A Prolific Gifter on New Zealand's South Island

Thank you for your prompt reply don, Im sure you have a lot of email to
sort through. I fully understand the need to know who you are conversing
with as snakes come in many guises.

If I may I will write about my awkening first off as Im sure you will all
be familiar with the process.

For the longest time in my life I was aware that of the mysterous
coincidences that suround our lives.

I too up a job exactley one year ago, working in pest control in an attempt
to control terberculosis that exsists in our native bushland area. The
targeted pest was an introduced possum from Australia and so we used any
methods we could to lower thier numbers. The main meathod was by far the
most disturbing, All authorised by government it was to disperse pioson
via airial drops from helicopter. The pioson was cereal baits with 0.15%
1080 per KG!. In the past 1080 pioson was most effective against possums
but not anymore. I had the job of going through what was known as buffer
zones to ensure that the pioson drops worked. They never did, possums arnt
stupid animals and avoided the pioson baits easily, but contrary to the
reports we would file concerning our findings they would simply increase
the amount of pioson dropped(now over 200kg per hectare once a year).
I came to realise is that the target in not possums it is our natural food
scource(we have many varietys of deer, chamios, himilayan thar) that a lot
of us reley on instead of purchasing meat from the supermarket. So in
effect we humans are the target however indirect it may be. I did some
research and discovered a systematic reduction of food supply being
withdrawn to the big supermarkets. Very soon the only way people here can
aquire food is to go to one of these big supermarkets as it would have the
only “safe” food available. I was scared at first but as ny job had me
working in the big mountians and river catchments, after not seeing another
person for 6 weeks something profound happened, a block in my perception
crumbled away and I saw things in a completly different light quite
literally. I had discovered that when you isolate yourself away from the
distractions of modern living and social behaviour, in an area surrounded
with mountains and virgin forest(here its subtropical rain forest) you
begin to reconnect with what was once lost.

From that point on I could not longer conciously ingore my intuition as it
was simply too powerful to ignore. Ever since my intuition has directed me
to every thing I now understand as truth even your work don. I would like
to say in regards your lovely George W, that you should not hate him as so
many do because he has done us a big favour. I refer to him as a “witless
gimp” who through his blunders and slips of the tounge has drawn attention
to many things that are giving people world wide, clues as to the truth
that ratifies all these “conspiracy truth” movies about these days.
Remember not to demonise him or label him as evil or any of them for that
matter, it only makes them stronger. A better descriptive would be
“egregious pond scum”.

So, here in NZ our government has privatised our transport, energy,
forestry(plantation, we no longer harvest our native timber),
communications and are now working to limit our food supply that makes us
citizens the latest and final target to implement the full nations
takeover. But that task will be much harder than they could imagine now
with the grass roots movement now taking hold and there are quite a few of
us here now, and we are making this beautifull little country very
uncomfortable for the negatives. One should never underestimate the strong
spirit of a “Kiwi”.

I have a plan in the new year to place 3 covert cb’s on the hills around
our capital in a tri-lateral configuration and direct them towards the
house of parliment to give the few struggling positives in the government
the stregnth they require.

Well I can rant for hours but that will do for now and I will continue the
saga next time.

I have attached three pics for you don. One is a days work in the workshop
the second is of the chemtrail spew being transmuted when reached land from
the sea where it was laid the previous night. Note the healthy fluffy
whites forming under the spew, and the third is the huge sylph who resides
in the southern alps to my east who appeared in the leading edge of the
spew and transmuted the lot in an hour, the second pic was taken half an
hour after the third one.

