Abundant U.S.A. Rainfall

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Interesting article for your perusal by the WTTN acknowledging the abundant rainfall over most of the U.S.A. Without the death towers negative draught making abilities, orgonite would probably not have had such a fast, opposite rain enhancing effect. For every problem there IS a solution. I love it when ‘trillion dollar’ problems are solved with thousands of dollars of “solution” and a little sweat equity. Very empowering.

During the chat session yesterday, I commented that the enslavement of humanity is largely possible because most have been duped into denying their own spiritual abilities, power and strength. The spiritual healing work & etheric warfare service we perform during the chats affirms that indeed we do possess these abilities. Confirmations of the results are sometimes immediate, sometimes shortly after the work is completed. By committing to using our spiritual abilities in the selfless service we commit to perform voluntarily each weekend, we anchor this into 3D reality so that others may grow spiritually and do similar works. As Jesus was quoted in the bible, “All these things I do, you can do, and more.” We just need to keep our hearts open and follow its quiet inner promptings for the truth to be revealed.



Good point about the death towers being used to sabotage climate, Stevo. I’d never considered that until we got to Florida, four years ago, and HAARPicane Wilma was thrown at our town from a hundred miles or so across the peninsula in a straight line. Nearly all of the weather weaponry in our area had been disabled at that point but we had a hunch that there was more of it inland. When we did a coordinated inland gifting expedition (Jeff, Eric and I) we found a few dozen ordinary death towers but no HAARP arrays between the two coasts. Where the HAARPicane was directed inland there were several orgonite cloudbusters and I think most of the coastal weather weaponry was already disabled, too.

The HAARPicane was only a tropical storm when it reached shore but the freaks had managed to generate several, very small tornados (un-natural occurence) at the entry point and the HAARPicane gathered strength as it moved the hundred miles across land to Ground Zero, which was our little town, Jupiter, Florida, where it again diminished to tropical storm strength, thanks (we believe) to Jeff’s thorough gifting of the area in previous years and his cloudbusters. I think most folks understand that natural hurricanes quickly lose their energy when they reach shore and move across land, also that they never travel in a straight line. The headlines of the Palm Beach newspaper, the day before the HAARPicane’s arrival, announced that Jupiter was going to be Ground Zero, which is another thing that is impossible to predict for a natural storm.

There have been no HAARPicanes or hurricanes to hit South Florida since then, though the media whores were practically faoming at the mouth, predicting worse and worse and WORSE storms to come following Katrina and Wilma. Some Pajama People in Florida thanked us for stopping the storms, by the way, and an awful lot of them had heard about orgonite cloudbusters before we arrived.

The media whores’ feet are being held to the fire in the absence of promised HAARPicanes, I’m told. Their approach to then evident failure of their (hopeful?) dire predictions was to just shut up but even the Pajama People are evidently getting upset that their hypnotists on Discovery, The Weather Channel, and other What To Think Network outlets are not
explaining the improved climate in South Florida and beyond. Delicious.

When we gifted Eastern MOntana and Western North Dakota, June, 2008, we expected to see evidence of the claimed drought but it was kind of like a green jungle over there. In August, 2009 I drove through there on my way back from Wisconsin and it was still green. Normally, the entire West is bone-dry in August. Auntie Carol Two Eagle, who lives near Bismark, told me that she had to contend with some flooding last spring. If that was the droughtiest area in the country I imagine that the weather/climate parasites ( the Algores) are essentially defeated, as you say.

I get loads of feedback from readers about postings on EW and I think I’m going to get emails from people wondering if our hunting/healing sessions in the chats are charismatic, Christian efforts or rituals. I know exactly what you’re referring to, I think, but when we use words like ‘spiritual,’ and also quote the Bible we have to provide a lot of examples and some context in order not to be misunderstood, unfortunately. Those things are more like emotion triggers than explanations and sycophants swarm to individuals whom they assume are speaking for God.

One of our (Carol and my) most aggressive detractors even claims that God speaks through her (the detractor) and that our orgonite instructions are literally from the alleged devil. She offers her own orgonite instructions. That’s the one who told me that ‘Bible code shows that Don Croft is a prophet’ and then offered to be my online partner so that all her Christian followers would get into gifting. I respectfully declined her offer. Good thing my ego wasn’t in the saddle, then [Image Can Not Be Found] . Her online presentation is loaded with Bible quotes. If patriotism is the refuge for scoundrels, we might assume that religion is rather the refuge for monsters. I don’t think that gal is a monster but it’s true that the only real Jihad going on in the world, right now, is being waged by Bible Thumpers and Zionists, all of whom drop God’s Name ad nauseum.

