Acoustics And Chemtrails Used To Create Storms?

Don Croft
10 Jul 2008 17:19
Subject: Acoustics and Chemtrails Used to Create Storms?
I got the following from Harsa in Czech Republic. The questions and comments are quite thoughtful and I hope will generate some useful general discussion. I’ll add my own comments after his notes:

Hallo Don,

This is Harsa from Czech again. Thank you very much for your encouraging answer concerning CBs.

My work is going on fine, lately, I had a nice confirmation of blue sky after having gifted a nuke (that I was said had already been gifted before, maybe not sufficiently).

There is another problem that intrigues me now. I can see over my head that the skies are very unhealthy, always full of differnt forms of artificial clouds, sometimes mixed with natural ones. There are only short periods of normal skies when they stop their activities (to work elsewhere for a while) – then all the chemtrails and manmade clouds are dissolved rather quickly by the CB.

I was trying to compare what I see with my eyes and in satellite/radar images. I find that chemtrails and artificial clouds can be seen there quite easily. They have differnt colors and they behave in a different way than natural clouds. I became specially intrigued by very white clouds that start suddelnly from some point and spread rapidly in a circle (like shaving foam) over a large area – p.e. yesterday afternoon, such a cloud covered all Hungary in a few hours (it even had two hurricanlike eyes…). These clouds are surely meant to intensify rain, wind and thundrstorms. – My question was how and from where they can make so many clouds all the time, and what is the role of chemtrails…

Recently, I found some very interesting answers to my questions at, by a former meteorologist, Scott Stevens. He explains in several articles (Chemtrails, Cymatics, and others) that all the weather manipulations, including hurricanes etc., are probably made through acoustic waves from so called acoustic nodes that are all over the planet. Chemtrails are necessary for making and using them. He describes, p.e., also how was made the last devastating hurricane in Burma… and many others very interesting points. All of that sounds very credible to me…

Do you know his theory? If so, what do you think of it?

Do you think that we will ever have normal weather again?

Best greetings.


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As far as any prolific gifters are able to determine, chemtrails are neutralized for up to a couple hundred miles around by a single orgonite cloudbuster and there are so many thousands of CBs, by now, that it might be hard to find an area which isn’t covered, so it might be that Mike Stevens’ assumption that chemtrails are a factor in weather warfare might be off target. I think there’s no doubt that they used to be a factor, otherwise why would they be spewed over large, unpopulated areas?

One evidence that they’re not a primary factor is that in many countries, probably including Burma, no chemtrails have b been deployed. Chemtrails seem to be mainly over the industrialized countries, in fact. They’re sometimes seen in other areas after a lot of gifting has been done but the chemtrails don’t normally persist very long, so for some reason the HAARPies are focusing on the more densely populated, industrialized regions of the world.

Where we live, for instance, is in the middle of a very large, mountainous forest and the chemtrail jets spray daily over the wilderness areas. Even those are disappearing fast, though, thanks to our water-gifting in the large lakes surrounding this region and it’s disappearing even faster since I busted all those mountaintop arrays, which border our large, populated valley.

Mike Stevens, if memory serves, was a television meteorologist in Southern Idaho during the time that we disabled thousands of death towers and weather warfare facilities in his area. That effort produced astonishing positive changes in the atmosphere around him and, by then, there was plenty of discussion of orgonite cloudbusters on the web. I’m quirte sure that all the meteorologists at least had an opinion about what we were doing.

The fact that he never mentions us or Dr Reich seems a little suspect to me. I don’t know how it is in East Europe but in America and Western Europe all of the mainstream scientists are conditioned to disregard all ‘alternative’ technology. Mike STevens is teh lone meteorologist who even mentions weather warfare, for instance. I think the rest understand that if they were to ever mention this, publicly, they would be blackballed, which is to say that nobody would ever hire them. Scientists are rigidly controlled this way. After all, scientific research usually requires capital funding. Fortunately for humanity, all of the successful free energy device inventors funded their own efforts, as Reich did [Image Can Not Be Found]

Also, all weather warfare tech adn death tower tech are military secrets; not something a meteorologist (at least not one who wasn’t working for the CIA and those are all silent) would have firsthand knowledge of. I only mention ‘HAARP’ because there has been official disclosure about HAARP’s role in affecting weather with radio transmissions.

We’ve all seen massive acoustic transmitters, though, which are NOT officially listed as communication facilities so maybe these are the acoustic components of weather warfare. It’s hard for me to imagine that they’d be used for anything else. Fortunately, these, too, are apparently easily disabled with orgonite. Radomes are also primary weather warfare facilities–busting one of those is like winning a poker round [Image Can Not Be Found] and it usually produces phenomenal physical confirmations, also often earns some aggressive but impotent HAARP reprisals for some time afterward. We got those after I busted a bunch of mountaintop arrays, including a primary weatherball, with my plane. We also got a whole lot of friendly visitations from apparently grateful Sylphs.

Another form of transmitter that is apparently a weather warfare asset are the AWOS ‘bowling pin’ transmitters found at all the major airports. These are definitely used for radio navigation but psychics see so much black energy coming off them that we can assume that they’re also weapons.

