Addendum to gifting with dolphins

A new gifting person and old friend of david emmett’s, marie, visited town this new year’s weekend and joined the endless fun busting underwater towers and arrays aboard the zodiak orgone warrior.

We had myself, marie, carol and don and a very special little dreamer on board as we cruised out of the Jupiter inlet heading north and east to waters unbusted, hunting the not-so-elusive, probably Chinese-made, underwater dor emmittors. As previously stated, we have a working method for finding these things, that continues to amaze me. You can clearly see the dor signature over seawater and the sky rarely fails to guide or confirm. As we pull up into a spotted area the dolphins sometimes show up on the screen, adding a second layer of confirmation or perhaps emphasis to the already visible spike and the usual crowd of fish also hanging around such structures. When we are approaching or over the offending military hardware, some folks in the boat can also feel a queasiness or loopy feeling, or for me, a mumpy feeling in my gills. We noticed all these things and more, yesterday.

Now that we have so many busted, patterns are beginning to emerge. The most significant I think is that they are generally grouped. To explain: as we pass the population density variations between cities and the more open areas, the arrays are so far always grouped in front of the cities in water depths of from 160’ to 190’-200’ ( diver depth, we think) which at this area of the world is about five to seven miles out, sometimes more. There is no haphazard placement involved. They are placed in front of population centers so my underwater cellphone will work better. Uhhhh, can you hear me now?

Think why they would be placed in front of cities, mostly.

We used up a little over a hundred towerbusters and about two dozen dolphin gifts, half dolphin balls and half a cylindrical version of the dolphin ball, but chunkier. These all were dropped in the drink, a quick toss overboard, so completely on target in the midst of the vast expanse of the atlantic, that, that….what was that sound? Sea-gifts clunking underwater metal?… uhhhh… can you hear me now?

And it’s so easy that all of you must try this to the degree that you can. Apparently we have been blocked in at all major population areas by this underwater “fence” that has been laid out for us. You can take great pleasure in every toss because you will be taking responsibility for your local ocean area in the great realignment of earth’s energies back to a pre-rebellion,. pristine state.

And now, let us bow our heads…. ( ouch!… not the front of the boat!). uhhhh…. can you hear me now?… dear powers that be (all), thank you for the nice new line of underwater por generators enlivening the coast of florida from palm beach to up over ft. pierce. it was a great new years gift. We promise to use them responsibly and seek only to extend and broaden our experience, that is all.over and out.

And in that moment, marie pegged the throttle of the zowie (she used to race boats, you know)