A Ripe Corporate Peach for our UK Affiliates

I say ‘ripe,’ but of course the corporate world order’s version of ‘ripe’ is ‘rotten’ to us, since their energy of choice is always deadly orgone radiation–they’re kind of like very busy dung beetles.

An un-named gifter in New Jersey sent me the following:

http://www.environmentalgraffiti.com/fe … helon/8773

It’s a really juicy gifting target for somebody [Image Can Not Be Found]


I would like to post some gifting pics about one swiss part of echelon but I am unable to do it

hi Laurent, you have to use an external image hosting service such as photobucket, flickr, etc. use this button for posting photos : [Image Can Not Be Found] DO NOT USE THE DIRECT UPLOAD BUTTON: [Image Can Not Be Found] It will NOT work.


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