A Terrific, Explicit Report From Alejandro in Santiago, Chil

Hi Don,
Here are the pictures of the two cloudbusters we’ve made so far, more coming
soon. The first one was made in Cochiguaz from scavenged materials and local
quartz crystals, it is the one with two fat cooper tubes and 4 steel tubes
in a 5 gallon bucket of orgonite (stainless steel). I sent you a report on
it a few weeks ago, but I think you didn´t receive it, or I didn´t recieve
your response, if you didn´t get it let me know and I can resend it. The
other cloudbuster made with 1" cooper pipes was made to the specifications
on the cloudbuster instructions on the EW site. It has been placed for about
a week at a friends house in Santiago. We are just starting to see results
in the atmosphere. the most obvios effect is that you can see many more
stars than is normal in the city, but only within about 2 or 3 radius from
the CB´s location. Also, yesterday during noon time a thick cover of dark
clouds descended from the mountains (Santiago is on the foothills of the
Andes) which is strange for the middle of the summer. But when these clouds
aproached the vecinity the cloudbuster a 1km hole approx was punched into
the cloud sheet and then the rest of the clouds began to dissipate,
dissolving into the hot summer air. It seems that the “cell towers” we
gifted on the hill right above my friend and gifting partner´s house which
is close to where I live too, are working in synergy with the CB. Ever
since we gifted the three bigest hill towers in our neighborhood the air has
seemed more crisp and there is less of the usual hazy smoggy condition. It
is strange to see smog in the mountains and smog downtown, and at the same
time no smog in the middle (where the CB is). The picture of the CBs were
taken, the first CB a few minutes after installation, and the second about 4
days after installation. I will try to take some pictures that can
demonstrate the CBs’ effect. I haven´t returned to the north where I
installed the first CB, I plan to in a couple of weeks. I am eager to hear
if there have been any effects. There is no phone there so I cant call to
Alejandro ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Alejandro, I posted your previous report on EW, though I’m having a hard time finding it now.I hope you’ll see this post in case my email response is blocked this time, as it was previously.It’s likely that the HAARP strategies will eventually close up that blue hole but you can make the blue expand throughout the region by systematically disabling all the death towers and HAARP arrays,as many of us have done in large metropolitan areas around the planet. I used to be impatient when people call these new towers ‘cell towers’ because there’s absolutelyno evidence to support the assumption that they’re for communication and, in fact, most cellphonesoperate poorly in the vicinity of these military assets. Then I eventually realized that it doesn’t matterwhat people think these towers are for as long as someone disables them Cool I think that putting up a CB, then gifting one hilltop death array provides unique confirmations in the form of a slightly amorphous blue hole above rather than a round one, which is what happenswhen a CB stands alone in the beginning. Getting rid of smog is one of the best confirmations I know of. I love your first CB–it reminds me of the one Gert Botha cobbled together in the Namib Desert to stop the incessant sand storms in June, 2001 and he accomplished that with only a gallon of resin in the base. ~Don