A Trucker's Blue Holes Attracts The Felonious Feds

hi don… i have been collecting orgonite from many different people for a few years now … actually you would not believe how much i have in the truck … i am a truck driver 18 wheeler… i literally live in the truck and i have a couple power wands and a shiva and god only knows how many pyramids and hhg’s and on and on… i have noticed that when i am laid over anywhere for a day the chemtrails are cleared hehe i love it… but i have noticed some people out of place in suv’s parked in the truck parking facing me…

i got slightly irritated and said out lout while looking at them " what to hell are you looking at" ive read some of your comments about how they observe you… well this particular time was in longmont colorado… i really focused on sending any intrusive energy back with massive increase after a while the one in front facing me left and the one behind him stayed for a little while and i did the same and he left after a while… i suspect they were checking who or what was going on since there was clearly a hole punched in the chemtrails which had the sky all hazy as you know all around the place where i was … anyway i would like to know what you charge to check out things for me to find out what is going on … please let me know if you still do it and if not can you recommend someone?? thanks blessings ray

Carol agrees that your orgonite attracts these felons because you keep bbusting blue holes in their sky muck Wink

Well done! Keep in touch, okay?

There are some good psychic readers around if you’ll take the time to check for reputable ones. Newage bookstores are the best places to look. In spite of our disdain for newage sewage, we often find genuine people running these stores, strange to tell.

If you want some lessons tossing energy Dooney can do that for you for a nominal fee, then if you also want some psi information maybe she’ll oblige. You can contact her at donebydooney.com and please stay in touch with me, okay?

Good stuff!


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