A View Toward January Massive False Flag Attack

Don Croft
07 Dec 2008 23:47
Subject: A View Toward January Massive False Flag Attack…
Boris, a gifter in Bellingham, Washington, got the following in email from a Canadian and it feels relevant to me.

In both chatrooms we’ve been going after the London-based oligarchy (thirteen families: the A list, so far) because we’re pretty certain that these are the financiers for all the Armageddon/genocide agendae. The toughest family, so far, has been the Li clan, proprietors of the Triads and apparently Peking’s interface with London for a long time, through the global dope trade.

We’ll get started on the longer B list next week. The Bushes are on that list; lebreaking middlemen. Notice how O’Bomber (yet another Bush asset) is lining up his ducks to assault Persia. We want to do our part to make sure that will be impossible. Unless the feds can cajole us all into giving them our weapons they’ll be p!$$!ng in the wind by importing Mexicans to take our guns away in the plan described below because I think the Mexicans would be smart enough to back the winners in that struggle: the American regular folks who aren’t blinded by stupid prejudices The regular Mexicans are more fed up with corporate tyranny than white Americans are, after all, and señor Ixma’s fine gifting efforts in the heart of Mexico are probably already producing wonderous fruit in Mexican general consciousness by now.

Canadians aren’t a threat and the Canadian gifters have set some standards of ‘propagation’ that most of us will never meet or exceed, so no doubt that satanic/corporate prime minister described below is knocked so far off center that instead of p!$$!ng on Canada’s Charter he’ll probably just hit his own shoe.

Is the CIA done with sending around terrifying reports of ‘unregulated Mexican border invasion,’ yet? See how they use the old seesaw brain conditioning techniques to ensure that the PJ folks won’t know their @$$es from a hole in the ground? Caveat emptor; ‘My people perish for lack of knowledge.’

Only really stupid, usually drunk, white people in America are xenophobes and they’re a minority, thank God.


Name: The sh*t has hit the fan in Canada: an urgent message from Canada.
Canada right now is going through major political upheavel. Our
current Prime Minister (equivalent to your President) released a new
budget, in his budget he did not put in a stimulus package which all
other political parties were calling for. The only thing he did was on
numerous fronts cut the funding to all our other political parties.
This was a very calcuated move on his part. By doing what he did, he
forced the other parties in our Parliment to form a coalition to oust
him as the leader. Why would he do that? Well, as Prime Minister, when
he feels Parliment (same as your congress) is disjoined he can call a
prorogation, a prorogation is a closing of Parliment (congress). In
doing this, he has NO oversight by them, and can do as he pleases. He
has called for and recieved his prorogation.
He has 6 weeks before he has to call Parliment back. Which takes us to
January 27, 2009.

Now, lets move onto some key facts that are relevent.

  1. Colin Powell stated on national tv there would be an event either
    January 21 or 22.
  2. Joe Biden stated in a $25,000/plate dinner, thinking he wasnt being
    taped “Mark my words, Obama will be tested, if you only take one thing
    from my talk here tonight, take this, January 21, or 22 there will be
    an orchastrated event that will test Obama….” Not exact words, but I
    am sure you have heard this speech.
  3. I dont know if you know what the SPP is, but in its most basic form
    it is this, Canada, US and Mexico are collaborating on many fronts to
    utilize each countries strengths to “help” each other, Canada’s
    resources, US security forces, and Mexico’s manpower.
  4. A document that was just released yesterday, but dated February 14,
    2008 was a part of the SPP, it was signed by the US and Canada,
    stating that either, nuculear, chemical, or biological attack, or
    PROPERTY DAMAGE, would allow for troops from each country to enter the
    other, and police the citizens.
  5. Our Prime Minister, can do this without oversight of Parliment for
    7 days AFTER Parliment has seated, if they are in session it must be
    within 7 days, if they are out of session, they have till 7 days AFTER
    they have seated. Going on the 21st date, adding they will not sit
    till the 27th, and then 7 more days If there is ANY type of reason for
    our countries to “help” each other it will be done without any
    approval until Febuary 4th. After which time it may be to late to pull
    back on any agreements we have been involved in for 14 days at that
  6. The constitution, the congress, and senate, have essentially lost
    all power through presidential directives already in the US.
  7. I live near a heavily populated city in Western Canada. Starting
    today, we have seen an HUGE increase in military. Let me be clear
    here, we NEVER see military around. It is being posted all over the
    place, people dont know what is going on. Even craigslist has people
    writing posts about it, ( i dont know if you know what craigslist is).

Although I know you KNOW that the shit is going to hit the fan Martin,
I want to make you aware, that I have been waiting for signs other
than what is going on in the US. I KNEW it would required more than
stuff going on in your country, it HAD to involve my country as well
to be successful. I could see no way for that to happen, I did not
disbelieve, but our country has been extremely stable, and would have
NO REASON WHATSOVER, to going into the NAU, and further the One World
Order agenda, Propogated by our common enemy. I could see no reason
for Canada to enter an agreement to police each others countries, to
require your military, for your country to require our resources.

That reason has been created, we have MASS unstablitiy now, we have
had MAJOR protesting starting today here, and the time is shorter than
most think. We have very very little time.

I just wanted you to know what is happening here so that we may all understand.

I have taken it on assumption that you would be interested in my
thoughts, if you are, and have any questions please feel free to
contact me. I realize your countrymen are your utmost priority, but we
may, like it or lump it, be countrymen soon as well

Please make it clear, that ALL road blocks to a false flag attack, are
now cleared!

Harper delays confidence vote, appeals to federalists

Security and Prosperity Partnership Of North America

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