A Time Wobble in the First Week in February?

Somebody I correspond with asked me if we experienced that; I presume he did.

Anyone have a similar experience, then? I’ll ask my gal tonight and the other psychics in the chats this weekend and will post their comments.

Please email me at [email protected] if you have some insight.


So far, I’ve gotten two emails about this from readers. The first one evidently applied to time losses and gains on a personal basis, which is something Carol and I have experienced, together, so I’m not including that one but the second email seems more in line with the enquiry (my comments follow):

Hi Don,

I recall 2-3 days around the beginning of the month where I just couldn’t seem to get a handle on the time. I would wake up thinking it was 9ish am only to see that it was 1 in the afternoon! I’m not a sleep in kind of guy either. I also recall getting on the computer for what I though was a few hours-Then the clock said 2am…I got online after dinner…Where that time went I don’t know. Also, I just happen to be watching the sparkley box for about 10 min and there was a scene where a man was leaning on the hood of his car and then it quickly and instantly repeated about 5 seconds and then kept going on…Sure that can happen on TV I guess but I took a ‘different’ kind of notice to it right away and felt something strange.

I remember thinking about this for a few days too and had since forgot about it until you posted about it. Now it’s got me thinking again. My sister had also mentioned that she was feeling wiped out and time had escaped her too.

I look forward to hearing the psychics weign in on this one



Keith, I asked Dooney and STevo about this on Sunday, a couple of days before I read your email–the other psychics werent’ present. Nothing came up for them but I’ll bring it up, again. It sometimes happens that information isn’t available to psychics in a given moment and there are probably a lot of good reasons for that. Your timely comments are lending some more weight to the notion, after all.


Computer’s timeclocks might be a factor for our readers to check on. I got the following from Elry in SoCal:


Is that time wobble why the minutes on EW is not matching my time? It is closer today then yesterday only 11 minutes off, it was about 40 minutes off yesterday.


temporarily removed …

Thx, Francie–that’s what Dooney and others have been seeing during the etheric time travel exercises, also in line with what other psychics have witnessed: the ‘brightest’ or ‘clearest’ images being the most probable outcomes. Probable outcomes are decisively positive, these days, but that wasn’t the case as few as five years ago.

These group chatblasta sessions ahve been going on regularly since July3, 2002 and it’s been fascinating to track the changes we’ve witnessed, also the (sometimes circumstantial) confirmations of events that nobody else seemed to pick up on, like the evident sale of the Federal Reserve Corporation (read: the US Government) and the subsequent transfer of all their corporate (formerly the US Treasury’s, Czar Nick’s and others’) old gold to China on Guam in October, 2004 [Image Can Not Be Found]

I haven’t heard from any psychics that there was a time wobble, so I’ll just stick it away in the ‘wait and see’ file for now. My concern was that a CERN-type global weapon was being experimented with or even deployed, then, to mess everyone up; for those old arschwartze families to regain some of what they’ve lost to the Chinese, perhaps.

I’ll stop worrying about these corporate genocidists after all their thousands of expensive, well-equipped underground hidey-holes have been earthpiped, which will probably happen some time after the dissolution of the US Government, I suppose. Decentralization of political and economic power, which is to say the empowerment of all of us as accountable individuals rather than corporate slaves, is an infectious disease to these bloodthirsty freaks, fortunately.


Might not be time to write this off, quite yet. I got the following from someone I’ve corresponded with for many years:

On 2/18/09, Robert Platteter <[email protected]> wrote:


Each day I look at your Etheric Warriors forum and noticed you discussion regarding “time wobble”. Well, I just got this email from my brother indicating that where he is at, they are experiencing time anomolies that are noticable to them. Below is the email he sent me. I figured it would be more data for you guys. The location where my brother is at is Erie Pennsylvania, the former home of Tom Ridge before he moved out (and shortly after he moved out they fluoridated the water there).

Please let me know you received this.


> Robert, Did we all go through some kind of time thing?
> Somehow we gained
> an extra day this week. Everyone thinks it’s one day
> later than it really
> is. I can remember doing all this stuff each day this week
> and it is not
> adding up. The more people I talk to the more I realize
> it’s not just Me.
> Kevin and I worked all week together and things are not
> adding up right.

> Any Ideas?

> Mark


Observations like this are certainly grist for the psychic mill, at least. I’ll ask them in the chats whether this Pennsylvania event and perhaps the other reports I’ve gotten are local phenomena. A wonderful thing about the internet is its intelligence-gathering potential, of course.


Today’s Saturday and we’re in Dooney’s chatroom, working on this. I got the following email from Ray:

Hi again Don,
Thank you for putting the question about a time wobble on the forum. Very interesting replies. I guess part of the reason I have an interest in time issues, goes back to the summer of1980. I spent time on Kodiak Island living at a tent camp and flying geologists, biologists and engineer types checking on the environmental impact of building the Terror Lake hydro dam. While there, I kept having these repeated nightmares. They were scary— The first one showed me crashing into a mountain. Then after about five replays of that one—another chapter attached itself. I was also going the crash or ditch into the sea.

