A warning in my dreams?

I have been having some dreams recently concerning an earthquake and a large displacement of seawater onto land.
The first dream was a month or so ago about when comet mcnaught was at its closest to us. This was actually more than a mere dream as it was in the early light before dawn when I was in that perfect state of being not awake but not asleep, the state we want to achieve in deep meditation. I was aware in my astral body of a soft shaking that got stronger and stronger and I just assumed it was an earthquake. I promptly went outside to observe what was happening and realised I was moving in astral body. This was the first astral experience that I became fully aware that it was not just a dream, I had quite a play about while the ground still seemed to shake constantly. I became a little concerned and perhaps let a little fear steal into my heart which promptly snapped me back into my physical body I then woke and looked up our local siesmic site that showed a small quake about 150km from my home an hour before I physically woke up.
The next dream was of a large wave caused by an icy body entering the atomosphere, that had me sprinting for my vehicle trying to make an escape. No show there as I had no sooner got mobile when the wave hit land swallowing everything including me, but I had and have no fear of this eventuality at all.
Now I have a close friend that I grew up with, we are born same year one day apart. We have been sharing very similar experiences in regards to the “waking up” and are partners in the gifting defensive.
He had the same experiance as the first one that I just described, that very same morning. He has also had the recent dream of water comming inland after an event not yet clear to us.
We had a chance to talk with a very powerful psychic who informed us both that we had taken on a “contract” concerning this life cycle, that is why we are so “in tune” with each other.
We have been preparing for any such events and are quite confident in looking after ourselves but I have had a vision that if we cannot enable our fellow townsfolk to be prepared before such a thing might happen. I would likley have to sacrifice myself in order to raise the alarm before water made landfall. I have no fear of self sacrifice in order to save others but there are always more than one option.

I would like to ask for help from the psycics in this board if they could look into the matter and see if this event is natural or un-natural, possible date?.
Im still lacking the experience to locate any certain answers, I just get conflicing answers. I feel that etheric ice comming from off world has an influence on this issue. Time may be a matter of a few weeks.
Any info that could help us in averting this possible outcome will be gratefully recieved. I have been gifting the ocean just off our coast here in the recent week (with outstanding confirmations, but more on that later) I hope that will help. I dowsed for the orgonite that I gifted and found that the dolphins have moved some of it but did not get clear readings on at least half of it. I have a strong feeling that some of my own country men have commited to a nasty plot in furthering the NWodurs plan.
Kind regards

PS my location is on the westcoast of south island New Zealand.

Hi Kerry,

A quick checkup learns me that there is something off the east coast of Auckland, near Warkworth-Coromandel. Will boost/dodec a bit today, and why wouldn’t other people reading this as well?

Take care


Thank you for the boostdodec there Dirk, Ive not recieved a boost like that before.
The location you spoke of is known to us in NZ as White Island. This is an active volcano that is very close to sea level. The experts say that if the sea were to spill into the centre of the crater, there would be a rather massive re-action that could affect the gasseus belts that cause the volcanic activity through the centre of the north Island.
The emergency response organisation here is called Civil Defence, they have just released a booklet informing people to have enough food for three days and to stay in thier homes and wait for assistance. Not once does it mention what to do if your house is flooded out. I feel that if we were to have an emergency here, the people would soon find themselves in a New Orleans type situation.
Something stinks and I must find it soon for the sake of lives.

Thanks for sharing the dream, Kerry–if Dirk wants the rest of us to go after this in a chatroom we’ll sure do it.

The typical strategy for the world odor has been to use the US, British, Russian and maybe some other navies to plant nuclear bombs at sites like this in order to generate tsunamis, as was done off the coast of Malaysia. We’ve gone after a hundred or so events like this in the past couple of years, working in concert with whales and dolphins, and we’re always ready for more, so it may be that your dream was a timely warning. Lately, when we went to the troublesome areas in our chat sessions, the psychics find whales already at work, dismantling and disappearing the H-bombs. Last week they saw dolphins misdirecting the placement of depth charges off the coast of New York by the US Navy. They were manipulating the Navy navigational equipment in that case, apparently. Turnaround is fair play, since this is the same area where the Navy had murdered a bunch of dolphins shortly before that.

