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Dancan Omollo

Our friend, Frode, in Norway has created this website as part of an international effort to make it possible for our East African associates to sell this entirely unique protection product online.

Since 2004 they’ve been making and distributing basic orgonite devices and finally began selling that in 2009, after a concerted effort by a dozen or so members throughout East Africa had finally gained sufficient public interest to create a demand for it. I think it’s important to know that this is the first time that orgonite has become a commodity in the world and we want the kikundi (‘team’ in Swahili, which is how they refer to themselves, collectively) to get full credit for achieving it because along the way they sacrificed a great deal, including losing three of their key members in a short time (just prior to their initial 2009 success), presumably to poisoning: David Ochieng and his wife, Emmah in Kenya, and Salva Kirr in Sudan (now South Sudan). There have been no more deaths of kikundi members, since then, and it may be that they’re all more mindful to use zappers whenever they begin to feel sick. Zappers quickly neutralize poisons, even the deadliest snake venom.

Mrs Odondi and David started this effort in 2003 after contacting me. It’s worth noting that they live in the same small area of Kenya where my wife, Carol, had worked in a large village in August and September, 2001, distributing our zappers, which caused a lot of people with AIDS to get well in a short time. CArol also put orgonite devices (the first in Africa) in that village, which suddenly caused a series of downpours and ended a very long drought. For some reason, the atmosphere in Africa is a lot more responsive to orgonite than ours and Europe’s is. David and Mrs O had not heard about Carol’s work but had evidently learned about orgonite from a radio interview that I did with Kanya McGhee in November of that year, which was a podcast on the internet and was listened to throughout the dark continent. My co-worker in Uganda in 2003, Dr Batiibwe, had listened to that show and then built Uganda’s first orgonite cloudbuster, soon after. Uganda’s AIDS Commissioner provided terrific logistic support for much of our work, there, and Georg Ritschl and I made two orgonite cloudbusters for him.

Many of us have donated significant, needed funds throughout the years that made it possible for the kikundi to make and distribute a huge number of their orgonite pieces throughout much of Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Sudan, Ethiopia, Burundi, Rwanda, Congo and even Somalia and they enabled untold thousands of farmers to resume planting, due to regular rainfall that ended severe droughts. Chris Owuor is now being materially sponsored by groups of locals in Malawi and Zambia to teach about orgonite on a regular basis. Christine Oginga, who is Salva Kirr’s widow and was a delegate at the South Sudan secession talks in Khartoum in 2010, has taken a lot of orgonite to Lake Chad, restoring the fishing industry there. She also has gotten a lot of material support from the historic Nuba tribe for her orgonite work among them. The Nubians were the first to build large pyramids in Africa. There are some beuatiful ones at the confluence of the White and Blue Nile, near Khartoum. It makes me wonder what other important history never gets mentioned in schools �?�

The kikundi also caused the fish populations in all of the major lakes in the region to explode upward while at the same time cleaning up polluted/poisoned water in key areas. When i was in Uganda in 2003, fishermen had to sail very far from shore to catch fish; by 2009 anyone could catch a huge load of fish from the beaches. Dancan Omollo posted a terrific video in 2010 of a woman straining but failing to haul in a net full of fish from the beach.

The most dramatic testimony to the success of that effort is the thriving fishing community on Migingo Island in Lake Victoria, which was an uninhabited rock, before. So much money started changing hands, there, due to the sudden boom fishing economy, that Uganda and Kenya nearly went to war over its possession but we believe that the orgonite in those waters caused peace, rather. Both countries maintain a small, idle police presence there. If you look it up on I think the over-crowding of boats and sheds will amuse you. From space, you can’t even see the ground there, any more. Due to the return of rain, too, people are now farming on nearby Ugingo Island.

After David and Emmah’s untimely deaths, Mrs Odondi adopted their orphaned children and this is evidence of the kikundi’s commitment to each other, I believe. Mrs O’s son, Billie, is now an adult and has achieved historic success in Nyamira, a district that had become notorious throughout the region for sorcery and cannibalism. He simply took a big box full of orgonite on his motorbike and distributed it in key places, thus driving out the sorcerers. The people he met were quite grateful. I think the sorcerers were afraid to get near him �?�

Nobody needs etheric protection more than our friends in that part of the world and the original plan for developing Bilo (Swahili for ‘Protection’) orgonite for sale abroad was to enable them to pay the routine extortion fees to get them freed from jail and to pay for such things as hospitalization after being injured, both of which happens far too often in their case to be considered random. I’ve had a feeling that the potential market for etheric (magic) protection devices in western police states, such as the one I live in, is big enough for them to monetize those emergencies on their own but in order to find that market, they needed a proper website (this one).

Like me, you’re probably very curious about African culture. When I was there I met professional healers in two countries who practice ancient African magic and Bilo orgonite gets its unique ability from a product that is custom-made by Maji Marefu of Tanzania, who has a widespread reputation for being particularly skilled and experienced in this field.

You may already know that the positive qualities of any subtle-energy (magic) component that is cast in orgonite will be magnified and kept dynamically positive.

When Carol arrived in the village, a group of women performed a protection ritual and dance and she was very happy to see that these women were also healing-magic practitioners. She and I visited a powerful, elderly Xhosa healer in Namibia, later that year. In Africa, magic is alive and profitable and I think the rest of the world will catch up with Africa, eventually (filling out medieval western science and ending its spirit-crushing materialism), and that orgonite might be the bridge.

Thanks for the write-up Don. I’d like the website to be a regular webshop also, this being Kenya I’m having a bit of an issue with payment solutions, but we’ll figure it out.

In addition, there will be more information on the website to help educate farmers on the benefits of using orgonite in agriculture, something I’m sure Dancan and Mrs.O will help me with.

The resistance has been great to get this simple website up and running, I had the idea already a couple of years ago, but it is only now I’ve been able to get the focus to put it together. Setting up this website has been an education in WordPress, it is all new to me. Thank to Carlos for helpful advice and encouragement.