When the corporate world order finally disintegrates I think we’ll all have the privelege of being able to discuss religion, again, without being concerned about the occult/corporate/military horrors that are now riding on Christianity’s coattails.

When he told me the folowing I didn’t really understand what James Hughes was warning me about but the experience in the chats has sort of unfolded it for me, a bit. James was teaching me some stuff about subtle energy during the years that I was discovering Reich’s technology and then Welz’s orgonite. He was struck by etheric lightning in 1979 and ‘changed’ from being an ambitious businessman to a healer/teacher. I gravitated to him on account of his humility, I think. He told me to imagine that I had the power to raise the dead. Then he said that if anyone could make me angry, then that person would own my power. The reason I didn’t understand it, I think, is that I avoid arbitrary power and authority like genital warts. I think he was expressing points that Lao Tzu had also made about the practical necessity to exhibit genuine humility and detachment in non-material pursuits; to sort of lose oneself in a real way so that one could not be exploited or distracted. When we assume more responsibility for making the world better we automatically increase our risk of succumbing to egotism. An egotistical person is easier to manipulate, too., just like drug or sex addicts are.

Our sleeplesss enemies watch for opportunities to exploit our egos and programmed sycophants swarm like flies to fresh $#!+ whenever any of us, here, pretend to authority. The noise they then make is not unlike the loud buzzing you hear in a pigpen and I think of EW as a sort of haven from all that. The etheric smell of sycophants is similar to that metaphor, too, but to an egotistical person they smell like perfume.

When you say ‘spirituality’ I’m pretty sure you mean it in the context of not being caught up in materialism. Please correct me if I’m mistaken, okay? Materialism is the curse of Western cultures and is powerful form of programmed denial, just like bornagain chumpism and Theosophy/masonry are. It’s been said that Europe is the cradle of materialism and America is the stronghold. I once initiated a thread on EW, seeking some clarification about the word, ‘spirituality,’ and the thread quickly degenerated and filled up with personal impressions that showed that no two people evidently agree on the meaning of the word. This is typical of any word that’s been used as a mind control trigger, I think. Dooney told us that a friend of hers saw some guys physically fighting at a Rainbow Gathering about who was more spiritual. ‘Spirituality’ definition doesn’t get more arbitrary than that, I think.

If we assume that anything which contradicts materialism is spiritual, then we have to allow that Aleister Crowley and Billy Graham were spiritual individuals.

Dr Reich advised people to understand mystical processes without becoming mystics. To me, that epitomizes our experiences in the international chat sessions. Mystics seem to resent physicality and even crave to be ungrounded but in order to do this chatroom group effort effectivcely, everyone has to be connected to the earth. That enables us to put our etheric experiences into proper context and to integrate ourselves into a wider process. This may be a functional aspect of selflessness. We gradually find it less important to control these processes but rather to join the other species and entities who are caught up in this cosmic dance; this tide of healing and integration. It terrifies some folks to let go of control, this way, but to not take that leap of faith tends to drive us in the opposite direction and we then become unviable in this incredible effort.

When I was a teen and in the process of discovering the non-material worlds I became very dissatisfied with the contradictions and oppressive feelings I was discerning from the Bible but I still had a feeling that Jesus was incorruptible, so in an effort to gain some evidence of that I decided to go through the Gospel and only read the red verses, which are alleged to be His words. If you put them all together they make up a large pamphlet. I felt refreshed and vitalized by that effort and became more sure that most of the rest of the Gospel was mere commentary, at best, then I decided to ignore it for my own peace of mind.

That said, I recently asked Carol whether a lot of the ghosts were seeing were Roman Catholics and she said, ‘No, they mostly seem to progress straight to the next world from here.’ Carol didn’t use those words but I think I got the gist of it and expressed it. She sees a lot of wandering Jesuit ghosts in our region, by the way–go figure [Image Can Not Be Found] . I mentioned this because I think that when a lot of good folks like STevo say, ‘spiritual,’ they may rather be trying to describe the dynamics of faith, instead. Even though I think most of the Gospel is obsolete rubbish I personally believe that Roman CAtholics demonstrate genuine faith better than Protestants, especially bornagain chumps. If my impression is right, then I think Carol’s observation may be evidence of it, though in a subjective realm like this it’s only evidence for me, of course.