Seven months or so later I did crash into the mountain during ‘whiteout conditions’. And four months after that I found myself and three others autorotating into Cook Inlet. We were rescued by the NOAA Ship Rainier. When I got to shore I quit my job and after a good drunk, started asking questions. Like–How the hell did dreams tell my future? Did I creat these events??? Did these dreams just shoot holes into Einsteins max lightspeed stuff. Because if some portion of me went forward in time and showed me a future event and then brought me back to the now. Then I was surely using the warp drive. Or, did some angel/birdy just happen to sneak into my tent with the heavy duty dreams.

I was totally confused, but went to church a few times and discovered that wasn’t anything except some weird guilt trip. But, I also held firm to the idea and faith of a ‘higher power’.

Which leads me back to this ‘time wobble’ Throughout the month of Jan 09 and into the middle of Feb 2009 we the Earth folks have been in a very dense and powerful stream of energy as shown by the electron flux graphs that NOAA puts out. I’ve watched theses graphs for years and couldn’t quite believe the continuiousness of this energy stream. It wasn’t from the sun. Which prior to this event would spike the graph for at most a couple of days during a solar event like a flare. No, I came to believe there was something else shaking from outerspace and we were in it big time. Then I found this site showing the latest happenings of the sun. This is a snapshot of our sun’s activity.
It shows ‘earthside’ and the farside of the sun. Scroll down and near the bottom you can see some big changes on the farside but nothing on the earthside. Did the sun block the earth from something heavy duty?? I don’t know. But in my ‘time wobble’ letter to you I kept to myself on how long it was. I think it was about two weeks long. At least that is what keeps popping into my head. Two weeks where the Earth was protected from a major happening/energy blast. A friend told me once that Jupiter could become a mini sun. Crazy, I know. Just like this ‘time wobble’ food for thought.
Take care,

Several threads are coming together in Dooney’s chat today re: this subject. The psychics determined that the Fermi Lab near Chicago is where the trouble is coming from–a sneak attack on humanity on account of CERN’s failure last fall.

Evidently, the time stream is now favoring the liberation of humanity from the world order and all its sponsors and CERN and the current Fermi efforts are the arschwartze scientists’ attempt to drag the planet back into a timestream that favors them, as before.

I’ll post a request for someone to put a dozen earthpipes around the circumference of the Fermi collider, ASAP. If someone will do to this rat hole what our Swiss and Austrian friends did to CERN it will be fun to watch their failure reports, afterward
‘God particle,’ my

I had to post about yesterday’s chat before I forget everything that we did. [Image Can Not Be Found] Stevo and I were talking about the time wobble phenomenon after he read me part of this thread on Friday night. I immediately got that it was a Philadelphia Experiment-type thing…a man-made attempt to manipulate time. The first time Don asked us to look at this, I got absolutely no impressions. This time, however, it was very strong, so I figure it must be the right time for me to look at it. A few days earlier, Stevo and I had been talking about the collider near Chicago, where they are trying to replicate the work at CERN, and I felt that the time wobble and this collider were related. As we boosted this facility yesterday the feeling became even stronger. I didn’t notice a time wobble during the period Ray talks about above, but I was also focused on preventing martial law before and right after the inauguration, then I took a two-week break from chatting and doing etheric work. I did notice just this past week that I felt like I missed a day of time. On Friday, I wondered where Thursday had gone and I was momentarily disoriented until I realized that I could remember everything that happened on Thursday, but I still felt like I missed a day. Maybe this is part of the time wobble phenomenon.

Basically, what we found yesterday was a lot of the same energy constructs we find wherever the NWO is setting up their worst plots against humanity. They feed off the DOR energy created by the violent deaths of many souls – in this case, Native Americans. They are also using some ancient technology at the Fermilab site, which needs at least 21 earthpipes buried around it. We did a lot of work to take back the technology they are using, which includes an ancient wheel and a stargate/portal/vortex. There is another lab nearby in Argonne that is connected to Fermilab via underground tunnels. We flooded the tunnels and dodeced both sites and I personally felt a lot of relief when we were done.

Francie, Carol and I all saw some type of explosion connected with this site, which is not surprising since we’ve seen them try to nuke the city several times in the past few years. I tried the time travel trick and by the time I was able to see the time tunnels in the area, the most strongly attractive tunnel (which I take to be the most likely future scenario) was one in which there was no explosion. The Fermilab apparently hosts cultural events that attract a lot of visitors, and Dean thought possibly they wanted to kill a lot of people during one of those events. Stevo saw a possible false flag attack occuring, but he also saw that scenario fading as we boosted and a lot of golden energy flowed into the site. The rest of us saw the gold energy as well, and we all felt that something nasty had been averted there. Wouldn’t it be interesting if the media reported a mechanical failure at this lab in the near future? [Image Can Not Be Found]

If some brave soul in the area would do the earthpiping and let us know about it we would sure appreciate the help!


