Air France Flight 447

In one of our international chat sessions on the weekend we determined it would be worth checking out the recently doomed flight. I think it was Francie coming up with the flash (SS-like) attacking the plane and others confirming her impressions.

I found the following on (some paragraphs down – emphasis mine)
and thought you would appreciate reading it:

“Analysis of Air France Flight 447 : the flight recorders and computers spent approximately four minutes sending alarm information before going silent … the standard news media story states that the plane was lost in severe weather and due to misguidance from conflicting computer commands it stalled or went too fast and therefore fell from the sky into the ocean … being ignored are the following reporting … note that it is not the reports of the “flash” seen by two other pilots that is paramount here (although this may or may not be related to the Flight 447 air craft) … but the fact that the other two pilots would even see a flash in a situation that the standard news media was reporting as the plane flying through severe storm systems and being hit by lightning … clearly … the visibility for the other two pilots to report seeing a flash indicate not only that there may have been a flash related to Flight 447 … but more importantly … there were no severe weather clouds anywhere near Flight 447 let alone clouds at the estimated 35,000 feet producing lightning … planes get hit by lightning all the time and do not crash … but in this case … the plane as well as near by planes were in an area with estimated 10 mile visibility … in other words … NO SEVERE WEATHER … so there goes myth #1 being perpetrated by the french and world media …”

Great Job Francie and Gang!!!
[Image Can Not Be Found];

I’ve not been in any chat for a while, but would like to express my support for this topic being examined there.
Apart from my intuition telling me there is something strange here, it has been easy for all of us now I guess to pick up brainwash triggers that objectively make little sense. ‘struck down by lightning’ is sounding as ridiculous as the sudden train schedule changes here in Holland with every bit of snow…



The hunches Axel provided for the chat he mentioned above, turned out worthwhile, Dirk!
Axel suspected an attempt to renew or replace the worldwide pentagram structures ….

At the bottom of the ocean, near the plane’s crash site, Francie found dark energy. It had the shape of a disc, but when we looked closer, it seemed more like a lid. Something was beneath it. Unlike our usual efforts, the energy also turned darker when we boosted it. Like there was more negativity under there. We all felt urged to call upon the elementals – of which we received an overwhelming amount of help, especially an undine Axel connected with – and Dean finally managed to force the lid open. It appeared to be a tunnelsytem of some sort, undersea. Francie had aliens in mind. The sheer vastness of it, along with the darkness of the energy, led us to think this might be a stargate to other worlds. At that point, Francie remembered the underground base at the military site at Evje, Norway – which she had taken a look at some time ago, at Frode’s request. To her, the two sightings looked very similar. Same “lid-like” structure of very dark energy. It occured to her that if these two sites are connected with tunnelsystems, they might be part of a larger grid, perhaps even a pentacle of stargates. She was able to see other sites all over the world as well, but that was too overwhelming to locate and map them down. So we decided to call it a day.

Near the end of the chat, Francie remembered she had seen beams of light, tracking planes (!!!), at the Norwegian Evje site too. She couldn’t explain those visions at the time, but noted them anyway in her post on 5th May 2009:

[Gifting The Vigeland Monolith/url:35emnkum

[quote:35emnkum]Frode recently asked about a military site at Evje. Immediately I saw the upper structure of an underground base. Both Frode and I felt there might be an alien portal there. It was interesting to me that the energy of this place seemed to me to change as soon as Frode determined to gift it, before he even physically gifted it.


I had other images of this place. First, I saw it as the apex in another one of those pentagrams across the land, though the energy of this pentagram seems much weaker than other ones we’ve found, and some of the energy lines may already be broken. I also had a vision of this station sending out two beams of light that went up into the sky and tracked an airplane going across the sky. I can’t interpret more from that. I often see visions that I don’t quite understand, so I just try to report them as accurately as I can.


Note: Contrary to alien portals we have discovered before, these ones seemed to lead to an underworld (within earth?), not intergalactically. The flashes attacking the plane are perhaps reversed tech of military origin, EMF related?

could be like Lockerbie, shot down to kill a few people

Key figures in global battle against illegal arms trade lost in Air France crash
ARGENTINA: Argentine campaigner Pablo Dreyfus and Swiss colleague Ronald Dreyer battled South American arms and drug trafficking
From Andrew McLeod … 85.0.0.php … -447-.html

In that flight was also a Brazilian imperial family member Pedro Luiz Orleans de Bragança, 26 years old, descendant of the Portuguese royal family – Habsburgs, etc. He´d inherit the throne if Brazil turned into a monarchy again.

I think it may be another of their sacrifice rituals again, especially after reading the info in this thread. The boy was living in Europe, I forgot the exact location, he was living among royals there but he ‘was serving Brazil’, according to an elder family member interview I saw on tv news.

Brazilian news today says some remains found may be his, they´re expecting the DNA tests results. I wonder where they´ll bury them if the tests are positive…


Some of the best intel on global events is being done by David Hawks.

You have to sign up to his e-mail newsletter in order to get daily updates on his investigations.
His website is and then sign up for the e-mail newsletter.

This is one from last week, putting the blame on the doomed Air France Flight on the Sidley Austin Law Firm, which
coincidentally Michelle Obama works for . You have to read his reports on your own, since there is no point in me
trying to explain what is going on, but suffice it to say it boils down to money, power and greed.
The key players in global events are making BILLIONS on Insurance Fraud caused by accidents, which they set up and control. As in most conspiracies all you need to do really is to follow the money.
David Hawks has the gift to do just that, plus the insiders who are willing to whistle blow to him the inner workings
of the Sidley Austin Law Firm. Enjoy ! Eric [Image Can Not Be Found]

Belief Sidley Austin for Bombardier sold AeroSat / Certicom backdoor key into Honeywell ACARS to disengage AF 447 autopilot, collect debt from AXA / USAA P&C insurance claim.

