A Year In Gifting - Huddersfield - UK

A Year in Gifting - Huddersfield – UK

Hello all. My name is Matt and I live in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire in the UK. I’ve been gifting for a year now in the local area with the help of John Scudamore’s fantastic TB’s https://www.whale.to/orgone.html and thought it was time I put my experiences on the record.

I discovered the concept of Orgonite on-line in May 2008. At the time I was greatly concerned with the whole problem of electro smog from power lines, wi-fi and the like. There is a humming electricity line near to the house I live in that had been worrying me as it was close to where I slept and I had also been concerned about friends with young children who had wi-fi equipment in the house, mobile phones etc. 2008 was generally a bad year for weather in Yorkshire. Lots of heavy overcast grey skies made for a pretty depressing atmosphere. I had also been studying the NWO and other alternative subjects for some time. Things were starting to seem quite bleak, and then I discovered information on Orgonite on the net. I immediately became extremely excited, as if I had discovered the answer I was looking for. Articles like this one from cbswork https://www.whale.to/b/org5.html did a good job of convincing me that Orgonite was most definitely worth exploring. I immediately made up my mind to purchase some TBs and to distribute them in the local area as soon as possible. I placed the order with John at Whale Orgone before a trip to Portugal that had already been planned.

Before departing for Portugal, the first change in my consciousness that surprised me was becoming aware of the towers and panels in the local area. It occurred to me that I had never even acknowledged that they were there despite them being so ugly and prominent in the landscape. This surprised me as I had considered myself to be relatively awake and aware of my surroundings. During my time in Portugal, Orgonite was on my mind a lot, I was appalled by the amount of towers in the Algarve, the weather was ‘unusual’ according to the people in Portugal, being cloudy and overcast. On returning home to the UK, I was met with the same oppressive low-level cloud that just seemed to hang there; I started to notice that whenever there was a break in the clouds letting through a bit of blue sky, a white trail would soon appear to cover it again. By this time I was angry as hell and itching to get started with the gifting. The hardest thing about this time was trying to explain to people close to me. This was made ten times harder by the fact that I was new to the information myself so explaining all this in a reasoned and practical way was very difficult.

At last, the TBs arrived and I finally physically had some Orgonite – I could now start the work for real! I had read that it was wise to invest in a Harmonic Protector and / or Succor Punch before starting to gift but I was too impatient for that, I needed to get out there with this stuff! The first gifts were dropped in water locally and some were buried. I was a little apprehensive on this first run; a helicopter was in the area which freaked me a little. The first grand confirmation came when I gifted a local reservoir and it felt as if the heavy dense roof of cloud was literally blown off, birds were going crazy in the sky flying in circles and rising higher and higher, it almost seemed as if they were assisting in spreading the orgone field. The joy that accompanied this experience was intense, exciting and invigorating. Such strange clouds started to form the like of which I have not seen before or since, it was as if the newly introduced POR was colliding with the stagnant DOR and they were in battle. I specifically remember a ‘cloud’ formation that was pretty much vertical in the sky!

I was blown away and expected all the people that I had confided in about Orgonite to be equally impressed. After all, the roof had just blown off the sky, there had been sky battles and the sun was shining for the first time in ages. It soon became apparent however that it was wishful thinking for me to suppose that my nearest and dearest would see things the same way I did which was frustrating and caused problems in my personal relationships. My girlfriend said I was acting like a religious convert who was trying to share their new found light giving experience with everybody, it was a good analogy and I realised that what I was going through was in a way a very intense personal journey.

My next notable experience was the flipside of initiation into gifting. I still am not completely sure as to what exactly happened with the following experience but have read plenty of other experiences of new gifters to realise that passing through the flames or experiencing some sort of backlash is not uncommon. I had noticed a nearby transmitter that I wanted to gift, it was perhaps a mile or two from my home and was the first tower that I decided to gift. An inner voice warned me to be patient and wait until I had purchased an HP or SP before tackling such beasties but my bullish new over-confidence overcame my intuition and pushed me on to gift the tower. I climbed the hill and approached the tower, it was in a field which had public right of way but it was obvious by the undisturbed long grass that people were not making a habit of going on country walks in the field. I buried a couple of TBs and suddenly felt that I should be going pretty sharpish. I walked through the field and ended up coming to a barbed wire fence, I didn’t want to turn back and so climbed over it, ripping my jeans in the process. I got out of there as fast as I could and made my way back home.