Thanks, Coach–I’ll also post a separate gifting request, as promised. It’s very very nice to get direct reports from psychics into the record.

Weak, sometimes temporary separations between worlds/timelines are not uncommon and I wonder if an increase in these experiences indicates a trend relative to our group effforts. I think a lot of time loss experiences can be understood in the context of the omnipresent arschwartze agencies (CIA, NSA, MI5/6, etc.) taking people out of time on a routine basis to exploit them. Alien abductions might account for less of these, though gaining time is surely someting less offensive.

I knew a reputable woman in Maine, years before we got started with orgonite, who told me that when she and her sister were kids their mother warned them to stay away from a certain vacant, undeveloped area on the edge of town but didn’t explain why. They took a shortcut home through this area and found themselves among dinosaurs and strange plants but managed to get back out. When they told their mom about it she became furious because she had apparently also experienced that, so warned them away [Image Can Not Be Found] No wonder STeven King is from Maine, eh?

Don Bradley told Carol and I that the first gifting he did toward Ventura County was along the Ventura Highway, which was the first freeway built in LA. For a space of time he saw some flowering bushes in the median strip that hadn’t been there since the 1930s, then he went thru some sort of barrier and got back into the present. He told us that he was worried that he’d get stuck in the 1930s and felt a lot of relief when he popped back to the present. That was in 2002, I think.

I’m going to keep posting the time-bizarrities in this thread, including the following that I just received:

Greetings Don and Carol

I was just reading your ‘time wobble’ posts, and thought you might want to hear about this one:… a couple of weeks before Christmas this year, a friend and I stopped by a large mall, entering directly into a J.C. Penny store. Immediately inside the entrance was a very busy checkout counter with 2 employees and a line of 4-5 people waiting. We were only in the store about 5 minutes, and we exited the same door we came in ……. except, when we started back out, the formerly busy checkout was deserted! In fact , it wasn’t even available for use, as the store was in the midst of renovations and this counter clearly was not ‘finished’.

Now we both agreed and observed the same thing. Also, this was the only outside entrance to this store, so it could not have been a case of ‘mistaken identity’ as to which door we used. My intuition tells me that we entered and left this store on different time lines, or we somehow ‘slipped’ into an alternate reality for a few minutes. Probably the strangest thing I have ever personally witnessed! well, except for the murder attempt (by auto accident, of course) on us a few months ago, but that is another story!

Sorry for the long email! Hope you and yours are well!

Rusty S.

I normally wouldn’t bust out with my opinion on what someone else has experienced, but after ready Rusty’s story above, I saw clearly that what they saw was a future event, like they skipped over several months and saw what would be happening in the store in the near future.

What we found in the chat last weekend is that the current time manipulation is intended to get us to skip over the upcoming positive events, like the secession of the states, and plop us into the NWO’s desired scenario, possibly even 20 or 30 years into the future. Today someone I was having lunch with spontaneously mentioned that she felt time was manipulated. So I think lots of folks are feeling it as they conduct little experiments with the energy. Chatter and psychic Nancy noticed this phenomenon during the Olympics last October but we were focused on other matters and didn’t really explore it the chats.

Of course, this is my subjective observation of what is happening, so please keep that in mind.



I don’t know exactly if this has anything to do with the time wobble; I already had a feeling something weird was going on before reading this post, because I noticed some very unusual activity here (In europe) these last 2 weeks…
the chemtrail activity and HAARP etc over europe these last 2 weeks has been unusually heavy. It’s been nearly two weeks that the UK is under constant EM fields (Electro magnetic, or whatever they are, these cover of fake white clouds with distinct lines, whiteouts), spain has had the clouds going around it also for about 2 weeks at least. Loads of clouds on the Atlantic but none seems to be able to enter in spain/portugal, the satellite evidence is compelling!
Germany is also quite heavily under EM field as is the south east of france.
And chemtrailing never stops!!
I mean normally, there are days with and without (chemtrails and EM) but fot the past 2 weeks it has never stopped, everyday they are laying tons of chemtrails, at least where I am in Cardiff and it’s been the same in south of france a friend told me.

I look at satellite pictures nearly daily since many months, and usually weather modification activity shifts from places to places. But these last 2 weeks it’s been active everywhere! This has never happened in the last 6-9 months… I don’t know of before as I wasn’t watching satellite pictures.
Also I’ve seen lenticular clouds nearly everyday in cardiff this past week!?
I put some pictures online on if it’s of interest:

I can put some satellite pictures too if you want?
And personally I was very very tired from saturday to wednesday, even if I slept more than 10 hours a day! It felt like I was missing hours of sleep during the night…

FYI, Fermilab has been gifted! See the Fermilab gifting thread…