Captain Carlos Limon, President International Federation of Airline Pilots’ Association, Email: [email protected] Interpilot House, Gogmore Lane, Chertsey, Surrey, KT16 9AP
UK Tel: +44 1932 571711 Fax: +44 1932 570920

Field McConnell and David Hawkins,
Forensic Economics, Cybersecurity and Counterintelligence at Hawks’ CAFE

Barbara Hollingsworth Examiner Columnist [email protected]
Sidley Women celebrating [email protected] Monday, June 15, 6-8 pm at Sidley offices for JDC automated debt recovery Axa Gallery 787 Seventh Avenue New York
Sidley debt recovery experts for Bombardier [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]
David Emerson, Senior Consultant, CAI Group [email protected]
Premier of British Columbia, Gordon Campbell [email protected]
Canadian Prime Minister, The Right Honourable Stephen Harper [email protected]

bcc: 2500+

June 9, 2009

Dear Captain Limon:

Bombardier debt recovery on Air France 447

Hawks CAFE believes that Sidley Austin associates acting for Bombardier Inc., sold an AeroSat/Certicom backdoor key into the Honeywell ACARS system which was allegedly used to disengage the Air France 447 autopilot, destroy the plane and collect debt from a Groupe AXA / USAA Property and Casualty insurance claim to be filed after the crash.……px?id=3606……-dohrn.jpg … 837339.jpg … 5/610x.jpg

Our Abel Danger investigators have evidence that Certicom keys to AF 447 were bought by investors in a JDC (Judgments, Deficiencies and Charge-off) automated debt recovery insurance program set up by Sidley Austin in New York and former Sidley Chicago associates, Bernardine Dohrn, Michelle LaVaughan Robinson (1988-1991) and Barack Obama (1991).

“[Big Red One] USAA P&C Insurance Companies’ … meet members’ growing needs … adding numerous online capabilities through, such as auto, renters, homeowners, and valuable personal property insurance quotes, claim filing and online bill pay … have also leveraged to make insurance policy information available on members’ mobile devices [allegedly including users of Blackberry / Honeywell ACARS on AF 447]”

Our Abel Danger agents have decoded AF 447 emergency messages on the Honeywell ACARS system which showed that multiple computer failures happened simultaneously, starting at 02:10 GMT, when a series of 14 warnings and failures emerged at once.

“The ACARS is the aircraft’s communications addressing and reporting system, which sends short pieces of data to other aircraft and satellites. You can see the ACARS for Flight 447 here. PDF. First, the auto pilot system disengaged. Then came a basic auto flight message warning. Next, something within the flight control computer failed. Then, warning flags appeared on the personal flight displays of the captain and co-pilot. Then the rudder exceeds the limits of normal flight. The last message received is a cryptic “213100206ADVISORY” warning at 02:14 GMT. It indicates loss of cabin pressure.”

We allege that the secure AeroSat Ku-band communication system needed to backdoor the AF447 ACARS system and support automated debt recovery by crashing the plane, was developed in the 90s by Bombardier's Beaudouin family, David Emerson then the president of Vancouver International Airport Authority and Kristine Marcy, then senior counsel for the Justice Prisoner and Alien Transportation System (JPATS’ or ConAir).

We note that you have been active in IFALPA work since 1996 initially in the Accident Analysis & Prevention Committee and that you fly A320 family aircraft for Mexicana Airlines while remaining certified as an IFALPA Accredited Accident Investigator.

We have cc’d per above, David Emerson of CAI and likely attendees of an automated debt recovery celebration by Sidley Women in the AXA Gallery in New York on June 15 for their comment. … ?event=474

Please alert IFALPA members as you see fit.

Yours sincerely,

Field McConnell USNA 1971, USAA#1005316 Forensic Economist [email protected] or [email protected] Kazakhstan. 30 year airline and 22 year military pilot 23,000 hours of safety Tel: +7 (777) 952 9767

David Hawkins [email protected] Tel: 604 542-0891 Former oil industry operating engineer. Blow-out specialist, safety officer, trouble shooting. 15 years experience explosives, incendiaries, radioactive materials and 12-D virtual prototyping.

Civil Case 3:07-cv-49 ‘Hawks CAFE v. Global Guardians’
Clerk’s Office, Federal District Court of North Dakota
655 1st Ave. North, Suite 130, Fargo ND 5810


I NEVER liked Airbus.

As some of you may know, I was an Airline and Corporate pilot for 13 years (78 – 91) and since then became a Internet/Unix/Programming Geek. Airbus is WAY too connected; too computerized, and thus MUCH too vulnerable to errors, glitches, and–though I never considered it–prone to HACKERY… For crying out loud…

Thanks for the link to the mailing list and website, Eric. Its a tremendous resource.

The insurance scam is a good explanation, but I´m sure there´s more in it than money. The powers to be owns all the money system, anyway.

In a mysterious ‘accident’ where key figures have died, or ritually sacrificed as I think, where there are vortexes or gates I´d look for other causes still unknown to most of us.