The old shortwave broadcast arrays were made obsolete by satellites in the early 1990s but many of them, including the one at the Vatican, are now weather warfare facilities. These are multiples of simple towers standing together. Carol and I disabled one at Delano, California, some years ago, and that caused the decades-old persistent dense smog of the massive San Joaquin Valley to disappear. The smog is still gone so that array was apparently pretty influential. I must add that Richard from Reno had disabled a similar array at the north end of the valley on the same day, though, so we assume the two were working in concert. We found that out from Richard some time later—a very good instance of The Operators’ successful guidance in this case.

Very observant about the artificial storms’ satellite signature, especially the center-outward formation of storms, including the country-wide one over Hungary!

Carol and I gifted two areas of the sea, near South Florida, where artificial storms were frequently formed. In both cases the sources were apparently underground/water but in each case, after we visited them with the boat and a lot of orgonite, no more storms were generated there.

It might be that one will need to disable all fo the regional HAARP facilities in Hungary in order to stop that ‘war’ on the Hungarians, though.

In America, one can see where there are no orgonite cloudbusters within forty miles or so by noting where artificial tornados touched down, last month during a massive weather warfare campaign. An orgonite cloudbuster disables chemtrials for up to a couple hundred miles but will only prevent a tornado touchdown for thirty or forty miles, sometimes less depending on how massive and focused the HAARP assault is.

Thanks again, Harsa, for the outstanding observations and comments! I think you’re close to getting normal weather, actually. Once you start to see positive changes in your sky all you’ll need to do is to gift the weather warfare facilities and death towerrs in an expanding circle around you. The contrast between the ungifted area and the gifted area will encourage and empower you, don’t worry. Hopefully, someone in Hungary will also become committed and engaged in the same way and will network with you. I’ll keep my eyes and ears open and will help you network when the opportunity occurs. The German-language gifting forum is also a good networking asset for you.


10 Jul 2008 23:53
Subject: Re: Acoustics And Chemtrails Used To Create Storms?
Thanks Don that was extremely informative.

It is interesting what you wrote about the fake tornadoes, that if they manage to touch down over a particular area, that area could use more orgonite to properly disable the weather tech. We had such a tornado here, due south of Bowling Green OH about 25 miles in a town called Findlay. This happened about 2 months ago, before I built the two cloudbusters, one of which stays in Bowling Green and the other about 40 miles northwest in the small town of Fayette. Interestingly, since the cloudbuster was installed in Fayette they have been receiving far more rain than usual. She is a farmer, so her weather reporting is quite accurate. Her friends up there have also been commenting. (In BG, we have some pictures from one year ago, July 2007, and the grass in our yard is brown. Right now everything is lush and green.)

I have since been to Findlay, and placed a small number of TB’s throughout the town, and wherever there were towers. Come to think of it, as for tornadoes, I remember years ago while abroad, receiving news that my small hometown of Continental, OH was on the front page of CNN’s website because it had a tornado touch down, and two people were killed. This area must still have relatively active weather tech, which I am happy to begin systematically disabling, with regular 3oz. TowerBusters. I’ve never adopted a strategy, and there must be over a thousand square miles of flat, plain terrain up here, but I suppose I’ll just get the local maps and start criss-crossing between all the little towns and get all the towers between them. Great sight-seeing Wink It’s getting to be “Polka-Fest” season up here, too. I wonder if german beer, gifting, and polka dancing go together. Shocked

If you think placing Earth-Pipes as well could be required, maybe you could advise as to how often they’re needed, or if they should be reserved just for specific underground activity that may be here.

By the way, I met an acquaintance of yours at a farmers’ market, she bought some “art orgonite”, and is also interested in installing a CloudBuster, which would end up in Toledo. She is using the Terminator to treat a serious condition, and though the doctor’s gave her 7 years exactly 7 years ago, she is vibrant and feels well.

Don Croft
11 Jul 2008 17:13
Subject: Re: Acoustics and Chemtrails Used to Create Storms?
Thx for the good, local feedback, Todd. In fact the tornados are probably an attempt at reprisal for us gifters ruining all the HAARPies’ droughts, finally Cool . The recent tornado onslaught might be HAARP’s swan song in the American Midwest and South.

A good way to find the underground bases is to watch for DOR in the lower atmosphere after all the death towers and HAARP facilities have been disabled. Put some earthpipes around the DOR area, which will probably be quite well defined, and when the dOR is all gone, one can feel confident that the nuke generators in the base are disabled… Presumably, once they lose their power source they’ll leave.

That serial killer who erroneously pronounced that gal’s death sentence, seven years in advance, is perhaps dead of a recreational drug overdose by now. It’s been said that if you want to check a MD’s credentials, look at his pupils; not at the diplomas plastering his wall Wink .


13 Jul 2008 05:35
Subject: Re: Acoustics And Chemtrails Used To Create Storms?

Interesting stuff indeed.

In reference to Don’s comments; a friend of mine went to Burma last year and brought back many photos which show plenty of chem-spraying across the entire country.



Also; my Father-in law in Java had his orgonite cloudbuster hurled across his garden by one of a few very local tornados that tore through a reasonably well-gifted area.

It would appear that CBs aren’t always immune from HAARP reprisals (but maybe this precision strike is the exception that proves the rule).


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