I have a lot of evidence I will try to share with you all but im sure it
will only serve as confirmation to most of you.
My love to you all
Thanks, Kerry, for demonatrating my neo-repetitive claim that the most prolific
gifters in this network mostly don’t participate on forums. I do watch out for
prolific gifters, though, who are also adept at reporting their confirmations.
Many mistakenly assume that reporting the gifting is more important than report-
ing the confirmations but the reverse is true, of course, though it’s also good to 
have a record about larger-than-average gifting expeditions. In either case, 
we at Etheric Warriors want to demonstrate that anyone can just take this easy-
to-understand information and get busy with it, rightfully confident that 
confirmations will follow. 
Another main feature of this board effort is that some of us regularly pursue and, 
if possible, disable world-class predators, also any of hte World Odor’s 
operatives who interfere with our lives and those of our associates. This is 
essentially the same as hunting, only bloodless. Just as big game hunters don’t 
hate animals, nor do we hate these mass murderers and other government/
corporate-employed criminals-above-the-law, though we are determined to
neutralize them for the sake of preventing their hoped-for global tyranny and 
genocide. I doubt ‘egregious pond scum’ would ever conceive such a horrifying 
agenda but I think that ‘sewer rats’ might if they were endowed with speech Cool
For instance, two days ago, during the chat session, the three psychics found a 
Mossad plot to detonate a large bomb during a public event in Israel with the 
intention of killing thousands of Israeli Jews and blaming Syria and we 
apparently stopped the plotters, with help from some cetaceans. 
We only occasionally post reports of the hunting (chat) sessions, which normally 
involve EW members who live in a half dozen or more countries. The German & 
French orgonite forums feature a similar weekly effort and sometimes we 
coordinate with each other. 
EW is not a lockstep exercise, though, and only a few of the members express 
an active interest in doing this work; the rest focus mainly on gifting. All of us 
are less inclined to promote ourselves than to educate and heal our specie, 
though, and the membership is quite diverse in terms of race, culture, religion 
and nationality. 
I’m looking forward to your next report and thanks for allowing me to share this
Hello Don and fellow etheric security agents

I will countinue a little on my dawning awareness 6 months ago.
Once I was aware that there was something very sinister happening all
around us every day I began looking for its foot prints. As a New Zealand
bushman I grew up in the bush and can track anything anywhere I applied the same principles unmasking the hidden deception. Shock horror when you
discover its right before your eyes everywhere, now I never did pay too
much attention to TV (grew up without one) but to behold the highly
suggestive BS being pumped into peoples brains non-stop its barely as
subtle as dropping leaflets from a plane.

I have read the cia handbook on phsyco-warefare and its all right there. Im quite stable now compared to my
frustrated acting-outs of my earlier years and did not let the truth of the
deception bring me down I was sitting on the beach thinking about finding
my way to the simple truth minus personal opinion and the other crap, I
made a heartfelt plea to the heavens to direct my attention to the pure un-
adulterated truth. Pretty much the very next website I was looking at was
concerning a book writen by Michel Desmarquet called the Thiaoouba
Prophecy, now I had not read anything much concerning UFO’s and aliens but this one really has something uplifting in it concerning truth and
universal law. I read this book several times before I knew most of what I
now know. I tell you if any of you would like some clarification on the
true nature of the bible look no further, it confirmed my suspicions there
of it being nothing but a book of ancient history that has been modified to
instill fear and to control (a bit like US media in fact) people and
destroy thier free will. I began to do the eye exercises provided by DR Tom
Chalko in an attempt to restore my lost perception of energy, it has taken
6 months and Im about half way there now percieving the energy easily (day
or night) and starting to gain some clarity in colours and finer points of
human aura. We can all do this we just need to re-learn it and it is a most
valuable sense as peoples intentions become visible to you and material
disguises become transparent. Now when it comes to gifting, dowsing is
seldom required now as I can plainly see where the problem is. Dowsing is a
good tool but our own senses can do all that and more with unlimited
Once I could not leave home without my cell phone, now I cant leave home
without my gift bag. We dont really have that much time, our opposites are
attempting to accelerate their plan as we spread our gifing further and
further. It is possible things could get messy but never certain so keep
the job in mind and not the 5pm stop work and go home.
Can I ask you don to advise me in the most suitable device for water
gifting and a quick outline in construction (its basic geometry) as I must
get the inland lakes done here this summer (we have hundreds so I will
focus on the major ones for now) and I should make some of those dolphin
balls (how do you make them) for our native hectors dolphin who lives near
the shoreline, they are so full of fun I spend hours out there with them in
my sea kayak.
Geoge w well he’s definatley the egregious pond scum as hes on the surface,
stagnant and certainly not smart enough be a sewer rat who are much more
cunning;). I see you besotted by the newagers don, I call them the “hiary
fiarys”, just picture huge hairy blokes with tattoos squeezed into fiary
costumes and trying to dance like ballet dancers. I have hpoe for them that
they will soon finaly see the deception as it is and embrace universal law
with its guiding princples.
One last thought, I have noticed the odd behavior of the copper market here
in NZ and wonder if you are all noticing the thinning supply of it, Copper
pipe is hardley used here now in building as new types of polyerethene pipe
have taken its place. Most plumbing suppliers hardly carry any in stock at
all here now and aquiring it is proving to be a costley exercise. I wonder
if this is an intentional or incidental market trend as I could see it
being the only way for them to interfer with the building of CB’s. Another
thought would green nephrite jade be a good crystalised mineral for use in
orgonite devices?, it certainly has a rich green colour that corresponds to
the healing energy.
My love to you all