The Brazilian imperial family may have lost their overt power, we´re now a Demo-cracy. Hi Demo, not so pleased to meet you! ruled by an elected president – after years under military dictatorship brought by the CIA. But it has not lost their covert power – it was a Portuguese royal family member living in Brazil who declared ‘independence’ for this country in 1822… And they´re heading secret societies here…


Yes, it is more than money, but they seem to be cashing in regardless. The worst you can do to these Vampires and Cockroaches is expose them to the “Light” and it seems clear there is a pattern of removing witnesses and investigators in these sort of “Accidents”. Two investigators, Pablo Dreyfus and Ronald Dreyer, (who were on the plane, as well) were following up a lead, as per the below from:……essage/921

Hawks CAFE believes that David Emerson uses an `Airborne Internet’ to integrate YVR Airport Services with the U.S. Justice Prisoner and Alien Transportation System and thereby provide networked support for Clinton Rubin associates who are allegedly engaged in the global trade in drugs, weapons and exotic animals.

Our agent (Blabbermouth') suggests that Emerson has been protecting the Clinton Rubin network withArkancidal’ contract hits where YVRAS airports and JPATS aircraft provide on-scene command signals to silence investigators or whistleblowers after planes in which they are traveling have been destroyed by traffic collision avoidance maneuvers.

Blabbermouth suggests Emerson’s agents used YVRAS/JPATS command signals to silence Pablo Dreyfus and Ronald Dreyer – two investigators into the small arms trade – traveling on Air France Flight 447 on June 1, 2009, and Anthony Mitchell an investigator into the endangered species trade, traveling on Air Kenya Flight 507 on May 5, 2007.

Anything to shine the light on these tools I’m in favor of and if 600 people a day visit the ew (last average before we lost the external counter) I would assume most of the 600 people are curious enough to learn about the global banking and insurance trade,which finances global terror, murder and mayhem and they will subscribe to David Hawk’s e-mail bulletins. The juicy stuff is in his e-mail reports and not posted on his website, so
subscribe to it from his website and you’ll soon have the intel they certainly do not want you to know.
You get on the tools list too, but then you’re already on it if you’re reading this. [Image Can Not Be Found];

Thanks for contributing to this thread. Ask any retired spook and they’ll tell you airplane accidents are the best means for
eliminating someone. Remember JFK.JR ?

If I was a pilot I don’t think I would want to fly any commercial plane that has wireless internet for passengers. [Image Can Not Be Found]
The trick to flying these days is to not be traveling on a plane [Sidley Austin/url:rey7qs4e wants to crash. [Image Can Not Be Found]

Chapter 10
Blabbermouths, Sturgells and the Ku Antenna Bomb
Obama Omerta – Biker banker pig farm – FAA in a global drug trade
(Earlier character development, see )
image2 image4 image6 … 3/247c.jpg … nna_sm.jpg … ensors.jpg
image8 image10 image12 … a_logo.jpg

Agent Chips uploaded Chapter 9. Now had ten completed volumes on aviation crimes back to Dorothy Hunt, first wife of E. Howard Hunt ambushed in Watergate burglary scam by Sidley Austin lawyers and counsel for Weatherwomen. Multiple Blabbermouths deployed. Emerson AeroEquity buddy thwarts FBI investigations into a century old murder-for-hire service by entrapping, extorting and blackmailing FBI Directors, including late Edgar Hoover and the 9/11 incumbent Robert Mueller. Barbara Sturgell – Bobby Sturgell’s mother – was FBI Director Hoover’s personal secretary. She did books for family-run biker bar in Deale. She networks with bankers, bikers and Mafia bosses. She extorted Hoover for homosexual activities; her son did same to Robert Mueller with Ku-guided bombs per 9/11 and AF 447. Former acting FAA Administrator, Sturgell was senior policy advisor at the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) and practiced aviation law in Washington, D.C. Sturgell was instructor at Top Gun Navy’s Fighter Weapons School. Rockwell Collins made him lobbyist for Ku band products and a witting or unwitting support network for FAA drug trade in 27 countries. Two amber lights flashed on Chips’ Clipper; somebodies had triangulated his position. A brilliant white flash. Crown Vic with Prince George County plates vaporized. The vulture supped. Stone sat bolt-upright in bed something sinister may have just befallen his father, Chips.

At 2345 on 17 June, 2009 Agent Chips uploaded, or caused to be uploaded, Chapter 9 of the current book at The term ‘current book’ is significant because there exists 10 completed volumes regarding the aviation crimes that have been foisted upon the traveling public dating back to the Boeing hit in Chicago (Midway runway 31L) in the 70’s because it had a Watergate Blabbermouth on board. Dorothy Hunt was the first wife of E. Howard Hunt; she died after discovering her husband had been ambushed in the Watergate burglary scam set up by Sidley Austin lawyers, Thomas Green and Howard Trienens, the latter being counsel for fugitive Weatherwoman terrorist leader Bill Ayers and his father Tom Ayers. Dorothy died in the crash of United Airlines Flight 553 a Boeing 737-222 N9031U. Just like Colgan 3407 with 2 Blabbermouths on board when it was Ku’d on final approach to Buffalo, New York early in the winter of 2009.
The Global Guardian PFers were getting a little hard on Blabbermouths so Chips, Hamish, Jam and QB determined “if you want to beat 'em, appear to join 'em” and so on 6-12-09 a global deployment of ‘Agents Blabbermouths’ was executed. They installed listeners in key offices around the globe including Airbus in Toulouse, France, McConnell International at their “closer to you” address 1455 Pennsylvania Ave, Sidley Austin at their orifices in Chicago, New York and ‘overseas’ as well as the usual suspects at ICAO and ISTAT, and last but not least, the Big Red Generals’ bunker in the Cisco-driven ‘Virtual Pentagon’ buried deep under the USAA campus in San Antonio, Texas.
When Agent Chips finished causing the Chapter 9 to be uploaded, he poured himself an industrial sized BSM and settled down to read The Good Book. He focused on Proverbs 1 and Proverbs 5….or obliquely, P51. He smiled as he thought of the P51 that Caffrey had flown for the Abel Danger UC Flying Circus, “Never Miss”. This particular P51 Mustang had been owned by Vernon Thorp, the father of Chips’ mentor at North Central Airlines Rex Thorp. That same airframe had seen duty previously at the 119th Fighter Squadron, North Dakota ANG where Roughrider’s father was commanding officer and where Chips had won Profiles 1 and 2 in William Tell 1986 flying his beloved F4D, “Sweet Talkin’ Woman”. That same year Roughrider was in the flight that won Profile 5 so between “Smoke” and “Roughrider” they accounted for 60% of the winning performances at WT '86. Particularly pleasing as their competition was the best the USAF and Canadian’s could FIELD in their sissy jets, the CF18 and F15s. It takes a man to fly an F4 Phantom.

