Alarm Clock Responds To Tv Remote

I am writing because there is a tv remote / clock phenomenon, maybe a technician can research the cause and also if there are side effects.

I have an alarm clock that has a flourescent dial and since it must be powered by some LED or light bulb is quite strong, so at nighttime I normally tilt it flat down on the table so that I can shield from that annoying green light.
Last night I discovered that when I was using the remote control for the tv it also made the light inside the clock to blink. I had to be in the darkness with lights off to be able to notice it.
If you look at the led on the tv it will blink repetaedly when the remote is sendig a command, likewise the light from the alamr clock.
This is a cheap clock bought from a catalog high street retailer chian in the uk, I dont’ know if the interactions is direct to the LED or it could be that the signal was passing via some electronic component and then made tha light flash.

Anyway that clock is unwillingly equipped as a receiver that can be triggered by at least the frequency operated by a tv remote control.

I tried to find more details on the effect.

This is done when the light of the clock is on, ie when there is no light in the room.
The blinking is evident when the remote is pointed straight toward the light/led that is built in the clock dial, and a button of the remote device is pressed.
If the remote is positioned from the back or pointed from a different angle not direct to the lightbulb/or led then the blinking does not happen.

Sorry, I dont have a multimeter or current tester to find data.

Methinks you’re onto something Silvio…was just sleeping/partially awake getting messed with, decided to wakeup a lil more fully to boost fools, and noticed/confirmed that the green led in the wired in smoke detector was physically moving. I watched it for a couple minutes to make sure I wasn’t imagining, proceeded to flip off the people behind the likely camera and it quickly turned red for two seconds as the led/camera moved back to its home position and returned to its constant green color…methinks some tinfoil is in order but who knows where else things are hidden…