About HIV in Kenya zapper can help

That is my friend send me that message I am going to gives him zapper to help him…

hello Dancan

i got a client who is HIV+ and he allowed me for the reconfirmation of their status which i did last week so the dialogue is as follows:


ID no … mobile no …these are the particulars he gave me for any assistant he may get from us since he is jobless and he have a family .

Wycliffe got this thing early december and he started taking some medics which he was given in the hospital.

on 13th Feb he started taking them he therefore told me that by now he is in group ‘O’ he started with septrine and now he is continuing with other A RVs

dancan this boy is really looking for any well wisher who can help him he told me to talk to you and your friends so that you help him and his children

otherwise thank