A site to help when hackers stop you from accessing EW?

Satish in Amsterdam, who is quite computerate, told me that the following German site helped him access Etheric Warriors recently when the sewer rats were making it impossible to get in here. He was also getting hacked out of donebydooney.com and the site got him past the hackers to there, too:

Happy hunting and please also remember to blast the snot out of those NSA/MI6/Mossad
hackers who are molesting you, okay? It’s a public service to do that. ~Don

It’s a good idea to blast their handlers, too. I think most of these hackers are in a trance state or drugged. I like the analogy of the stick, the hackers being the stick that’s hitting you and the handlers being the wielder of the weapon. The shortsighted person blames the stick but the more discerning person recognizes the wielder as the bigger threat.

I’m living proof that anyone can do this because I’m barely computerate but am able to get my internet work done without a hitch, most of the time, thanks to diligently blasting the specific parasites when they’re causing me trouble.


Thanks for Dooney’s site http://donebydooney.com//a&nbsp

You have mentioned it a few times but first time I have seen the address. Could do with a link from here.