Thanks, Kerry–any metal is suitable for cloudbusters’ pipes, don’t worry. Aluminum is fine, for instance, and so is galvanized iron pipe or steel. The key is to get the cheapest, lightest material if one is interested in stopping storms by pointing a CB into them. I think aluminum, in your case

Jade is probably okay, though cheap quartz seems to be the favored basic crystal and or towerbusters we only put a tiny, usually broken quartz crystal in each device. Orgonite works well without crystals but crystal just enables us to use less orgonite than otherwise. Many folks got confused by the fakers who tried to give the general impression that crystals and even expensive gemstones are essential. The proper use of fancy stuff is in the interactive devices.

We use simple towerbusters for our water gifting. The key is to distribute as many as possible over the widest area possible. One per mile along coastal areas seems to be a good rule. It’s amazing what can be done that way and it’s likely that the dolphins take most of that and re-distribute it in the sea. I hope you’ll explore more interaction with the dolphins you meet. We see this as the next level and the psychics’ encounters with dolphins are providing the rest of us with an awful lot of useful intel and technology.

We only toss dolphin balls when we’re close ot dolphins, by the way, but they’re not essential at all; they’re our gifts to them and it just feels good to do it. I don’t recall where the tutorial is for making them so I think you’ll need to do some hunting on EW.

I’m posting your report and thanks, again, but I don’t favor religion-bashing. I really enjoyed reading Thiaouba and I have a copy in storage. To say that this book has authority while the Bible or any other book doesn’t have authority, though, seems intellectually dishonest to me, frankly, and proprietary claims are quite divisive and even offensive to our readers (no less to me). EW’s membership includes people who have a wide variety of personal ideologies but you may notice that there’s no wrangling about any of that on my board. This is because ideology takes a backseat to the empowering work we all do together.

Genuine awakening is an inclusive, uplifting thing. I don’t doubt that you’ve been waking up, as we all have been, but I doubt that in this physical life we’ll reach a point at which we can claim to be fully awake.

I don’t recall Thiaouba being promoted by the author as the last word on religion; rather he seemed to be simply recounting his experiences, which I happen to think are real but which certainly can’t be proven to be so. I have a personal theory that some ET races aren’t able to understand earthly humans, so are unable to guide us out of our present difficulties, though they apparently keep trying, perhaps out of compassion. Some fakers, including Billy Meier, misrepresent ETs in a weak attempt to reinforce Theosophical mind control protocols in as many people as possible. Meier apparently filmed old, pre-WWII Vril craft, hence the wobbly effects of those craft in his films. I saw similar footage filmed in Germany in the 1930s of these craft, which were unsuitable as weapons platforms because they were too unstable. Anyone who’s seen genuine good-guy spacecraft (several of us have seen lots of them, also seen lots of the bad ones) can tell the difference

The ETs and other nice entities who seem to be guiding the progress of this global, orgonite-based revolution rather seem to know us quite well, which is perhaps why they won’t take on the burden of directly telling us what we need to do.

Finding our own creative solutions, largely through intuition, is our way of becoming more accountable for our progress as a specie, which entails ending tyranny at this point, and becoming more accountable, personally.

Rescuing, as personified by false religion, is out of style, now, and so is conformity, in my opinion. Your claims about Thiaouba are verbatim what another friend told me, years ago. He’s the one who copied the book and gave it to me, by the way: Gert Botha in Namibia. He, too, hated traditoinal religions, by the way. I suppose he still hates them. That’s a personal issue, I guess, and I don’t really care what someone believes as long as it won’t become a source of contention.

I rather love all of the genuine religions, including Judaism and Christianity, but I don’t have blinders on when it comes ot recognizing that much of the Old and New Testament is the pollution added on by predatory, patriarchal clergymen over the millenia. I love the REnnes le Chateaux evidence and other evidence supporting the idea of Jesus’ marriage to Mary Magdalene (allegedly Lazarus’ sister), by the way. Celibacy of the clergy was obviously a Roman artifact of the Dagon cult.

I’ve been waiting for a chance to say this, by the way: The fish symbol that Christian fundamentalists display wherever they can was the symbol of Dagon, which was the Babylonian figurehead to whom ritual sacrifices were made. The ‘Pontiff’ in old Rome was the head priest of Dagon and the mitre worn by bishops, including the Pope, is a fish head with open mouth. The old Roman pontiff wore the fish head and a cloak made to look like the fish’s body. That evolved into the present ceremonial bishop robe.