captain sherlocks travelogue

Agent Chips had a productive exchange on his Clipper with Hamish at 0022/18 June and then fell asleep. He got up early that morning to feed chickens, cows, goats and other critters on the 10 acre farm that a corrupted Chapter 11 had forced he and his family onto. At 1100 on Thursday he received a call from Washington DC that suddenly ALPA wanted to settle lawsuit Case No. 1:08-1600 and the Judge had asked both attorneys to determine what, precisely, it would take to get Agent Chips to settle with ALPA. Chips spent about 4 minutes enumerating his demands and returning them to attorneys for both sides. He stopped short of demanding that John Prater, President of ALPA and Pete Janhunen, ALPA’s Assistant Director of Communications and its corporate mouthpiece, be given their walking papers. Instead he wrote $4,552,000.00 on a cocktail napkin from the Rams Head Tavern of Crownsville, Md and scanned and emailed it to his attorney, ALPA’s attorney as well as the FBI and DHS. He also sent a copy of the scanned cocktail napkin to Jam and suggested a “fishing trip”.

Chips was about ready to contact the media when a Clipper came in from Blabbermouth 1:

“Blabbermouth I clipper: We told Emerson to build an Airborne Internet' to provide networked support for our global trade in drugs, weapons and exotic animals. We useArkancidal’ contract hits to silence investigators or whistleblowers in planes destroyed by Ku-band traffic collision avoidance maneuvers. We silenced the FAA and ALPA; Garvey was easy. The Eel helped us BS her, as you know, she wasn’t a pilot. We silenced small arms investigators Dreyfus and Dreyer on Air France Flight 447. We silenced endangered species guy Anthony Mitchell on Air Kenya Flight 507 on May 5, 2007. We now have hundreds of dual-use AeroSat broadband antenna systems deployed. We can offer borrower clients Internet in-flight for DirecTV television, cell phone service, and text messaging on commercial airlines and business jets; they know if they fall behind in payments we can switch from entertainment to Ku bomb mode when we have an HVT on board. We have Ku bombs on 30 different aircraft types; they are being installed on Airbus’s production line and its Maintenance Repair & Overhaul (MRO) facilities around the world all coordinated through Blabbermouths at Transport Canada in Dorval, Quebec. We control Bombardier in Quebec, Embraer in Brazil and Boeing in Chicago where we LGBTd Conditt into terrified jelly. We own the aerospace industry. â€?

Chips tried hard to assimilate that information; he focused on ‘Dorval’ where he had been at the airport in Montreal many times. He also fully understood that Montreal was the center of aviation corruption ever since the 1970 RICO statute forced organized crime and the terrorist leaders to go north of the 49th parallel. Chips found it remarkable that no ALPA or IFALPA pilots found it odd that all of the international aviation agencies – ICAO and IATA – were centered in one very criminal city in Quebec.

Chips was reaching for his Clipper Squirt Gun to call IFALPA President Limon when another priority Clipper came in, this one from Quiet Rockland alias who responsibly was trying to “deep-sixâ€? Bobby The Eel Sturgill and remove Bandy Rabbit from the FAA payroll. It appeared that both were on some other payrolls as well. Rockwell Collins anyone? Perhaps the Swinehood lawyers who modified the Bombardier Challenger 601, 604 and 605. Ironic that they called the product Tailwind 300 given the Ku-Band DBS (Direct Broadcast Satellite) signals allow drag and drop users to disengage autopilots and put a targeted plane through a violent collision avoidance maneuver to blow off the tail whereupon what little was left would fall into a predetermined ‘drop box’, generally a remote or deep or protected area of the ocean, such as occurred on 9/11 when UA175, AA77 and AA11 were ‘dropped’ prior to their drone replacements hitting the financial targets in NYC and WDC.