Later that night I was feeling fine when all of a sudden I felt my newly found positive energy suddenly flip on its head. I felt cold, shaky and an immense feeling of unease swept over me. I looked out of the window toward the area where I had gifted the tower and a bank of dark demonic clouds were heading toward me, I could see strange twisted faces forming therein. I got colder and colder and more and more frightened, the rug had been pulled out from underneath. My skin was crawling and felt as if it was surnburned. Suddenly, I doubted everything. I felt I had opened up some great negative energy, that through my foolhardy attempts to help I had actually put myself and my closest friends and neighbours in great danger. My girlfriend arrived back at the house to find me in a delicate state, I was convinced by this time that I was under some sort of etheric attack and was concerned that I had also put her in danger. She however felt fine. I decided to go to bed and rest and on getting undressed noticed that not only had I ripped my jeans but the barbed wire had left a deep cut above my knee and the fibres from my jeans had become embedded within it. My girlfriend took good care of me and cleaned the wound and I began to ground myself by realising that what I had been going through could be some kind of delayed shock from the trauma of the injury combined with my overactive imagination. I felt extra sensitive to electronics for a time, especially computers and the TV but thankfully this wore off fairly quickly. Whatever the reality, the scar just above my knee acts as a kind of reminder to stay balanced. Of course I had to go through a couple more dangerous excursions to reiterate this, one gifting trip had me stranded on the moors in the black of a winters evening because I had left reason at the door and thrown myself into foolhardy risk taking again. I fell into bogs and had to walk several miles on a dangerous road to get home. Worse case scenario is that I could have fallen down a pot hole and died instead of just being wet and smelly. If in doubt, listen to your intuition. It will let you know when to take it easy.

I recently got around to partially gifting one of the big targets in the area, a huge ‘radio tower’ on private land (although I did not trespass, just threw TBs from the road). On the same trip I took care of about another 4 towers and some nasty electricity pylons. Since then I have felt some similar symptoms of the previous ‘attack’ but less pronounced. These started by feeling as if I had an insect crawling on my eyebrow along with the slight burning sensations from time to time. They have been much less pronounced than in my first experience. One explanation could be that some major gifting expeditions exposes the body to some pretty hefty energies which may over sensitise it.

After my initial ‘etheric attack’ experience, I ordered a couple of Harmonic Protectors (protective pendants) and a Succor Punch and Zapper from the excellent and highly recommended website Orgonise Africa ([url:36a0cqcq]https://www.orgonise-africa.net[/url:36a0cqcq]). I strongly suggest that anyone who wants to take up gifting invest in these tools before they start up as they will provide you with a great deal of protection. Also the Succor Punch or better still the Mini Power Wand which plugs into the zapper can be used for a more pro-active approach by boosting areas with positive energy. Once you have distributed Orgonite in your local area you can help it along by simply plugging your SP or PW in to your zapper and pointing it out the window. The more Orgonite in the area the greater effect the boosting will have. Boosting in this way will often clear the skies and sometimes attract the attention of aircraft who seem to be checking out the increased energy. Anyone with experience of gifting will no doubt tell you about the visits you get from aircraft. At first this can be daunting and a little scary but as time goes on these visits act as a kind of confirmation that the work you are undertaking is having the required effect and may actually bring a smile to your face!

Gifting can be a little addictive. I would buy some TBs every month from Whale Orgone and as soon as I had used them up I would be thinking forward to how I would use the next batch. This feeling is a good intuitive guide to how the energy is faring in the area. The better the energy the more relaxed I became. It really is a cat and mouse kind of game between the POR and DOR. The more TBs distributed in an area the more attempts are made to build the DOR through the towers, trails and sometimes what seems to be HAARP style attacks from god knows where. These are easily spottable from the unnatural static clouds that almost look like a grid. These attacks are only transient however and soon pass. I have also noticed different kinds of trails that seem to be employed. If the regular trails are not sticking they may hit back with some kind of super trail which hangs around in the atmosphere. One thing is certain, the more Orgonite distributed, the less these things will get to you. Even when you are not gifting yourself, there is always another gifter somewhere adding to the POR field. It has been mentioned by Andy from CTBusters on his recent visit to the UK that the weather has improved a lot in the past year or so and I would agree with that for sure thanks to the work of all the individual gifters.

One thing I should point out about my own style of gifting is that it is all done on foot as I have no vehicle. This has made it hard to take out all the towers in the area quickly, instead it is more like a gridding of the area outwards from my home with dedicated trips to take out specific targets. Every new batch of TBs are usually divided between strengthening the existing energy field and also pushing into new areas. I think it is important to keep adding the odd TB to already gifted areas as sometimes towers are upgraded or new ones are built and they may need sorting out. The fun of topping up the POR in an already gifted place is that it may only take one or two TBs to have a substantial effect on a large area. Often I have had great unexpected effects in this way. TBs can also be found and removed. In fact, I dropped one into a wooden box at Huddersfield train station a month or two ago and kept an eye on it. The box has a big mass of electricity cables coming out of it vertically so I figured it would spread some nice energy to add a TB to the proceedings. Anyway, the other day I noticed that someone had placed a metal grid over the top of the box and the TB had been removed, not any of the other rubbish in there, just the TB – I wonder what they thought it was for!