Under the circumstances, if a person puts the Dagon symbol on his car, he ought to also have a bumper sticker that says, ‘Cod is my co-pilot.’

It seems to me that many people have developed a hatred of religion due to early church training and I certainly understand that but it’s more intellectually honest, perhaps, to hold stinking clergy (you’ve probably smelled rotten fish), alone, responsible for whatever is unpleasant and even predatory about tired, tiring patriarchal religious institutions.

It’s certainly appropriate for any of us to celebrate the fact that we’re now more awake than we were, before, but we’re not running a race with each other in this regard, of course, and what genuinely benefits the individual benefits the entire specie, so engenders humility and unity rather than arrogance and separateness.

The best part of gifting reports–the part that inspires others to take on this work–are the confirmations. I’m not seeing much of that in your reports, though I assume that you’re getting confirmations or, otherwise, you wouldn’t be so passionate about doing the work. I hope you’ll include the confirmations in your reports, though I’m also just happy that someone in New Zealand is finally doing massive-scale gifting instead of just busting the few death towers that they see from their kitchen and office windows. Ultimately, it will be the less passionate gifters who will do the bulk of the work, of course, because it will be a numbers game once orgonite has reached mainstream awareness but right now the main work is still being done by people like you and I who are happy to take on more responsibility.


Hello Don

When I began gifting here in september things were looking bleak to say the
least, the natural light that we were once used to see as bright, warm and
energising had been reduced to a rather sick amber shroud that had a dis-
heartening feel to it. More importantly was the feeling I had of this sick
light, it was promoting the feeling of hopelesnes, of feeling abandoned and
left for dead. When I talk of the amber hue I mean the etheric colour, the
background that is picked up by the peripheral receptors on our eyes. My
first target was the imediate 3 towers in my area then in the same week I
had my first CB up and running.

On that day I set the CB up out side (a
really DORy day) the weather started to shift, the haze began to lift as it
seemed and beautifull cumulus clouds began to form, this was the first time
I noticed the sylphs and in particular the giant resident elemental who
patrols around the southern alps to my east. He is truly a massive being to
see with your eyes and it usually takes three shots with my digital to get
his whole form into context. I had an odd feeling that something big was
going to happen in the sky that night and it did. That night we had an
electrical storm like I had never witnessed before, the lightening “pulsed”
in a sperical strobe like fashion but slower about once every 8 to 10
seconds by my timing. The activity must have been extreemley high up as
there was no thunder to acompany the lightening. I had the profound feeling
the next morning that it was in fact a big battle going on above us that
night with both sides taking casualties. I dowsed on the issue and recieved
the confirmation that was indeed what had happened.

I was a little sad that
next day and indeed everyone I spoke to was feeling the same way like we
had all lost someone dear to us. I could only surmise that there was some
atmospheric manipulation going on that night in response to my CB comming
online, but I am still not sure of the scource. The defence put up by the
elementals was a fierce one indeed, one of them fell to some type of energy
weapon from a scource unknown, my skill in dowsing is still limited but I
can get answers to simple enquiries with good reliability. What I saw that
night with my own eyes still has me stunned and still I do not have the
words to describe it. Its does make me think of ancient texts that describe
battles in the sky, chariots of fire etc.