Every persistent gifter that I’ve corresponded with demonstrates the devlopment of personal faith over time, which we might say is synonmymous with certainty. This is often not even an intentional process. I don’t think it matters, much, whether one achieves this through religious pursuits or through fun service work like this. A lot of us even start out with selfish motives but when we commit to the effort and keep gifting (and in some cases, hunting corporate/occult/religious/military predators) we gradually lose that hard, rough edge and beome more forgetful of self; we lighten up. I’m pretty sure this is in the context of Stevo’s evidently religious comments. He’s actually not a formally religious person.

It might be off topic, but as you diverted the subject quite a lot already [Image Can Not Be Found]

I like etymology sometimes it’s really useful to try to describe some word [Image Can Not Be Found]

Getting the etymology of words.

spiritual (adj.):
of/or concerning the spirit

spirit (noun.):
animating or vital principle in man and animals
related to spirare “to breathe”

So to focus on spiritual aspects , is to focus on what concerns the spirit , hence on the animating or vital principle in us .

of/or manifesting life (vitalis)
of/or belonging to life (vita)

So to focus on the principle that animates or manifests life in us.

continuance, perseverance (to remain, persevere, continue, live.)

Spiritual can hence mean: the focus on the principle that animates or manifests continuance/perseverance in us.

Hum what is that principle? faith?
Just a thought… Seems to go with what you describe.

To clarify my meaning Don, to me the word spiritual refers to or pertains to spirit, the non-physical (subtle energy being) that animates our “3D body”. Spirit is that which leaves and moves on to the next world when our physical body dies. I was using this word spirit(ual) in its literal sense, as braikar defined it etymologically.

Sense childhood, I’ve been amazed at how the majority of people I’ve met act as if they are ‘only’ their body…. that deny they are truly a spirit, animating and sovereign to their body; that they, as spirit, have a distinct and specific series of abilities that are unique to spirit, and they can be used, exercised, developed and perfected. Just as a body has abilities (ie. strength, coordination, language, dance, etc. etc.) that can be used, exercised and developed/perfected. Spiritual learning, advanced understanding, perfecting spiritual abilities like selfless service of others, compassion, unconditional love, manifesting things/goals in life etc, etc. are encompassed in the process I refer to as spiritual growth/spiritual evolution. Its an ongoing, never ending process in my perspective. I see myself as working on this spiritual growth process as ‘my life’. And I see the process continuing even after my body dies. If the Hawaiian hunas were correct in their assessment, the spiritual growth/learning process is made more graceful and spiritual understanding and growth progresses faster in the next world, the more we learn and accomplish here and now (in spiritual understandings gained) while we are living in the body in this world.

Seems obvious to me from my observations and life experiences that a Human Being is just that. A combo of a physical body (Human), inhabited by a spirit (Being). Perhaps the single biggest deception/fraud the NWO parasites has perpetrated on humanity is Materialism. Remove spirit/Supreme Being from a person’s consciousness/reality and thus enslave/disempower humanity by disconnection people from their power source (spirit connection to their Creator…from whom all blessings must derive). It’s like taking the navigation tools away from a sailor, who then becomes lost at sea. Most folks I’ve met spend their whole life denying the etheric/spirit part that controls the physical body and allows a spirit to navigate through life with grace. Some regain awareness of their true spiritual nature upon the moment preceeding their death (or those returned from near death experiences) announcing the realization of the spiritual presence. Its like a curtain is removed so they can suddenly perceive/see the subtle energy dynamics they were blinded to their whole life. I think of these people as sleepwalkers, or P.J. people. Going thru life focused on the materialism and unaware of the greater glory of their spirit and its nature/abilities. The deniers are also blind to the reality that a Supreme Being is the source of this spirit that is their true identity, that which persists after the physical body dies. Spirit is immortal, body is temporal and limited. Amazing creative/manifesting abilities are (potentially) what spirit does during one’s life on Earth. In cooperation with all others on the planet (other animals, Sylphs, etc. etc) we are here to live, learn, create and be happy, prosperous and healthy. In the alternative, duped and defrauded humans are degraded to the status of ‘consumers’ in the materialism paradigm. “He who dies with the most toys wins” kind of philosophy. Seems like a shallow, inglorius approach to something so potentially grand as a spiritually conscious life. After all, how does a lifetime spent in persuit of ego gratifying materialistic goals glorify our Creator who gave us this magnificent gift of life. “What profiteth a man to gain the whole world and yet loose his own soul”. I like some of the teachings of the bible for their economy of words to convey a message to spirit, a message to help keep a person on their spiritual path, so as to avoid being sidetracked by materialism, egocentric misdeeds/errors etc.