“Blabbermouth QR clipper: We silenced BATFE agents with OKC Murrah Building bomb on April 19, 1995. We hired Emerson at YVRAS to develop and test Ku antenna bomb on Justice Prisoner and Alien Transportation System (Con Air) fleet. We installed production version of Emerson Ku bomb under radome of AF 447 on 16 April 2009. We got Ku bomb patents from Clinton Rubin associates; same people who did the Unabomb and UTC patents for Big Red general starting 1978. Emerson AeroEquity bankers use ‘Ku Bombs’ to automate debt recovery. They file ‘CDS’ insurance claims after target aircraft are destroyed in remotely-controlled maneuvers, designed by Bobby Sturgell, former FAA administrator and now aero-lobbyist for Rockwell Collins. Sturgell has handed off the administration of the FAA fleet of Ku bombs to former ALPA leader, Randy Babbitt and both men are targets per blogger below!�

“ Mr. Thomas Sullivan, Co-Founder Quiet Rockland – No New Flights Over Rockland County, NY P.O. Box 918 Pearl River, NY 10965 USA (845) 480-1088 [email protected] … Friday, June 19, 2009 Re: Your Promise To Include Air Traffic Controllers, Stakeholders, And All Other Interested Parties In Any Future FAA Airspace Redesign Dear Administrator Babbitt: One (1) month ago you testified before Congress that you would include Air Traffic Controllers and other interested parties in any FAA airspace redesign. Yet today, a month later, the ill-conceived NY/NJ/PHL Airspace Redesign still appears on your FAA’s Internet website: You are now FAA Administrator; you purport to run this federal agency in the best interests of the American people; and yet to Quiet Rockland’s knowledge you have taken no steps in the last 30 days to include Air Traffic Controllers or re-start or re-think any evaluation of Northeast airspace. This is unacceptable… [The very First Question To Randy Babbitt From The Senate Committee On Commerce, Science, & Transportation – At Time-Code 01:03:46 – From Senator Lautenberg]: Sen. Frank Lautenberg (D-NJ): “Mr. Babbitt, the FAA has (under)taken a major Airspace Redesign project in New Jersey, New York, and the Philadelphia region. And it’s going to result in a major overhaul of flight patterns there. Unfortunately, the FAA has not adequately included the frontline air traffic controllers in the FAA’s plan, (in my view). Would you pause the… (hold the) implementation of the Airspace Redesign project until you see that the interested parties, who have value to contribute, will be included?â€? Randy Babbitt: “Uh…Senator, I… Uh…I… I’m not exactly certain where that process stands at this point in time, and I do understand there is some litigation surrounding it… Uh… so I’m not sure just legally what I…I …I… could agree to do and not do. But I would suggest to you that…Uh… on a personal basis, I would really like to solicit the input… Uh… from all the stakeholders in that area. And I think key to that … we’re…we’re… working right now…Uh… the Secretary has announced a program to resolve some op[en]… outstanding issues for the air traffic controllers … Uh … And … To this point in time…Uh… they haven’t been active participants in this redesign, and I think it’s key…and… and I think it’s very important, that they do play a role in this. So I can assure you that I would certainly pursue…Uh… in trying to get the input from everybody to the extent the law allows me at this pointâ€?. Sen. Frank Lautenberg (D-NJ): I’m happy to hear you [“]say[“] it… Mr. Babbitt, are your promises worth anything? Was your testimony before Congress on May 19, 2009, ingenuous? Mr. Babbitt “Mr. Babbitt, the FAA has (under)taken a major effort to distort the truth of 9/11, of Colgan 3407 and AF 447, would you agree or disagree with this statement?"

Chips speculated about an exchange he would probably never here, “Senator Lautenberg, please allow me to contact BHO’s teleprompter as well as the Sidley Austin help desk before answering. You see, Senator, I am just a ‘plant’ that has been parachuted in to give the traveling public the impression that we, the United States of America, give a rip about their lives. Of course that is far from accurate as the law firm for which Bill Ayers and Bernadette Dohrn worked during the days of rage is the same law firm that coupled Michelle LaVaughan Robinson to Barry Soetoro after he got his David Emerson provided electronic passport. I am not at liberty to divulge the truth since I am bought and paid for just like the Alien Occupant and others. However, as a pilot who hasn’t flown jack-diddly since 1989 I give the Global Guardians a ‘peaceful easy feeling’ as they attempt to dismantle the United States of America from the inside out, and those two dolts at ALPA are my hand-maidens.” “Mr Rabbitt, do you refer to John Prater and Pete Janhunen?” asked the NJ Senator. “Mr. Senator, do you know of any other dolts at ALPA?” replied Babbitt call me Rabbitt. “As a matter of fact, yes, ALPA is a cesspool of worthless JDs who cannot find their asses with both hands.” “I agree that you have, in essence, expressed the salient points regarding the nature of this corrupt, as in RICO, organization. What would it take to buy your silence?” “More than ALPA, Airbus, Boeing or the Rockefeller family has, in round terms.”

While Chips hallucinated and the extinguished statesman from New Jersey prepared to pounce on the Rockefeller comment to protect Senator Dorgan’s boss at the US Senate and reduce any risk of elbow breaking by Hillery Roadhog Rockefeller, another Clipper came in.