By the way, Dirk, I’ve been meaning to let you know that the big earthquake near the Canary Islands might have been triggered this way. You called attention to that location during a chat session a week before it happened and we all went off in another direction, then. A very big underwater volcano in that area apparently has the potential to inundate coastal regions as far away as the US and Mexico, so we assume that the world odor will keep trying to detonate some nukes there. Carol saw some of the orgonite that was tossed by Dave Emmett in Barbados and/or by ourselves in Florida when she scanned the volcano, earlier.

The good news is that the disaster dreams most people are having as prescient visions, which is what yours seems like to me, Kerry, mostly don’t materialize in 3D any more, due perhaps to humanity’s rising awareness and outlook.


Since my gifting buddy and myself had these similar dreams, we have gifted a number of TB and custom devices into to sea right off our coast from sea kayak. There has been quite a change in weather stability not to mention the lack of chemsoup up high.
A timley insight on potential outcome that I feel I have acted upon as best I could.
There is a large sea floor mining vessel that has just begun working the sea bottom to the north of us and is slowly heading south, that may be involed. This ship could be used to deploy a device into the off shore fault line as its the only international vessel that could do it. We have a ban on US navy vessels in NZ waters as its a Nuclear free zone, so I guess that a “Debeers” sub marinal gold mining vessel would be perfect cover for the nasty negs. We will get another hundred Tb’s out there this week, to be sure we have coverage.
Not the first time I have experienced prescience, just this time its two of us with the same warning. Our community here on the remote west coast of the south, has been refered to by our inhuman looking Prime Minister as “just a buch of ferrals”, that would make us the perfect sacrafical goat to asist in establishing the new regime. Not this time!.
Thank you for your help in this matter folks

Kerry, if/when conditions permit I hope you’ll persevere with the kayak and watch for opportunities to give orgonite directly to the dolphins. I’m pretty sure they’ve taken your orgonite to that volcano by now. Congratulations for seeing the confirmations! The sea is typically quite rough in your region so it will be interesting to see if your sea gifts will tone that down, as I expect they will.

I just posted Christine’s report about the latest interaction with dolphins off Kenya’s coast and I hope it will inspire you. It’s in the Orgone Experiences section. If you have time, compare their latest dolphin experience with the one that was reported just last May; many, many more dolphins, this time and in places where they’re not normally seen. Maybe David Slinger in New Zealand will be sorry he sold his ‘Dolphin Dhow’ there adn moved back to NZ a couple years ago. In that case, they were seeing fewer and fewer dolphins in that region, so selling dolphin tours was getting pretty tough to do.

Mombassa is just north, by the way, of the area in Zanzibar where hundreds of dolphins were murdered, apparently by US Navy sonar weaponry, right after the Kenyans got into the boat and distributed orgonite, meeting a lot of friendly dolphins in the process.

Dolphins and whales practically crave orgonite because they apparently take it to underwater death transmitters and other needy spots in teh sea after we toss it in.


Quite right about the tasman sea of our coast Don!. Usually its too rough to even get off the beach in a sea kayak, but since we made our first gifting run the sea has been really calm with less than 1 metre swell as well as the contribution it has made to the orgone field above us and around us produced by the CB on my lawn and the gifted water ways leading inland to the lake we gifted. As I stated before the spew planes now avoid the blue hole we have made, that almost extends to horizon on a good day.
The last time I went out in the kayak gifting I was taking a chace as the swell got near 2 metres while out there. Thats not to bad untill you have to try and land on the beach again. I asked the operaters for some assistance getting back to shore, when a moment later half a dozen hectors dolphins sufaced right beside me, recognising (feeling) thier intent to assist me I listened with a quiet mind and heard (felt) quite strongly “Now is the best time, GO NOW quick as you can”. Turns out I had a quick ride into shore on a small wave and beached without a hickup. I would love to get you some photos of the little hectors but its not easy with a kayak.