All spirits (human beings) have the potential to achieve goals created by listening to one’s own inner heart promptings. I see the heart center as our spirit connection to the Supreme Being. Those who follow, courageously, the heart promptings (hunches, intuitions are other terms that describe this) are blessed with many gifts. Those that ignore heart promptings get to learn, through the school of hard knocks, as it were, that there is a more graceful way to achieve their goals.

I perceive religion as a potential tool, that can be used either for good or evil. To help people grow spiritual understanding, or prevent said growth. It is often used by those in power, to control the humans who attempt to rise above the materialism (consumer) level of spiritual (un)consciousness. Endorphin trigger phrases are used to excite the congregrents; but this is only a shallow attempt to replace the true joy, inspiration (in the literal sense) and invigorating, whole body aliveness that comes from communicating with and validating our spirit selves, and from healing spirit using various techniques (some of which are described on https://www.donebydooney.com ) that are very effective. Most recipients of such spiritual healing feel more vital, alive, awake, happy, optimistic. No catchphrases are used to trigger these responses. Just spirit to spirit communication/healing. And since there is no time or space limitation placed on spirit, the recipient/healee can be thousands of miles away, and still recieve instant improvement in their situation. This is confirmed by the recipients over and over again, countless times in my life. To the point that I have developed a fairly high level of confidence that these spiritual healing techniques are very effective, if not immediately, then usually very shortly thereafter.

I suppose I could go on and on but hopefully this clarifies my points made in my origional post Don. Let me know if I failed on this account, ok?



Defining someone as ‘spiritual’ is tricky but, to me, is someone with the combination of spiritual intelligence/awareness and service to others. Plenty of folk about who have spiritual knowledge but are service to self (or Satan eg Crowley & Graham). Could do with a term to define the service to self lot, Don Juan used ‘sorcerer’ I think. He would consider they still had problems with self importance. I don’t consider service to self people with spiritual knowledge to be ‘spiritual’, but plenty do, no doubt. To me ‘Spiritual’ is guided by Spirit, not ego, Satan etc, better still, guided by Heart as well, as Don Juan says, (all paths lead nowhere, so) pick a path with heart.

I found the stages of spiritual growth outlined by Scott Peck to be interesting https://www.whale.to/b/peck1.html and settled a few questions I had about religious people. Of course, there are varying levels of stage 4 as he says.

Good points about materialism. Need reminding about that. Atheism is the State religion, and materialism is part of that. Catholics take their faith pretty seriously in my experience so no surprise they don’t hang around haunting.

while atheism is pushed and any spirit knowledge is derided it usually is because they want to keep any spiritual knowledge to themselves as Rappoport points out with one interesting experience:

“I said that was quite interesting. I asked the dean whether he had taken part in such rituals. He said yes, but declined to describe the ceremonies. He was essentially telling me that a secret society was the proper home for the paranormal. His attitude as I read it implied that the paranormal was THE PROPERTY of secret societies—and the great unwashed masses were barred from such knowledge. It was the first time I realized there might be more to the prejudice against paranormal research than meets the eye…” For some people, so-called scientific opposition to allowing and funding paranormal research is merely a pose. These people are actually perverse mystics, and they want to protect their “monopoly” on the subject. They also want the kind of psychic control over others they think is possible through their ritualistic practices."—- THE PARANORMAL AND SECRET SOCIETIES —JON RAPPOPORT

Many spiritually aware people are Pyjama people which is always surprising.

“the enslavement of humanity is largely possible because most have been duped into denying their own spiritual abilities, power and strength.”

Good point but hard to break through that one unless you have natural ability, are born spiritual, or have a karmic path that is spiritual.

“We are not human beings here for a spiritual experience, but spiritual beings here for a human experience.”—-Dannion Brinkley.

I guess the Serpent race were co-opted by Creator into making the ‘human experience’ some sort of experience.

I would personally like to thank all the folks around the world who are gifting and do not belong to any forums who are unable to write blogs or posts on the internet. I’m sure they are helping the world out in many ways and most of us will never hear about it.

God Bless you all!