After taking out the towers and more obvious electronic polluters such as energy stations and pylons one starts to consider more subtle areas of healing to be done such as graveyards, crime scenes and basically anywhere where the energy seems to be stagnant. Natural places that are devoid of wildlife are a tell tale sign that some positive energy is needed. It is interesting to return to these places after some time and take note of any changes. I have personally found that gifting natural spaces results in more birds and more people using the areas, more kids playing. If a place is strewn with rubbish efforts may have been made to clean up the area for example.

The ultimate aim of gifting seems to be to raise the energy level to a point where it is so strong that it cannot be affected by those who wish to drag it down for any length of time. Personally, there is still a lot of work to do. I know that there are gifters who have been working in nearby towns and cities such as Manchester, Bradford, Leeds and Halifax although I have never contacted them personally. Then there are the Chem-Busters as listed on the Whale Orgone site that are helping out in the area. My goal is to push outwards to these areas, of course as the fields start to join up this is beneficial for all parties.

To me, Orgonite is a ‘physical’ manifestation of the kind of energy that is opening up in the world in so many different ways. The time of the parasites seems to be coming to an end and there are so many new ways of healing being made clear to people at a grass roots level. I have thought long and hard about the morality of gifting and whether I have a right to potentially alter the energy of an area. Ultimately, I have come to the conclusion that Orgonite is more of a cleanser which assists in promoting natural balance. It is therefore seems lawful to employ it in a world where so much unnatural energy is being unleashed. Still, it is good to always be mindful and to respect the energies of the world around you. Some spiritual reverence is especially recommended when gifting scenes where people have died and also natural environments.

As has been stated many times before, intuition seems to be the best guide when gifting. It is good advice to heed that inner voice and let it guide you. It’s also good to not be too predictable with the pattern of your gifting. Sometimes it may be prudent to stand back for a time and wait before your next trip. Others it may be best to be more forceful and take out targets head on. If you have been concentrating on a particular area for a while it can be useful to surprise the opposition by gifting somewhere completely unrelated in another area. It’s also very important not to burn yourself out ‘trying to save the world’, make sure that you take care of yourself as well as your environment. When personal energy is low and you wish to gift, it is probably better to gift some woodland or do some gentle gridding rather than taking on a mega-tower!

One of the most joyful things about gifting that unfolds over time is the many layered effect that it has on the environment. The initial effects on the weather and sky are the quickest to be noticed but as time goes on there are many deeper levels of healing and energy distribution that seem to take place. Community spirit is definitely improved by gifting an area, although there may be some deconstruction before the healing can begin. Reading the local newspaper can be useful in keeping an eye on positive changes and crime rates. The general spirit of the people that live in a gifted environment is lightened and an increase in flora and fauna is common. This is especially noticeable in the bird population and is an easy way to observe the energy changes. Rarer species of animals and birds may also start to be spotted in the area. It may be a good idea to study the local history of an area to discover where lives were lost in the past. Sites of industrial accidents that may not be obvious in the present day for example. Going back further in time, one can gift areas where people were hanged, gift places that were once natural beauty spots but are now built up areas. Churches were often built on ancient groves and gifting them and the graveyards that often surround them is definitely a good idea. Gifting people is a tricky one but suffice to say you should be able to tell who is receptive to Orgonite and who is not. The main point to remember here is to be very calm about it and not evangelise the point too much. If someone is not interested don’t bang them over the head trying to change their mind! Some people may come back to you in the future when they have come round to the idea. Smaller decorative pieces are good for initial gifts to give people a little taste.

Getting into Orgonite can certainly be quite an adventure and a life changing one at that. I would say that the most important thing to keep in mind is to stay grounded and balanced as possible. Gifting helps you to reconnect to your environment and nature in a powerful way, there are elements to gifting that can almost feel shamanic. Pay attention and you may find guidance from nature herself in the process.


Hello Matt,

This was such a pleasant and joyful read, thanks soo much! [Image Can Not Be Found]
It reminded me of the time I first gifted my area in Japan last year,
and some of your experiences over-lapped mine so it was also fun
to remember some of my “unusual” experiences too [Image Can Not Be Found]

By the way, I placed a “six” (technically, six tb’s in a “six” formation)
in my yard just a few days ago, and unbelievable cool things are already
happening everywhere – the effective range of such a small and simple
set-up is soo wide and vast it almost seems impossible!!!

I wish more and more people could join in on this whole movement [Image Can Not Be Found]

Cheers, take care, and happy gifting,