Abilene TEXAS 9 Inches Of Rain In My Back Yard!

With the unexpected murder of my brother (fellow etheric warrior) I have been studying the writings of Don and Carol croft, and many others. I have gained strength to stand strong in the orgone… Well around the end of September a highly modified Don croft cloud buster was place in middle abilene with about 200 lbs of orgone devices around the cb was hooked in with a stanley meyer gated pulsar and other systems. NO Towers that I know of have been gifted in or around abilene…… The out come has been… started raining on a thursday stopped on a sunday and 9 inches fell at my house and some surrounding areas!!! As well as the sky is clear, lots of residue from 15 years of spraying. chemtrails. NOT A CLOUD IN THE SKY!!! Any one have enough sense to look up you’d know abilene with its 3 huge colleges and enormous air base and a chirch on every corner. This place is a testing ground they have been spraying and devastating my garden and my life since I moved here. PEACE TO RONALD LYNN GIBSON 2nd

Good Gifting down in Abilene [Image Can Not Be Found]

I am sorry to hear about your brother. I’m glad that you have got a Don Croft style cloud buster made and set up in Abeline.

Please keep us all posted on your gifting and observations. I am also glad you contacted Don to ask to be a forum member and
that Don accepted you.

Thank you and Good Luck, Eric [Image Can Not Be Found]