A way to neutralize the electronic assaults that are directe

A wonderful house guest of ours, who learned some spycraft the hard way, as we have, suggested this approach to neutralizing the assaults that some gifters have been subjected to by MI6 and the CIA through their personal computers. Apparently, this only applies to computers that are hooked to phone lines or cables. His feeling is that the attacks are impossible through computers that use wireless connections.

RadioShack or equivalent stores have the following common items, which he told me total around a hundred bucks, total:

  1. install a surge filter on the main incoming power board

  2. install a frequency modulator

  3. install a 240 vold power converter (converts back to 110 v) on the power line to the work station

  4. switch to TFT screen

He explained it all to me but of course I’m not much familiar with this stuff. Hopefully, you are if the reyes de basura are getting at you with powerful frequencies through your computer these days

There are apparently quite a few disinformation sites that beam you with debilitating frequencies when you get them on your browser. This might largely account for their dumbing-down or paranoia-ijnducing effect.


I have been putting an hhg on the wire, is that a reasonable alternative?

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