"Blabbermouth IV clipper: We have agents inside U.S. Marshals Service in 50 United States, as well as Guam, the Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands, Mexico City, Mexico; Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic; and Kingston, Jamaica. We take agents with ICAO e-Passports through Canada for hits in America. We use “seat belt” sign illuminated throughout every flight with handcuffs, shackles and a belly chain to supplement the passenger-restraint system. Ku bombs are in secret compartment under radome, accessible only to other Blabbermouths. We run hits out of ICAO in Montreal, CIDA in Gatineau and JPATS headquarters in Kansas City, Missouri. Fleet operations are run out of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma which is why we had to destroy Murrah to silence BATFE. Our hubs are in Alexandria, Louisiana; Mesa, Arizona; Anchorage, Alaska; and Virgin Islands. We can arrange Arkancidal hits by contacting local Blabbermouths in local U.S Marshal’s Office for JPATS assistance under Cooperative Prisoner Transportation "
As the Clipper was digested by Chips, his Clipper took an immediate call from Agent Jam in the Southwest Region of Florida. “Chips, I have verifiable data that suggest they are tracking you as you are tracking them, suggest a meeting at Crownsville, Maryland Rams Head Tavern ASAP. Leaving Ft. Myers in 30 minutes. I will proceed to table 101 in the rear right hand corner and await you. QB has given me a ‘package’ regarding AF447 and the 16 April modifications done at …………”.
As Chips attempted to reconnect with Jam he realized that perhaps the bad folks were getting nervous. Knowing his 1995 Presidential Limo was at Dorgan’s office in DC and his 1996 ST PW Limo was getting new run flat tires, he put his bags in the 1994 Lincoln Town Car and got to the Fargo Airport ASAP. He was fortunate that the right agents were on shift and he exited Fargo, through Minneapolis and 4 hour later arrived at BWI Baltimore’s Friendship Airport where his special Avis rent-a-car with Mark 7 Glass and run flat tires awaited him. 35 minutes later he and Jam were together in booth 101 sitting side by side with the eyes on the front door and their backs to the men’s room. The autographed “Captain Sherlock Solves 9/11” DVD cover was at eye level to their left.

“Chips, I don’t feel secure here, can we go somewhere else and exchange intel, I want to discuss Pell grants and the Occupant from Kenya, footstomper, Pell O.”

“If you are suggesting some Pell O talk I am a willing taker. Let’s hop in the Avis ride and go over to 832 [ redacted ] Way.”

Ten minutes later they were in a private residence and Jam shared: “Agent Blabbermouth in Toulouse works for the entertainment contractor to both Airbus and Bombardier. She tells me that the KU antenna does allow WIFI and email but also something onerous. She has contacts at Panasonic who maintain the entertainment equipment on board the biggest airline in the world. Her name is “Simon” and she wants to be a Blabbermouth, do you think that you and I could leave soon for France?”

“Jam, there is a British Airways flight tonight that connects to CDG so if you are packed, we can leave Baltimore in 3 hours”.

“I have a loaded suitcase and have everything I need except pajamas” replied Jam.

"My bag is in the trunk of this Town Car and strangely that is the singular item I failed to pack … as they contemplated their trans-Atlantic crossing on BA Flight XXX, their thoughts were interrupted by another Clipper, this time from Hamish at HomePlate. footage of FAA and FBI investigating murder on AF447/Colgan 3407 now referred to on the internet as “Swan and the Eel Monkey Around”.

“Hamish clipper: David Emerson has built a ‘banker-biker pig farm network’ to launder proceeds of international drug trafficking through AeroEquity fund of funds. Emerson equipped the likes of Barry Soetoro with ICAO ePassports. People like Barry and their Blabbermouth companions can travel on or use the AeroEquity network for Omerta oath taking or initiation rituals. One of our agents at the pig farm says ceremonies include zoophilia or production and distribution of snuff films. Ku band used to backhaul DirecTV films of murder of Mona Wilson by members of Piggy Palace Good Times Society or Captain Gerald DeConto in Amec upgrade of Wedge 1 of Pentagon on 9/11.�

Jam detected a cling-on attached to the email and gave Chips an indication to not respond. As she applied keystrokes to Chips’ BlackBerry, Chips was having random thoughts. He decided to test her mettle so he offered her a Scotch and Sofa and she reclined. He had just started his Boom Box with “Love is a Long and Slender Thing” when an incoming Clipper from Rico Gambolino in Vancouver appeared in Chips’ ‘inbox’.

“Rico clipper: Robert Pickton pig farm murders linked to Hells Angel’s international drug distribution operations. The Pickton brothers held giant Hells Angel’s parties in their dance hall barn called Piggy Palace. Most of the girls killed such as Mona Wilson were junky prostitutes trying to leave the streets. HA agents say they silenced women who knew too much about the drug trade and mulched the bodies and fed them to the pigs or the Omerta oathtakers. HA are controlled through predatory Hog loans structured by Sidley Women and JP Morgan Chase. Kevin Rudd KPMG agent at the Australian Wheat Board told us a story of a woman, a stripper, reported being abducted, held captive, and raped in 2000 by Hells Angels. They threatened to put her through a mulcher alive and feed her to the pigs; she knew about HA money laundering with Sidley to finance QH 8(a) weapons used on 9/11 and the initiation ceremony where members get “patched".

image15 image17 image19 … 50x250.jpg … 970b-500wi
“Blabbermouth clipper: Emerson AeroEquity buddy is Lynton (‘Red’) Wilson. They work with JP Morgan Chase to thwart FBI investigations into a century old murder-for-hire service by entrapping, extorting and blackmailing FBI Directors, including late Edgar Hoover and the 9/11 incumbent Robert Mueller. Barbara Sturgell – Bobby Sturgell’s mother – was FBI Director Hoover’s personal secretary. She did books on a family-run biker bar in Deale. She networks with bankers, bikers and Mafia bosses. She extorted Hoover for homosexual activities; her son did same to Robert Mueller with Ku-guided bombs per 9/11. She relayed threats to Hoover from Bernardine Dohrn who called Dohrn ‘the most dangerous woman in America’. Dohrn mentored Barack and Michelle Obama at the Sidley Austin law firm in the ‘80s. Dohrn’s Sidley associates control the Hell’s Angels; they just arranged a line of credit with Emerson’s bankers to help bikers buy Harley Hogs. As acting FAA Administrator, Sturgell oversaw the regulation of commercial and private aviation in the United States. Sturgell was senior policy advisor at the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB). He came to feds after flying for United Airlines; he flew Boeing 757 and 767 airplanes on domestic and international routes. Sturgell also practiced aviation law in Washington, D.C. Sturgell was an instructor at Top Gun, the Navy’s Fighter Weapons School. Rockwell Collins has made him a lobbyist for their Ku band products and a witting or unwitting global service and support network for FAA drug trade in 27 countries.â€?