The following weeks after I intstalled the CB were dramatic in regards to weather, plant growth, bird life being much more vocal, evry blue sky day is included with the "great host" as I call them, which are a lot of syphs on patrol above us. The smaller and medium sized ones being quite active in chasing spew planes and trails and hearding the larger chem-soup cloud towards to giant one who seems reluctant to leave the southern alps but can reach both coastlines from where he resides. All the farms around our area are having the best season they have had in memory, grass is growing so well that they have used less than half the amount of fertiliser they usually would. One friend keeps informing me about how happy the cows seem to be and how much more they interact with him(comming up to him, licking him and wanting to be scratched). I gave him a box of tb's to distribute around his dairy farm and he is seeing some amazing improvments. Now instead of calling out the vet he just puts the sick cow in a small field that has a lot of tbs around the fence line and the cow will improve in health very quickly. He said that the vet is hardley ever a help and the end result is usually a huge fee to resulting in a dead cow!(bit like our doctors dont you think). I have gifted the two major communications towers on key mountain tops north and south of me and have been gifting other mountain tops when im out in the hills walking, I have come across some small microwave repeaters in odd locations on hill tops in the middle of nowhere and with the lack of population around them its hard to say why they are there. The effect that the orgonite has had on my vege garden in truly impressive, my veges grow three times faster and are so much more healthy. My family members are all benefiting from these veges too and it shows in much the same manner. Perhaps the greatest confirmation is our weather pattern reverting back to what it used to be when I was a boy before all this El nino weather pattern psyops BS was introduced to answer the changes brought on by operation Cloverleaf. The main point is that we are being told that El Nino(warm dry weather pattern) is here to stay but on the contrary our lakes are now filling up again and inland drought is slowly receeding. October has been quite busy indeed with a lot of traveling about and hunting "sick area's". I have produced about 300 tb's and 100 or so hhg's and have gifted most of them already, government buildings and catholic churches have been frequented with my gift's(surprising how many clergy are involved in big business), parks, troubled or violent nieghborhoods, industrial area's and motor ways. I perfer not to state exact locations at untill I have full coverage of TB's but it wont be long. I must get more CBs setup this summer and with the interest now being generated from my gifting (and just showing people my vege garden) I should have a few more involved in making orgonite and scourcing materials. I dont know if you recieved the last few pics I sent you don, I am aware that you do have some trouble from hackers in this regard but here are some more with descriptions of each. let me know if you dont recieve them. 066 is a trail being severed by the energy vortex from my CB 094 and 095 is of the great host having a cleanup. That day they were done by midday and got to relax for a while. 098 and 099 are of the "big guy" extending his reach from the alps to pick up a persistent trail and draw it in. Pic 098 connects to the left of 099 to cover 180 degrees of view even then, its still hard to concieve his true dimensions. 052 is of a large sylph devouring the last of a heavy chem-soup layer. The sylph was hard to see at the time the pic was taken as he was obscured by all the healthy fluffy white cloud produced by the transmuting. 026 Is my CB before I upgraded it to a 7th pipe with a powered crystal, 3 horizontal cubit wound quartz and 3 horizontal cubit wound kyanite connecting the 6 outside pipes and another 5 litres of orgonite to the base. I apoligise if I have offended anybody with my comments concerning the bible, I did not mean to say it was irelevant, just when one removes the confusion of mistranslation it then becomes the book that it was intended for. To educate the need for spiritual development and to help us understand how our intentions and expectations determine our reality. To reflect the lessons learned by history. He who lives by the sword shall die by the sword. How it has been used as a tool of the church instead of a tool for the people. Im not a person who "hates" religion I merely despise the curch for corrupting this ancient text and the people as well. We are now starting to see other seasonal cycles of our earth that take much longer to manifest, and by studying ancient writings and compare them to how our world is behaving now, one has to ask "what was the cause of the flood of noah?". But thats just my point of view. As you stated don and are quite right, this board is not the place for religious discussion as it is not the focuss of what we are doing. We are confronted by more imediate threats that need our attention and not be distracted into time wasting and division by discussing any political or religious propaganda or validity. We must strive to obtain the critical mass required to undo what we have collectively allowed to be done. Im not sure where we would be at this point in time if you had not made your discoveries Don and I thank you sincerly for your contribution, its all just in the nick of time as you well know. We got em by the proverbials now!. I also appreciate you keeping my rantings in check I do get a little carried away somtimes. I will report more confirmations in a few weeks as Im simply surrounded by them every day and its so true how rewarding it is to see them and so consistentley. But for now I have another mission to undertake, I found the best mould for the dolphin ball is to use a tennis ball and scrape off all the felt. Then cut a hole in one side big enough to stick your thumb in, then cut the ball evenly in half so the hole is at the top of one half and then tape it back together with good ol duct tape and viola a perfect dolphin ball mould that can be used many times and is quick and inexpensive. Good to have your thoughts on types of metals for use in CB's too don, I had assumed that copper was mandatory because I had not read anything saying it was'nt. Jolly good, I have heaps of aluminium pipe and can get stuck into it. I was refering to the jade as a secondary crystal to use with the quartz, both minerals are plentifull here where I live and when I need them I just walk over to the beach and select what I require. I have also found some quite large quartz crystals in the mountains but most have only one point. I had a look at one of your zappers the other day and quite impressed with your circuit, I have been making quite a few myself using natural amethyst and garnet but still use the old N555 chip design. Unfortunatly there is not one electronics manufacturer in NZ willing to assemble the circuits for me so I will have to make them up myself which is a bummer because of the time factor. Take care all Kind regards Kerry

ps I programed my SP to wake me up at night when rabbits rape my lettuce
patch so I can shoo them away, and it sure does.