
Battery: Standard 9V
Credentials: Patented and fully tested to traceable international standards.
Dimensions: 147 x 85mm
Weight: 170gms (inc. 9V battery – supplied)
Packaging: Card box dimensions 180 x 145 x 55mm

Price: £48.94 (excl. VAT)
£56.28 (incl. VAT)