Jam heard a metallic noise and nudged Chips, alongside her on the couch, “Chips, sounds like somebody is trying to break into your father’s house.”

“In My Father’s House there are many rooms. However, if someone were to want to break in they would not possess a key. It is probably another Blabbermouth who knows where the secret key is hidden. Turn the lights on and please and put your skirt back on, it could be Stone.”

As Jam made herself look more presentable and Chips straightened the sofa Jam wondered aloud “Which other Blabbermouths would be in this area and recognize the Avis car as ‘special’?”

“We Blabbermouths are one big happy family so it could be a sibling, a child, or that restorer of Hope to Oprah’s Assisted Sellout of America…” Chips was interrupted as a big-eared false prophet looking ‘thing’ walked through the garage door to the utility room.

“Good evening Amelia, why the odd appearance, did you get a free ride in Larry Sinclair’s Limo from 1301 K St NW?”

“Put a sock in it motormouth….” as Chips corrected his only sibling with “actually it is Blabbermouth. Amelia, meet Jam from FO19 Cliff Road. She works underwater and undercover and is our ADuc Blabbermouth for the southwestern Florida office.”

As Jam politely became erect and curtseyed, Amelia quipped “why is it your favorite Blabbermouths are all females and work undercover?”

“Because contrary to Barney Frank, Larry Craig and the rest of the limp wrists in DC I find that working undercover with a female is more reproductive. The men in positions of leadership in this nation of ours being dismantled by the Soros-Rockefeller-Rothschild triumvirate, are so lady like that it would not surprise me if Arnold Shwarzkopf sent a metallic set of bovine testicles to one of the cowards or if Lynton Wilson might be negotiating a surrender to Putin in Moscow.”

“Actually it was Schwarzenegger and he sent them to a California legislator, but I digress. I was driving home from the Swine Fest in NYC that concluded in the wee hours of 16 June and I got tired. Too tired to even get out of this costume honoring Kenya’s Mau Mau progeny. I decided not to continue on down south and seeing the Avis ‘special’ car I thought I’d ask you why so many Blabbermouths are being recalled and couldn’t you pick two initials other than B-M?”

"Sure I could have but I didn’t. I think BM is the perfect set of initials for you know who. But if he gets nervous tell him to relax, I found the name in the Philadelphia phone book in the yellow pages under “cyber security experts with known fetishes, so if Bruce Madlow, Bonnie Miller or any other BM out there gets paranoid, tell them it was a random selection. However, the Faction 5 Blabbermouths are being recalled to stalk ACORN volunteers as they prepare to corrupt the 2010 senseless census. Back in Minnesota we have a Congresswoman named M. B. who joins us in resisting ACORN, one of the only two things to ever originate in Arkansas.”

“Congresswoman Michele Bachmann. Proudly Serving the 6th District of … Face-Off With Chairman Barney Frank on ACORN … Woodbury, MN 55125 ; Phone: 651-731-5400 ; Fax: 651-731 …â€?

“But Chips, ACORN is a national organization so forget about Arkansas and Barney has been there longer….”

“Amelia, ACORN was organized in Arkansas and was initially titled Arkansas Community Organizers of Reform Now, a spin off of Ayers and Dohrn. And ACORN and toothpaste are the only two items every invented in Arkansas, Barney may have been in DC longer but he is worthless whereas MB, not to be juxtaposed with BM, is a breath of fresh and ballsy air.”

Jams chimed in with “It is known that toothpaste had to be invented in Arkansas because in any other state it would have been called ‘teethpaste’”.

“Hamish clipper: Visited Boston/ICAO Montreal. AeroEquity and PAR hedge-fund managers in aviation and gaming industries hired Emerson to develop the Ku-band incendiary bomb and antenna system installed on AF Flight 447 in April overhaul�
“Tango Whisky clipper: DEA informant Barry Seal was killed in 1986. Ken Georgetti steelworker union boss was charged in BC in 1983 for Mafia-based conspiracy to traffic in marijuana and cocaine. Emerson set up YVR Airport Services in early ‘90s; he can now launder drug money through 18 airports in seven countries, including Canada, Chile, Cyprus, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, The Bahamas, and Turks and Caicos Islands. Turks and Caicos now back under UK rule. Sidley’s banker bikers have established ‘climate of fear’. They chartered Gulfstream V (N379P, N8068V, N44982) nicknamed the Guantanamo Bay Express. They now use Emerson and ConAir drug-running aircraft through various Caribbean islands with frequent stops in Afghanistan and Cyprus for UN kickbacks to ICAO insiders. In 1985 remember, DEA set up a narcotics “sting” operation and arrested chief minister, minister of commerce and development, and member of Legislative Council of the Turks and Caicos in Miami.â€?
“Hamish clipper with Entrust: Obama and Dohrn working with Swinehood on “Bank lending: Midwest of drug money to banking clients. Sidley LGBT now control assets of Tribune Company [bankrupt], Citibank [nearly bankrupt], Fortress Credit [bankrupt] and Harley-Davidson [extorted by James Clark in Chicago with JPMorgan Chase $1.9bn multicurrency revolving credit facility]. Sidley Women now control Hells Angels, they helped Harley directors kill class action suits filed aginst Clinton’s Bleustein buddy�

Chips clipper to ADuc: To stop infiltration of government agencies by organized crime, we have to take out Emerson’s ‘biker banker pig farm network’. Remember they use Entrust ePassports, Ku band communications and MindBox automated loan recovery systems to launder money through bogus insurance claims filed after boats have been sunk (Queen of the North), planes crashed (AF447) and/or trains bombed (Mumbai).�

Tango Whiskey immediately followed up the priority TM with a Clipper Call to Chips. “Chips, if I were you I wouldn’t go to Hanover, Germany at the end of June or it might be the end of you, capeche? I was doing some remote listening into a chat monitored by Gatineau at 1455 Pennsylvania Ave and it sounds like ALPA and the Court are trying to sucker you into a false sense of victory. A word to the wise, stay in the United States of America so you will be safe. Tango out.”

Amelia and Jam seemed concerned as the call from Tango had been on “speaker clipper”. Amelia asked “Chips, Tango may have a good point, you should stay in the US for reasons pertaining to your physical safety.”

Chips, who appeared to be shaking like a leaf quickly affirmed the plan. “Let’s all go to the Rams Head Roadhouse for an Elroy’s Reuben”. As Jam got up to go, Amelia said, “You two go, I will get out of this costume and catch up.â€?

“OK Amelia, Jam and I will be at booth 101. Out the door.” As Chips held the door open from Jam, Amelia started to take off the super-alien costume and relax. As Jam was joined by Chips in the front of the town car she asked, “Are you really going to stay in the states Chips?”

“Of course not, that’s just what they’d expect me to do. Let’s head to Washington-Dulles and get while the getting is good. When we get to the John Hanson highway would you mind driving about 75 miles per hour while I send out some disinfo?”

“I was hoping you’d be doing some driving, but whatever the mission requires.” As they swapped seats, Chips determined that cinnamon was the color of the day. As Jam set the cruise control at 75, Chips began a series of outgoing emails, to all Blabbermouth agents. He stacked them for time release auto-send as was about ready to press enter when an immediate clipper came from Blabbermouth 7, Stone.

“Good evening Stone, what’s up?”

“Miss Houston and I are sniffing around the Sidley office regarding AF 447. One of their clerical staff showed us a copy of a victim who was an executive of the alternative energy sector and the feeling at the Swine Pit is that this was the true target, not the 9 Chinese steel guys or the two weapons dealers. The information was available for a brief period after the June 1st hit but was gone from the internet almost immediately. Our snitch, from Quit, Yellin & Settle got a ‘screenshot’ and I have emailed it to [email protected], [email protected], and the ranch. Stone out.”

As Jam Rolled on Down the Highway, just like the BTO monster hit, Chips selected “auto-send” and the following Clipper snippets began spreading like chaff in the wind, not to be confused with the Kansas song, Dust in the Wind.

Chips Clipper Hamish: 1901, 6-18….Garry Moore’s TV show to tell the truth “What is your name sir?” Blabbermouth “What is your name, mam?” Blabbermouth " What is your name, one of non-specific gender?" Blabbermouth.

Chips Clipper Stone: 1904, 6-18….Stone, Amelia says the most requested songs at the [email protected] Swine Fest we:
a) Come Back, When You Grow Up Girl by Fargo’s own Bobby Vee
b) Bobby’s Girl by Little Marcie Blaine
c) Girl, You’ll Be a Woman Soon by Neil Diamon
d) Evil Woman ELO
e) Just Like a Woman, Bob Dylan from Hibbing MN [site of Paul Wellstone ‘hit’]

Chips Clipper Caffrey: 1907, 6-18……nice seeing you on aircraft N3101NB/flight 1468, hope Amsterdam can be worked out 2-7 July

Chips Clipper Frank Kessler: 1911, 6-18….thanks for watching my back on 1468 to MSP and the F4 Dragchute story, stronger message to follow

Chips Clipper Amelia, 1914, 6-18…had to leave town, Crown Vics surrounding the Rams Head, some Blabbermouth must be working both sides

Chips Clipper Butler, 1917, 6-18….if anything unsavory befalls me google [ Moore + Campbell + Plunkett + Hylander + Wrongful Death ]

Chips Clipper Tango and Amelia, 1920 6-18….TW, staying put, returning to KFAR, thanks for thinking of me, Amelia agrees and I am enroute BWI to catch the last flight to Minneapolis then continuing on to home plate.

image21 President Barack Obama as a superhero (© Jib Jab) IMAGE25 … 50x250.jpg … Image4.jpg … ulture.jpg

As the last message was transmitted, two amber lights flashed on Chips’ Clipper indicating that some pair of somebodies were triangulating his position. He was very pleased that Jam had dropped the ‘repeater’ out in the parking lot of the Rams Head under a black Crown Vic. As the triangulation was completed a brilliant white flash was observed descending straight down for a six second illumination. It was eerily similar to the white flash seen by the TAP and Comet pilots near AF 447 as well as witnesses to the Colgan 3407 hit that silenced Beverly Eckert. The Crown Vic with Prince George’s County plates was vaporized, and the vulture supped as Jam joined the beltway around DC.

As Stone sat bolt-upright in bed he felt that something sinister may have just befallen his father, Chips.

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