Abundant Rain In Northeast Spain, Finally!

Don Croft
25 Aug 2008 15:50
Subject: Abundant Rain in Northeast Spain, Finally!!!
Pedro has been gifting there for a few years and I think his crowning confirmation came, yesterday, a day after he busted a very big mountaintop weatherball.

The severe artificial drought that covers nearly all of Spain was disabled in his region after that event. Later in the day the sky filled with clouds and he heard thunder, then the next day it rained buckets all day long.

I asked him to watch for Sylphs because these wonderful sky creatures signal the defeat of the world order’s weather campaigns in a region.

I should mention that Carol and some others have apparently started to see Sylphs on the ground. She told me, yesterday, that a bunch of them were in a large field near our house a few weeks ago and it reminded her of the scene from the movie, CITY OF ANGELS. She said they looked regal and radiated mercy and compassion. We still don’t know the nature of these creatures. Carol calls them ‘angels,’ because she feels that the word approximates her impresssion of them.

I only saw one of them that was low enough for me to reach with my sort of aircraft (small, low power Wink ) and it was right over our house, surrounding a small cumulus cloud, 4,000+ ft. above. It would take me a half hour to get up there. They’re usually up around where teh chemtrails are–12,000 to 20,000 feet altitude.

I hope that when I finally get a chance to go visit a Sylph in 3D I’ll have a suitable camera and can finally upload imagery on EW. I think a lot of good energy will come out of those images.


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