A very cool target we acquired in today's chat session:

This morning, in the international chatblast session, the three psyhchics tracked some Mossad bomb-throwers who intended to detonate some suitcase nukes in Teheran and blame the US Fleet in the Persian Gulf (these freaks always want to start WWIII).

BushSr showed up as the main plotter today and has apparently been unable, lately, to conceal his reptile form. After a series of related coups, the psychics found the remaining MOssad freaks retreating to a Vril castle, pictured below:


I mainly want to mention this as kudos to Georg, who travelled thru that region awhile ago and noticed horrid energy coming from that place, which is called, ‘Sion Castle,’ not surprisingly.

Most folks aren’t aware of how closely Vril and Mossad are connected, of course, so I like to take these little opportunities to point it out.

I think we might have averted WWIII, again, though each successive attempt by world odor operatives to ignite it has been backfiring and has been less aggressive. That’s mostly on account of rising awareness in the PJ folks, though. Our own efforts wouldn’t produce results if the PJ folks were sufficiently terrified by teh world odor.


G mentioned that he just sent 500 TBs to a gifter in Switzerland and I’m holding onto a fond hope that this person has committed to gifting Lake Geneva, where the global HQ of the Vril are (under the lake, of course).

I know a lot of the Swiss gifters read these postings, too, so perhaps one or more of them will take care of Sion Castle before long. Those two efforts would really hurt the world odor through their upper Vril hierarchy.

If you do that castle in Confederatio Helvetica please use at least four earthpipes, preferably eight according to my wife, along with plenty of TBs around it. Most of what goes on there is underground, after all. Think of worms, scorpions and snakes that avoid the light of day [Image Can Not Be Found] and if you’re not comfortable reporting your success, don’t worry about it becase the psychics will be able to tell. POsting reports isn’t essential, of course–I think of these samplings of reports on EW and the other legitimate boards as blessings instead of prerequisites.


Hello Don,

Thank you for the info.

That castle is in fact a basilica (actually a fortified church), appointed to a minor basilica by pope John-Paul II

There is more info here, in French.

We will deal with it too. More tools will be built to deal with it.

Anyone living in Valais/Wallis?




With Marco and Laurent, we went to Sion (Valais/Wallis), Switzerland. As we arrived, the weather was good, and the view magnificent over the snow covered mountains.



We took care of the castle of Valere sitting on one of the two hills of Sion.

Here are a few views of the Valere castle.

And here a view of its twin on the next hill, and a side door.

Four Earth Pipes were planted, each surrounded with 3 TBs.

On the way, we dropped a few TBs here and there in the city.

We even took care of the nasty transmitter sitting in the side of the valley, a few hundred meters above the town.


The feeling of the transmitter I had close to it was not a simple “pressure” in the back of my head (as I sometimes feel), but also on top of my head.
We went back safely [Image Can Not Be Found]

Thank you Laurent and Marco for the work you did, and Marco for his EPs again.

I just added pictures to the above report, so that people get some more feeling about it.

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